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Nov 19, 2019, 7:04:43 AM11/19/19
((Isolation Wing, Deck 12, USS Astraeus))

Stennin stood silent for a moment as the transporter sequence was completed. He looked around to see the familiar sight of the Astraeus, and they appeared to be in one of the isolation wings. He glanced over to see all the equipment he needed for his experiments, and then looked back at Beelam. The avians next to her looked their eyes out, and ruffled their feathers roughly, as well as letting out sharp whistles.

Fersis: Their ship is impressive.

Agwal: Indeed it is, very. Pity they don't have many porches, though. Could really use them.

Stennin rose his brows. There were some accommodations made for the avians. One of them, appeared to be a basket hanging near the ceiling, between two beams. Stennin supposed that was the idea of a porch for Starfleet officers.

Stennin: I assure you this room has all the necessary arrangements for a comfortable stay.

Grog: ::Slight anxiety showing in her voice:: Now what? I can get more supplies or anything needed to keep our guests comfortable.

Stennin nodded fervently, and noticed the slight fear that Beelam had in her voice. He walked closer, to reassure them.

Stennin: I believe the crew has seen to their needs. I have some need of medical equipment. I'll make a list.

Stennin quickly walked over and took a PADD in hand. He tapped some commands, and began typing down the necessary arangements. He quickly gave the PADD to Beelam.

Grog: I could go get those supplies for you, if you like? I should.. Yes I should also give them, ::referring to the avians present:: another check over now we have the proper equipment.

Stennin: It would be more logical for a doctor to 'look them over', as they say. I require your assistance to get those supplies

Stennin looked over the room, and then noticed Beelam had turned to the avians, who were curiously eyeing the equipment.

Grog: Hey! Hey! Don’t do that, you could hurt yourself. Umm.. ::thinking quick on her feet:: anything I can do to make you comfortable?

The avians stopped when Beelam spoke. One of them looked up in innocence, but Stennin was not buying.

Stennin: It would be logical to listen. This equipment is not well suited for your species, I'm afraid. Especially if you don't have arms to reach for them.

Fersis: We will be more careful then.

Stennin nodded fervently, and then walked over to one of the machines. He looked as Beelam got ready to leave the room, but then turned back to him, holding the tissue collection file in her hand.

Grog: Here forgot to give you this. And umm. I..I ..Umm ::swallowing and licking her lips:: I was wondering if you could talk to the medical staff here, get them up to date on what you.. We’ve found.

Stennin: I will inform Doctor G'Renn. Your assistance is most appreciated, Ensign Grog.

Stennin nodded, and looked as Beelam left the room. He looked at the skin tissue which Beelam had collected, and then turned to the machine, which was an electron microscope. He quickly took a sample of the skin tissue, and carefully placed it in the glass which was going under the microscope. The results were almost identical. The bacteria was there too, meaning it was indeed a skin disease, as Bailey and Beelam predicted. Now began the long work, where he would have to figure out what antibiotic would work the best.

Stennin looked at the avians, who were standing restless at one of the biobeds. He was startled when he heard a voice over the comms.

G’Renn: =/\= Welcome back to the Astraeus. =/\=

The avians flapped their wings at the sudden appearance of the doctor, but Stennin turned to the glass.

Stennin: Doctor. ::Turning to the avians.:: This is our lead medical doctor. She's going to examine you for treatment.

Fersis: This will begin to heal us?

Agwal: They will help us, I think.

Stennin rose his brows at the sight of G'Renn raising her hand, and the Ta'al she showed. He quickly returned the gesture, but did not speak.

G’Renn: =/\= I’m Doctor Anath G’Renn. We’ve begun working on a treatment for your illness and hope to get you both feeling better as soon as possible. For the moment, we’re going to keep everyone here in this wing until we’ve gotten this bacteria under control. With your permission, I would like to collect blood samples from you to help us research a cure.  =/\=

Stennin: I have a skin tissue sample in here. You are welcome to collect more data, but it would be logical to do so inside the ward.

Fersis: They need more blood?

Agwal: They already took our blood.

Stennin noticed the avians tensed for a moment, but now raised his hands to project peace.

Stennin: We will require several samples of our blood to try different medical methods. Do not be concerned, it will be only a minimal amount.

G'Renn: =/\= Response=/\=

Stennin nodded, and watched as the avians laid down on the biobeds.

Stennin: =/\= It is agreeable to enter now. The force fields will prevent any contamination. =/\=

G'Renn: =/\= Response =/\=

Stennin nodded again, and turned back to the microscope, as he took out the sample again. He would have to turn to the microbe storage they had inside the ward, and hope Beelam brought more supplies soon.

Stennin: I will begin with the antibiotics. I'll begin testing for bacteriostaic agents, and then for bactericidal ones.

