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Lt. Commander Galven

Nov 19, 2019, 2:02:08 AM11/19/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Astraeus

((OOC - Moved the mission along, but with still enough for others to contribute with if they so please. I enjoyed writing with you all! I doubt this will be my last sim, but wanted to say something anyways.))

((Overflow ICU Room, Deck 12, USS Astraeus))


Andrea went over to the supply closet to retrieve the suits, but they looked very dated. She wrinkled her nose and then turned back around with a grimace. 


Munger: They look older than the ones in Sickbay.


Foster: Oh, good.  ::He gave a small nod:: They kitted those Mark III’s out with enough safety features to drive you batty.  I like the older ones, they’re simpler. Less to worry about.


Munger: ::smirks:: Like fine wine. It only gets better with age. Any luck with the forcefield preparations?


Foster: Yeah, actually.  ::he nodded, bringing the information up on screen.:: I can get them up within .025 seconds of notification – they’re set on an automated system.  Now, viruses can travel faster than that so hopefully we’ll get a heads up, but in the worst case scenario we should be able to contain everything to one room.  And it will certainly get the correct atmospheric adjustment before anyone coughs.


The redhead tilted her head to the side in mild confusion. Sometimes people’s words threw her off completely especially if they were talking metaphorically. 


Munger: Before anyone what, sir?


Foster: I mean it fits the data we were sent, so we’re as prepared as it’s gonna get until we have real live birdpeople to work with.  The atmosphere adjustments as I said will be immediate. So they can breathe comfortably and everything else can be adjusted.


Munger: ::nods:: That’s understandable. So is there a lot that needs to be adjusted? 


::He tapped the specifics up and pointed them out to her.::


Foster: Good question.  It looks like most Federation species can breathe their atmosphere with some adaptation time, but like the Benzites, our atmosphere doesn’t provide everything they need.  We can get around that with atmospheric adjustments or injections but it’s something to be aware of if they stay with us long term.


She tried to gather as much of the information coming at her as best as she could. After a few moments, Andrea was starting to understand what Cade had said which was making her nod more, but subconsciously. 


Foster: I think we’re about as ready as we’ll ever be.  Wanna hail the bridge or should I?


Munger: You can do the honors, Commander. 


Foster: Response


((Time Skip - An Hour Later…, Main Sickbay))


As time went on, they had treated as many people as they could. They had more than enough staff and volunteers to help the injured and sick. Andrea was getting a bit irritated at being inside the EVA suit for so long, but there were worse things that she could’ve been doing. Or wearing. 


Munger: How is she, doctor? Mr. Delri’ise looks almost better. 


Bailey / Delri’ise: Responses


Munger: Well, if you need any more help, let me know. 


Bailey / Delri’ise / G’Renn: Responses


Stennin / Rosek / Foster / Any: Responses


Munger: I imagine how much work we’ve all done it’ll be at 100 percent. How much more time until the avian virus is fully contained? 


Bailey / Delri’ise / G’Renn: Responses


Stennin / Rosek / Foster / Any: Responses


Lieutenant JG Andrea Munger

Medical Science Officer

USS Astraeus NCC - 70652



“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” -  Sir William Osler, 1st Baronet

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