Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith - prepping the lounge

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Zech Tyler

Nov 18, 2019, 4:51:47 PM11/18/19

((Main Crew Lounge, USS Astreaus))

Walking back into the main crew lounge, Groznin was carrying a heap full of medical supplies. They were heavy and he was struggling to carry them all. He looked over to the commander and asked a question.

Smith: What shall I do with the supplies?


Galven: Set them behind the bar for right now. 

He nodded and walked over to the bar. It was full of various drinks from across the federation, if they were real or syntehol was another story. One drink, purple and silver in colour looked extremely interesting. He kept a mental note to try it at some point in the future.


Shin: Response


Placing the supplies down, he stood up from the bar and listened in as a communication came in from Captain Mei’Konda.


Mei’konda: =/\= All hands, yellow alert.  There’s been an explosion on the alien mining vessel.  We are determining the status of our away teams. Bridge out. =/\=

Groznin instantly thought of Sheila, they’d been friends at the academy, close friends and he just hoped she was okay and hadn’t been injured. He also thought of everyone else, he didn’t know them all that well, but they were his shipmates and he wanted them all to be okay.


Galven: Okay, new plan. I have a feeling that Sickbay is going to be pretty full soon. Mr. Shin, if you could monitor the situation there, that would really help them out. Have one of your other officers report down here. Understood?


Shin: Response


Galven: Also remember to put on an EVA suit. Lieutenant Smith, once our guests are stable enough after being treated by the medical staff, would you arrange the VIP quarters for them?

He nodded. As an ops officer it was his job to do so, he went straight over to the small monitor that was used by whoever was usually barkeep and logged onto it using his command codes to gain access to other systems not usually capable of being viewed.


Smith: Aye sir.


Galven: After something like what just happened, I would like for them to have the option to either rest or come over to the lounge, but only if the doctors allow it. 


Already he was starting to sort it out. The VIP Quarters were thankfully all free, considering they’d had no other diplomatic contact he wasn’t surprised but he was glad at the same time he wouldn’t need to move anyone around.

He pressed a few buttons and booked them all out for the guests they’d be receiving imminently. Thinking it best that he book it out now so they could go straight there if they so wished he let the commander know.

Shin: Response

Smith: I sorted the quarters out now sir. So they can go straight there if they wish too.

He had blanked out while he was sorting that out and didn’t realise that the commander had made a call to sickbay, and only realised when he heard a quiet goodbye.

Galven: ?

He sat down on the bar, now he’d sorted that out he once again wasn’t sure what to do. It all seemed very much set out already, being a crew lounge there was already a bar, replicators and tables with chairs all laid out, scratching his head he looked up to the others.

Smith: Shall we get food ready? Do they even eat like we do?

Galven/Shin: ?

He laughed. Getting down from the bar he walked over and joined Commander Galven to help him shift the tables to make a larger space for mingling in the middle of the room. Again if they wished to do so.

Smith: Good idea sir. Probably best to wait till later for that.

Galven/Shin: ?


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