Lt Commander Serala: My best friend's arms

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Jim Davis

Feb 21, 2020, 12:30:13 AM2/21/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Siriss Farm, Kaleth Woods, Tibro ))

Serala: Well, let’s get it over with. The sooner we get started, the sooner we’ll get done.

Thoran: Precisely. Here, take my arm Commander.

As they got ready to leave, the Captain and Commander Revix helped her to her feet.

oO How embarrassing. I feel like an overfed ox. Could I be anymore of a burden? Oo

Thoran: Thank you for everything. Oh and you may want to clear those up, it could cause questions.

Tharen / Mara: Responses

With the aid of both Captains, Serala made it from the house to the barn. Climbing the ladder took considerably more effort, but eventually, she made it up. She was completely exhausted again and laid down, propping herself against the wall. For as difficult as the trek had been for her, it was so much worse for the wounded Commander Faris. As they lay her stretcher down, Serala caught a glance at the woman’s face and it did not look good to her. Of course, she wasn’t a doctor, not even a medic, though as a security officer, she had received basic first aid training.

Thoran: And now we wait.

Revix: Hopefully your friends get here sooner rather than later.

oO Elements, let them get here soon. Oo

They passed the next several minutes in silence and the crowded space began to warm up. Once again, she began to feel like a burden to the others. If she wasn’t so large, maybe the room wouldn’t be as crowded. And her husband was dead. She was useless. A trained security officer and she couldn’t even save her husband’s life. And those twenty-seven dead on her watch. Captain Brell kidnapped. Again on her watch. Perkins had gotten her fired from her job as the ship’s Chief Tactical Officer because of his big mouth and incessant misogynistic, xenophobic megalomania.

She was so caught up in her own pity party that she failed to notice that the Romulan Commander, Revix, was having his own problems. Added to that, she was now able to hear what had already been at the back of her consciousness. Someone, several someones, were creeping around outside. That wasn’t Toryn. Wasn’t his style.

Revix: I have to get out of here now.

Thoran: Response

Revix: T’vralis let me go. I have to get out of here.

Thoran: Response

McKnight: Response

Serala: Revix Eriov, payr emael urru enahire arhem. Nhraieiheu arhem.  ( Romulan: Commander Revix, you cannot go outside. Calm yourself. )

Revix: I am sorry… :: He said in a hushed tone. ::  

Dels’an: Response

Thoran / McKnight / Dels’an: Responses

Serala heard the sound of engines, engines that sounded like those of a shuttle or an aircar. The sound was muffled, so she couldn’t be certain, but she thought it likely to be the promised rescue from Atlantis.

Serala: Sounds as if the cavalry has arrived.

Thoran / Dels’an / Revix / McKnight: Responses

It took several minutes to get both Commander Faris and herself down from their cubbyhole, but once down, they were all beamed into the type 11 shuttle. Unable to resist herself, she snuck a peek at the rear bulkhead.

oO No plaque. Small blessings Oo

Raga / Maeli / Logan: Responses

Thoran / McKnight: Responses

Dels’an / Revix: Responses

Serala took a seat in one of the seat as the Rodulan Helm Officer piloted the shuttle away from the farm. Realizing they were now safe, and despite the presence of outsiders, Serala was no longer able to contain the tears. She was very strong-willed. Proud. But the emotional stress she had been under for the last several hours had finally taken their toll.

Raga: Response

For the first time in a very long time, she grabbed Toryn and held him tightly as she tried to speak between sobs.

Serala: He’s … dead Toryn. My … husband is … dead.

Raga: Response

Thoran /  McKnight / Maeli / Logan: Responses

Dels’an / Revix: Responses

She had no idea where they were headed, but her best friend was there and she felt safe enough to let her tears roll.

Raga: Response

Thoran /  McKnight / Maeli / Logan: Responses

Dels’an / Revix: Responses

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