Lt. JG Sheila Bailey and Ensign Beelam Grog - Out of the frying pan and into the fire

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Aly Drolet

Nov 11, 2019, 7:23:11 PM11/11/19

((Ragged Feather, Sickbay)) 

Rosek: ::urgently:: =/\=Rosek to Bailey.=/\=


Bailey: =/\= Shie..Bailey here. ::To Beelam:: Shhh =/\=


In the sudden confusion Bailey almost used her full name. It wouldn’t have been a big deal but highly unprofessional. She also took a minute to quiet Beelam before she said anything to ruin the situation. It was a bad time to have the Trill around. Jedal would come out and Beelam would get lost and confused waiting for someone to tell her what to do. 


In Beelam’s eyes she was doing a whole lot better but the shhhing she was given told her she was still vulnerable. Beelam needed to get back to the Astraeus before her sudden urge to throw up came to fruition. 


G’Renn / Any: =/\= Response =/\=


Foster: =/\= Yeah I’m also hearing you loud and clear. What’s up? =/\=


Rosek: =/\= We need a medical team in the Ragged Feather’s engine room immediately. There’s been an explosion and we have injured. =/\=


Bailey: =/\= I’m on my way. ::Rather blunt:: I’m sending Stennin and Grog back to the Astraeus with two Avian crew members. We have determined that it is a skin based bacterial infection, which I have already started treating with some antibiotic cream, it is highly unlikely to be contagious. I would like confirmation before they beam over to continue their work. =/\=


G’Renn / Any: =/\= Response =/\=


Foster: =/\= No we’ve just barely gotten the biometric data on these creatures in. So if they’re coming over here we’re putting on EV suits, with full inoculations and keeping level 4 quarantine fields up until we’re sure the whole crew won’t be infected.=/\=


Rosek: =/\= Bring whoever you need. Just hurry. =/\=


Bailey: =/\= Take whatever precautions is needed. I’m staying behind to assist Rosek and the injured. Bailey out. =/\=


Foster: =/\= That’s up to G’Renn.  She’s CMO. =/\=


G’Renn / Any: =/\= Response =/\=


Rosek: =/\= Understood. Rosek out. =/\=


Baileyleft the room as fast as she could, leaving Grog and Stennin to take the skin samples, only taking a medical kit with her. For Beelam this meant taking a good bit of under feather as well as skin. 


Grog: Umm.. I have all the tools out just need to get under a wing. 


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


It was not like Grog to take charge on something making it painfully obvious that her anxiety was starting to show. 


Grog: That would be useful if you could hold their wing outstretched, yes. 


Stennin was a great help as he held out Fersis’s wing. While it was out stretched Beelam took one feather ready to fall off as well as scraped some skin off where it seemed to be most affected,  placing it in a small collection bottle. 


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


Grog: I think that should do it. What do you think?


Stennin: Response


Grog: ::looking to the Avian’s:: umm.. we would like you to come with us for treatment.


Of course that would startle them. The sudden movement made Grog jump. She would have covered her ears at the noise but they quieted quite quickly as Stennin started talking. 


Stennin: Response


((Ragged Feather, Engine room)) 


Moving as quickly as she could Bailey once again placed her crutches, swinging her legs as she went to get where she was going significantly faster. It took her a good while to find the engine room but once found she stopped in the doorway. 


Looking around the room from the doorway Bailey could tell that the room was a charred mess. In some areas the fire looked to have been put out but in others not so much. It also seemed like debris had littered the room making it hard for anyone to move through it; more so for Bailey and her limited movements. She could either clear the uninjured out of the room or ask them to make a path and find something for her to sit on. Bailey went with the second option.


Bailey: Hey! I need this mess cleared away for me to be able to help. Find me something to sit on. I want those injured as far away from the source of the blast as possible. Everyone will need to get checked out but injured first. 


Rosek/Delri'ise/Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Bailey made her way through the room stepping carefully so as not to trip. The last thing they needed was an injured medic. That would be ironic and extremely poor timing. Eventually Bailey was sat down on a crat in the middle of the room taking a look at every officer that she could see. 


Her first thought was Rosek and the child. Stress wasn’t good for the FO at this moment and Bailey was sure she was feeling some to a degree. Looking at the woman however Bailey couldn’t see any injuries, that was good at least. Next, her eyes trailed over to the avian’s, feathers ruffled but fine. Last Bailey noticed a female officer with burns along one arm. She had burn cream with her, what a blessing. 


Sheila’s older sister Cathleen had, had nasty burns from her shuttle accident. The back of her neck was scared and she had needed physical therapy after. This officer would need the same. A dermal regenerator could fix the top layer of skin but not the sadly damaged nerves.  

Bailey: I sent Grog and Stennin back to the Astraeus to continue with their research. Beelam would have slowed us down. 


Rosek/Delri'ise/Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Bailey was talking to Rosek in a general sort of way. It didn’t matter who heard her at this moment. While talking Sheila pulled out cream, large bandages and gauze wrapping from her kit. Looking through her kit to see if she needed anything else it became apparent that it lacked a dermal regenerator. Must have been Beelam’s kit, she was always forgetting something. The stress of the moment was building. Sheila was already getting quite flustered making the already warm room hotter. If Bailey got too hot she was going to throw up, heat never agreeing with her body. It made her dizzy all because of the reduced amount of sweat producing hormones her species had. Made it harder for her to be in hot climates or rooms for a long time. 


Taking a deep breath Bailey turned back to the injured officer that she had never met before. 


Bailey: Tell me your name? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you around.


Delri'ise: Response


Bailey: Melody, very pretty. Those burns are pretty bad. I sadly have misplaced my dermal regenerator. I’m afraid with how bad your burns look it would only have reduced the scaring. 


Delri'ise: Response


Taking out her medical tricorder to scan the affected arm Bailey noted the inflammation around Melody’s wrist and elbow. That would cause some pain as well as lack of movement. 


Bailey: You have some inflammation  and swelling around the wrist and elbow. I’m going to apply some burn cream the bandage the arm as best I can. Before I do so please can you show me your range of movement of the injured arm.


Delri'ise: Response


Bailey: Alright. That’s what I expected. I’m going to carefully turn your arm over and give you a hypo of pain medication into the writ veins. It will allow the medication to enter your bloodstream faster. Hopefully your arm should be numbed up nicely. 


Reaching out to touch the affected arm, Bailey could tell that Melody was in a good bit of pain. Sheila of course felt a large bit of sympathy. Sadly holding the arm while she injected pain medication into the vein Sheila felt the heat of the injured arm begin to affect her. She felt her headache increase slightly and bile rize in her throat. It wasn’t bad yet but if the heat started making her dizzy she was in for some trouble.


Delri'ise: Response


Bailey: Um… I’m fine. Overheated but your more important. Going to apply some burn cream to help cool the skin and reduce some of the swelling. 


Rosek/Delri'ise/Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Bailey got lost in her work not realizing how hot her cheeks seemed to be getting. It was lucky that she was able to continue with applying the cream. It was a great blessing she hadn’t passed out from how hot she was feeling. 



Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey and Ensign Beelam Grog

Medical Officer and Nurse

USS Astraeus NCC-70652


"If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear." - Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow

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