Ensign Beelam Grog - Now what?

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((Ragged Feather, Sickbay))


Stennin: I assure you, our facilities will cure you from your affliction. And you will receive treatment for your symptoms, to stop the itching and the inflammation.


The avians clasped their beaks, and the one on the biobed ruffled his feathers. It appeared they were getting anxious, but they turned to each other. Beelam was feeling conflicted. She could keep the avians calm if only they would stop being so loud making her flustered. She was good at keeping people calm not calming them down; only able to do it once she had her anxiety under control. 


Fersis: I think they mean to help us.


Agwal: we will follow them to their ship.


Stennin turned his head and let out a soft sigh of relief. It was better to have them quiet, made it so the Trill could think. She still wanted to cover her ears but overall knowing that Stennin was here, that she wasn’t alone in performing the needed tasks. It made things a whole lot easier to have the Vulcan around to not necessarily tell her what to do but guide her as she expressed her ideas. 


Stennin: it appears they are in agreement.


Grog: Calm. We better get back so that we can get settled back into our work. 


Stennin nodded, and turned away from the avians. Getting back as soon as possible would make Beelam feel better. Be in a place that was familiar and full of useful things. 


Stennin: =/\= Stennin to Transport Room One. =/\=


Lindsey: =/\= Transport Room standing by. =/\=


Stennin: =/\= I need a site-to-site transport to the avian rooms. =/\=


Stennin turned back, and looked at Beelam. The avians were standing up now, with the two of them standing next to her.


Lindsey: =/\= Site-to-site transport standing by =/\=


Stennin took one last look and then nodded fervently.


Stennin: =/\= Energize. =/\=


((Sickbay, USS Astraeus))


Beaming back Beelam closed her eyes tight only opening them when the four of them were safely in sickbay. It seemed that they were in one of sickbay’s quarantine rooms; clean and white. No high spots for the avians to sit on but that could be fixed. It also seemed that the room had standard equipment. 


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


Grog: ::Slight anxiety showing in her voice:: Now what? I can get more supplies or anything needed to keep our guests comfortable. 


Bee could have figured out what to do but her mind was stuck. She was in a halfway point, unsure but sure at the same time, like she knew what to do but needed confirmation. 


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


Grog: I could go get those supplies for you, if you like? I should.. Yes I should also give them, ::referring to the avians present:: another check over now we have the proper equipment. 


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


Beelam might have been a bit paranoid but the moment she noticed the avians peaking at important equipment it set her on edge. Sure they might have been exploring their environment but Bee wasn’t to know that at first glance.


Grog: Hey! Hey! Don’t do that, you could hurt yourself. Umm.. ::thinking quick on her feet:: anything I can do to make you comfortable?


Fersis/Agwal/Stennin: Response


Beelam swallowed hard. She was not going to throw up or anything else of the like while wearing an EVA suit. What she was going to do was keep taking deep breaths while doing what was needed. What was needed was for her to gather supplies while making their guests comfortable. 


Before she left for a while to get the requested items Bee walked over to Stennin having remembered to hand him the bottle with the skin sample she had collected. 


Grog: Here forgot to give you this. And umm. I..I ..Umm ::swallowing and licking her lips:: I was wondering if you could talk to the medical staff here, get them up to date on what you.. We’ve found. 


Stennin: Response



Ensign Beelam Grog


USS Astraeus NCC-70652


Simmed by Sheila Bailey

"If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear." - Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow

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