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Lael Rosek

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OOC: Takes place before "A Bit of Shopping" (Montreal list), around the time of Mei’konda’s court martial.


First Officer’s Log, Stardate 239605.27

Shortly after arriving at Karakka, we discovered that Lenik had taken control of a freighter, the SS Belfast, in place of his own Miran’s Tifar, the remnants of which were discovered crashed on the planet. While the team separated to scan for survivors, I was targeted by Lenik’s group and taken hostage. He wanted the code to gain control of the Montreal, but I was able to prevent him from getting it.

However, in a most unfortunate turn of events, Lenik set the Belfast on a collision course with the planet and we were forced to sacrifice the Montreal to prevent a disaster of astronomical proportions. If we’d failed, it would have devastated the Shoals and the Federation for years to come.

In light of the Montreal’s destruction, Commander Mei’konda has been summoned for a court-martial. Though I understand it’s standard procedure when a ship is destroyed, it’s more difficult when it’s someone you’ve worked with day in and day out for nearly two years. I’ve provided my name and contact information to the officer representing Mei in case there's a need for a character testimony.


((Temporary Quarters, Star Station Esperance))

::Lael was so used to being buried under PADDwork that she was finding it difficult to relax. Her injured leg, which was currently propped up on a stool, was itching with the need for movement. Normally, she'd be in the gym working out all the excess energy, but her leg prevented it. A wry, unamused grin twisted her features. She hated sitting still. From an early age, she'd spent the majority of her life on the move. She'd always felt like being stationary equated to wasting time. At least at her desk, she would have been sorting through reports and getting SOMETHING done.::

::She rose from her chair, sliding her propped foot carefully off the cushion, and hobbled toward the monitor. She was still in the Shoals, so live video wasn't possible, but she could record a video message at least. Sliding into the chair in front of the monitor, she straightened her uniform and began to compose a series of messages, the first of which was to her mother. It was strange to be on speaking terms with Adelynn considering the two had spent most of Lael’s life consumed by disagreements that more often than not ended in the silent treatment.::

::As hard as it had been, Lael had finally forgiven her mother for all the lies the woman had woven throughout her childhood and young adult life. Some of the hardest to let go of were centered around Lael’s father. She hadn’t even known who he was until she’d sought him out a couple of years ago. It had been painful year after year seeing the other girls her age with their fathers and her having no idea what kind of man hers even was.::


((Rosek Family Home, Cedar Springs, Michigan, Earth))

{{Time Index: Stardate 238002}}

L. Rosek: Why not?

::Eleven year old Lael Rosek’s lips were drawn together in a pout not altogether uncharacteristic for her. She’d learned long ago that her mother didn’t respond to tears the same as she did to petulence, so she was determined not to let them fall. The ache in her chest was building with each passing moment, something that only someone who knew her well enough would be able to spot. She stood unmoving as Adelynn turned to her with a neutral expression.::

::She’d been pinned with that same expression any number of times over the course of her young life and knew it well. Though Adelynn’s features appeared emotionless, there was barely concealed panic in the woman’s eyes and her facial muscles were just tense enough that Lael, with her innate talent for reading nonverbal cues, was able to pick up on it. She’d learned to read her mother well. It was necessary for getting what she wanted from the woman and for keeping herself out of trouble.::

L. Rosek: You said he wouldn’t come, even if you asked him. Why not?

::From the look on her mother’s face, she knew she wasn’t likely to get an answer. When her mother made a decision, she never wavered from it, not even when she was faced with the petulant expression of her young daughter. It annoyed Lael to no end given that it worked with just about everyone else in her family. Even her grandfather Adric was wrapped around her little finger and simply chuckled when she pouted.::

L. Rosek: ::sighs:: Fine. ::mutters:: Just forget it. I’ll see if Uncle Thomas will go.

::She descended the staircase to her room, blinking back tears, the ache in her chest growing with each step. Of course she was disappointed. Her mother refused to even ask. Not that Lael even knew who her father was. For the longest time, she’d been naive enough to believe that her mother didn’t know for sure...at least until she’d talked to Nicholas. Her best friend had witnessed Lael prodding her mother a couple of times for information about her dad.::

::He remained adamant that the expression her mother always took on whenever Lael asked meant that Adelynn was hiding something. A scowl curled up the edges of her lips as she stepped into the room at the top of the stairs, slamming the door with such force that it rattled on the hinges. Throwing herself onto her bed, she buried her face in her pillow and allowed the hot, salty tears of frustration and hurt to slide down her cheeks. Damn her mother. Damn her father, too.::

((End Flashback))

::Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she entered a series of commands into the console in front of her. With a bit of spare time on her hands, she had some messages to send. Her father and brother were in hiding at the moment and, as much as she wanted to hear from them and see that they were all right, she couldn’t risk being the one to get them caught. The Al-Leyan council had tabs on them both and was very interested in seeing Aldek forced into attitude readjustment therapy. They’d use Kellan for leverage if they found him. Thankfully, her mother was on the move almost constantly as a merchant and was surrounded nearly every waking moment by very influential people. Plus Adelynn knew how to fade into the woodwork when she had to. Lael was safe aboard a Federation starship. Given that she had was a Federation citizen born on Earth, Leya-I had no case for demanding extradition.::

L. Rosek: ::pauses:: Computer, begin recording.

::A chirp from the monitor confirmed that the command had been received and the moment the green light appeared in the corner of the screen, she began to speak.::

L. Rosek: This is at least the fourth message I’ve recorded for you and you haven’t responded. After what happened in the dreamscape, I’m starting to get very nervous. I pray that you’re okay, Toryn. Please. ::brow furrows:: Please. I know that I hurt you. But I need to know that you’re okay. Send me a message as soon as you get this. Computer, end recording.

::Two chirps this time and the green light at the corner of the screen disappeared.::

L. Rosek: Computer, address message to Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga, USS Atlantis, Partha Expanse and send. Enable a notification to my inbox when it’s opened.

Computer: ::chirps:: Confirmed. Sending. ::pauses:: Message sent.

::Sighing, Lael leaned back in the chair before turning her attention to the nearly empty duffel sitting on her bed. She was supposed to met German’s parents some time soon and with the Montreal’s destruction, had lost all of her wardrobe. She grimaced. As much as she wasn’t looking forward to the attention she was likely to draw with the forearm crutches, she needed to have something nice to wear.::

::Rising slowly from the chair, she grabbed the crutches from where they were leaned against the edge of the desk and began to hobble across the room, then exited her temporary quarters.::


Executive Officer
USS Astraeus, NCC-70652

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