G'Renn: response

Stennin: I have only a few complex antibiotics in this ward. We could assume one of them works.

G'Renn: response

((Time Skip - Twenty minutes Later…, Isolation Ward))

Stennin had worked for almost 20 minutes now, using all the different kinds of antibiotics he had. Beelam had come and gone with his list of supplies, but not many antibiotics were catching on.

He now looked at the last sample he had treated with Azithromycin, but to no avail. Bacteriostatic agents were getting no results. He thought long and hard, until he could find only one logical conclusion.

Stennin: these antibiotics are too complex...

G'Renn: response

Stennin: This bacteria is rather primitive. Our antibiotics are to advanced to impact its growth. We need a simple agent that kills the cell wall.

Stennin's brain was working overtime, and he began walking back and forth between the microscope and the axenics he had made. He suddenly stopped, and turned to the doctor.

Stennin: Penicillin should work, I am positive of that.

G'Renn: response

Stennin: There is indeed, the problem. Starfleet discontinued the use of penicillin in 2189. It would be very difficult to replicate, but it could be done.

G'Renn: response

Stennin: I will require your database, and five minutes.

G'Renn: response

Stennin rushed over and then began tapping at the console on the wall. Penicillin would not be easy to find, but within a few taps, he found some references. With some research, he came to the composition of Penicillin V, which he could administer through the air. With a fe more taps, he got the entire composition, which he could plant into the replicator.

He walked over to the other wall, where there was one replicator ready for use. With PADD in hand, he quickly opened the menu that allowed for a specific receipe to be used. With a few more taps, he got the composition in, and the replicator bleeped as it was ready for use. With a white glow, the Penicillin materialized in two small containers. Stennin quickly took them out, and then placed a sample very carefully on one of the axenics.

((Time Skip - Thirty minutes Later…, Isolation Ward))

Stennin looked at the axenics and carefully took a sample to look under the microscope. Within a few second, the views came in. Stennin rose his brows high, and tapped some commands to zoom in. He nodded fervently, and then turned to the doctor.

Stennin: I report a decrease of more than 60% in cell count from the use of penicillin. It would be logical to assume it has worked.

G'Renn: response

Stennin nodded, and turned back to the replicator.

Stennin: that would be only logical. Penicillin V can be injected with respirator masks fitted with a small canister. That way, we could supply the entire infected population. If we inject a small amount of the compound in their air filters, we could decontaminate their entire ship.

Stennin tapped some more commands, and set the replicator for a large dosage. A full crate of penicillin canisters came out, and Stennin carefully checked one of them. They appeared to be correct. He looked at the doctor, and then took two canisters for the avians.

When he stepped closer, the avians tensed heavily, and one of them began clasping sharply.

Stennin: this medicine will cure you of your ailments. It is harmless to your physique.

Stennin looked at G'Renn, and reached out to give her the canisters.

G'Renn: response

Stennin: it would be logical to assume that if it worked in the axenics, it works in their bodies as well.

G'Renn: response

Fersis: They can use it on us, if it helps us get better.

The other avian did not speak, but clasped his beak at the one who had in agreement.

((Time Skip - Ten minutes Later…, Main Sickbay))
Stennin walked in to sickbay, where the injured and sick were being treated. With the treatment catching on for the two avians in sickbay, he took the canisters to sickbay to give the avians there the same treatment.

Stennin turned to look at G'Renn, who had accompanied him, and set down the crate. He quickly walked over to where Bailey was, seeing that Lt. Delri'ise had indeed been injured and was lying down on one of the biobeds.

Munger: How is she, doctor? Mr. Delri’ise looks almost better.

Bailey / Delri’ise: Responses

Munger: Well, if you need any more help, let me know.

Bailey / Delri’ise / G’Renn: Responses
Stennin nodded, and returned to the crate. He took out as many canisters as there were avians in the room, and quickly gave them to the nurses that were administering them.

Stennin: You must fit this canister with a respiration mask. It will be taken up by the blood immediately from the pulmonary alveoli.

He quickly turned back to the other officers.

Rosek / Foster / Any: Responses

Munger: I imagine how much work we’ve all done it’ll be at 100 percent. How much more time until the avian virus is fully contained?

Stennin thought for a moment, and took a PADD he had left in his pocket.

Stennin: considering the rate at which the bacteria is completely destroyed in their body, my calculations are between eighteen and thirty hours. That does not include the decontamination of the isolation ward, nor their own ship.

Stennin looked around, seeing many of the avians fitted with masks. The hope was he could get out of this EVA suit soon.

Bailey / Delri’ise / G’Renn: Responses

Rosek / Foster / Any: Responses

Lieutenant Junior Grade Stennin
Science Officer
USS Astraeus

(OOC: I will really miss you all, and the Montreal-Astraeus crew has been a great one!)
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