Lieutenant Commander Zaaia Leix: A Mother's Heart

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((Leix's Quarters, USS Veritas))

Zaaia sighed, drying her hair as she entered the living area in a green Talon Wing t-shirt and black yoga pants. It had been a long day and she was exhausted. Her first day aboard the Veritas had gone better than she'd expected. She'd already connected with a couple members of the crew. Geoff being here had been a surprise, though far from an unpleasant one. She'd missed him. Her gaze shifted to the monitor and she smiled longingly, her thoughts going to Reziel and Sean, both boys in their first year at the Academy. They'd become close over the years and thank God for it. Reziel understood better than anyone the pain of losing a parent.

An beep from the monitor alerted her to an incoming call, which was surprising given that she'd heard it was pretty much a communications deadzone with all the interference. They must have entered a less affected area of the region. There was still a chance of lag or the call being dropped entirely, but she'd take anything she could get. Entering a series of commands, she accepted the communique and smiled as his sweet face appeared on the screen.

Leix: A mhic, dè an iongnadh ris nach robh dùil. (My son, what an unexpected surprise.)

His eyes lit up at the term of endearment and he smiled back at her. 

R. Leix: Tha mi toilichte gun deach an conaltradh troimhe. (I'm pleased that the communication went through.)

Leix: ::nods:: Dh ’fhaodadh sinn fhathast a’ ghairm a chall. (We could still lose the call.)

R. Leix: ::smiles and nods:: Tha fios agam. Ach bha mi gad ionndrainn. (I know. But I missed you.)

Her expression softened. Though he wasn't hers by blood, she had a mother's heart for the boy. She and her wing had saved him from an Orion slave market six years ago. He'd been taken from his parents at the tender age of 8 and forced to pick pockets for his master until Zaaia had caught him trying to pick hers. Most would have left him be, but not her. To his surprise and hers, she'd gone to his master and offered to buy his freedom. Something about the orphaned boy had hit her hard. She'd seen so much of her own pain reflected in his eyes that she couldn't have walked away if she'd wanted to.

Leix: ::smiles:: I've missed you, too, Reziel. How are your classes so far?

R. Leix: ::shrugs:: Nothing too exciting. All still pretty basic. ::grimaces:: But I'm not a fan of the way they get in my face.

Leix: ::chuckles:: It's how they sort the dreamers from the doers. Besides, it builds character. If you can stand up under the pressure they put on you, you're less likely to cave when dealing with potentially hostile species.

R. Leix: ::grins unamusedly:: I guess. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Leix: ::arches an eyebrow:: Keep your head down, soldier. Don't go mouthing off to your superiors.

R. Leix: ::grins:: Yes, ma'am.

Leix: ::sombers:: How's Sean doing?

The smile faded from Reziel's face and his gaze dropped for a moment. He shrugged before again lifting his gaze to meet hers.

R. Leix: He's managing.

Leix: ::pauses:: The drinking…?

R. Leix: ::sighs:: Still at it. Showed up to class still half drunk from the night before. The instructor sent him to see the Academy Commandant and I overheard the Commandant's student aide talking about it with a couple of girls in our year. Rumor is he's on probation and in danger of losing his spot.

Zaaia shook her head. Sean had taken his father's death hard, but the truth was the drinking had started long before that. With Thomas always off on some mission or another, the boy had been left in the care of his grandmother. It wasn't exactly a winning combo for keeping a young boy who had lost his mother to violence in check.

Leix: If he doesn't straighten up, he won't have to worry about the Academy Commandant. He'll be dealing with me.

R. Leix: ::shakes his head:: Well, good luck getting through to him. None of us have been able to. Seems determined to drink himself to death.

There was a long pause between them as they both considered the potential future that lay ahead for Sean, neither wanting to think about the implications of that future.

R. Leix: I have to get to class. ::smiles:: I'm glad we were able to talk.

Leix: ::murmurs:: Me, too, a mhic. ::smiles:: Tha gaol agam ort gu Centaurus agus air ais. (I love you to Centaurus and back.)

R. Leix: ::smiles:: Tha gaol agam ort gu oir na cruinne agus air ais. (I love you to the edge of the universe and back.)

Leix: ::arches an eyebrow:: Always trying to one up me.

R. Leix: ::shrugs:: Somebody has to.

Leix: ::chuckles:: Get to class. And try again to get Sean to lay off the drinking.

R. Leix: ::murmurs:: I'll try. 

They said their goodbyes and the screen went black. Zaaia's brow furrowed as she thought of the struggle Sean was going through. Thomas was likely rolling in his grave. The boy's mother certainly was. She sighed, turning off the monitor and heading to bed for a good night's rest.


Mission/Strategic Operations Officer, USS Veritas, NCC-95035

"Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty."


Cadet Reziel Leix
Starfleet Academy, Earth
As simmed by Zaaia Leix

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