Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise - A Harmful Convenience

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Ryan Fender

Nov 17, 2019, 9:19:45 PM11/17/19

((Engine Room, Ragged Feather))


Melody’s mind slowly came to, her vision grew cloudy, a certain fuzziness forming in the slits of her eyes. Much of her body felt numb against the cold deck plating, barely having the energy to move her body at all. She drew shallow breaths, still unable to process anything going on around her. Melody awoke as if she was still dreaming, gazing towards the bright, burning lights up ahead. She winced at the blinding glare, thinking she was still on that planet, in the landscape she had witnessed a million times over. oO Jon… Oo Melody called out, as if expecting someone to reach her.


Rosek: ::louder:: Melody. ::touches her cloth covered shoulder gently:: Can you hear me?


Melody finally felt a grasp on reality, she drew five deep breaths of oxygen with a distinct bitter taste of smoke and ash filling her mouth. Melody coughed and cleared her throat, finally remembering where she was. She lifted herself from the crude deck plating, noting an intense burning sensation on her hand.  



I-I’m fine.... I-I just- ::she breathed.:: what happened?


Melody sat herself up, lifting her limp arm up with her free hand, her stomach churning as she noted the blistered boils forming on her skin. Her uniform was tattered all along her arm, turned from a thick fabric, to portions of charred material indistinguishable from thin chips of coal. To the open air, her skin stung, like an army of wasps slowly ramming stinger after stinger into her form. Melody trembled, cradling her weakened limb, her stomach tying itself a new knot as she assessed the damage. 



There was an explosion. The Golthani crew are putting out the fire and Doctor

Bailey and a medical team are on their way.


Thaumas/Cree’Yaw/Any: ?


Rosek: Don’t worry. They’ll be here soon. Rest that arm. I’m going to see if I can help the Golthani.


Bailey: Hey! I need this mess cleared away for me to be able to help. Find me something to sit on. I want those injured as far away from the source of the blast as possible. Everyone will need to get checked out but injured first. 


A new form entered the room and Melody’s face lit up at the sight of a teal collar and a familiar medkit, she let out a sigh of relief as she crawled to her feet. Melody rested her arm against a flat console, once again taking note of her injuries. She knew she’d have to replicate a new pair of gloves. However, Melody was thankful for it’s fire resistant properties, despite it hanging on by little more than a few centimeters of fabric.

Delri’ise: Over here, Doc. ::She waved.:: 


Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: They’re working on it. ::pauses:: Where are the other members of your



Bailey: I sent Grog and Stennin back to the Astraeus to continue with their research.

Beelam would have slowed us down. 


Delri’ise: Well, the sooner we can all this fixed up, the better.




Thaumas/Phinya: Response



((OOC: Will continue as needed.)) 

{{Mini Time Jump}}


Several pain killers and a few dermal regenerators later… things started to look up. Melody’s arm looked good as new, her skin returning to it’s fair, porcelain-like state. A wave of relief washed over her, thankfully without risk of infections. Gingerly, Melody couldn’t help but poke at the new layers of tissue, almost in doubt of how real it looked and felt. 


Delri’ise: Thanks for that, Doc. ::nodding.:: 


Bailey: Response


Rosek: ::shakes her head:: A couple aches and bruises, but relatively minor in the

grand scheme of things. ::pauses:: I could use a hypo for my asthma though.

::coughs a bit:: The smoke in here has made it a bit difficult to breathe.





Rosek: ::nods:: Thank you, Doctor Bailey.




Rosek: ::turns to Thaumas and Phinya:: Is there anyone who you can think of who would want to harm you or your people?


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Delri’ise: More importantly, who’d wanna go to such lengths to stop you from figurin’ that out. 


Rosek/Thaumas/Phinya/Bailey: Response?


Delri’ise: That conduit explodin’ was very convenient if you ask me, so I apologise if i’m bein’ too over the top about it.


Rosek/Thaumas/Phinya/Bailey: Response?




Lieutenant JG Melody Delri’ise

Security/Tactical Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652



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