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Aly Drolet

Nov 24, 2019, 1:06:00 AM11/24/19

To Sir With Love

((OOC: This sim is going to hold a lot of my emotions but I wanted to say goodbye from Sheila’s point of view; thoughts))

((Sheila’s Thoughts, USS Astraeus))

But how do you thank someone

Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?

It isn't easy, but I'll try

Sheila Bailey had stood dumbfounded after hearing the news. It hadn’t registered in her might til later the same day that she would have to leave the first and so far only place that felt like home. Sheila had come on board only about a month before the USS Montreal blew up due to an attack. That hadn’t been such a big deal due to it being quick as well as necessary to leave if you didn’t want to die. With the Astraeus the news had come so sudden and quick that Sheila had no way of seeing it coming. 

Starfleet had recalled the Astraeus, sending it’s beloved crew out on new adventures. Nothing could be done to argue the orders nor did Sheila think she would want too. Mei’konda had told the reasons in his ship announcement and based on that Sheila knew it was a solid one sided argument

Among the rush of people trying to gather belongings as the week went on most mostly worried about the transfer orders. Who would they be transferred with, to where? Some might have even worried if they would see friends or family again. Of course subspace communication was a thing but it paled in comparison to the real thing. Sheila herself had even wreslled with the fact that other than Beelam and Chen the one person she wished to be transferred with was Groznin Smith. Her best friend, one of her close family. In the end it didn’t matter. 

In her spare time Sheila checked and rechecked both the dwindling Astraeus crew list as well as her transfer letter wondering if it would magically change. If it changed somehow and they could all stay that meant for Sheila at least that her progress wasn’t all lost. The transfer pulled at her as a new cew meant a new group of people she had to explain her unique situation too. Another conversation with her new CMO talking about accommodations. Sheila at this point knew that having to explain it all again wasn’t possible, the task was going to be to draining on her emotions. 

The first two nights after hearing the news Sheila had cried and cried hard. The reaction was only normal but that never made it any easier. It wasn’t until the last day before she left that she sat down in the empty sickbay in order to download medical journal articles onto her personal PADD among other things that her brain kept going over thanking everyone.

Mei’konda and Lael had been so accommodating to her unique needs as well as helped her grow so much. 

German Galven had been an interesting character, someone she had heard a fair bit about in her time aboard. Sheila only wished she had gotten to know him better.

A lot of the medical staff was going to be missed. Sheila worked closely with them on a daily basis and it worried her to have to explain things to a whole new set of co-workers. 

In her time on the Astreaus Sheila had had two different CMO. She only wished she could have created a better professional relationship with either of them. Counseling appointments had been sorely missed meaning she would have to make them a priority on her new post. 

Her reading material had finished downloading pulling her from her thoughts. It was sadly perfect timing. Gathering her PADD and the duffle bag at her feet Sheila wheeled herself off; making sure the empty sickbay lights were turned off as she went. 

It was and always would be bittersweet. Her time on the Astraeus had been a growing experience. She only hopped all hope wasn’t lost. 

((Small time skip to when she leaves))

Sheila managed to settle her mind with new medical articles as she took her seat on the shuttle; the one that would take her away from the first home in the fleet that she had ever known.

Looking back on last time as the Astraeus grew smaller Sheila whispered.

Bailey: Oh captain, my captain…

The time has come

For closing books and long last looks must end

And as I leave

I know that I am leaving my best friend

The End

Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey

Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


"If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear." - Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow

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