Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith - A Walk Around

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Zech Tyler

Nov 27, 2019, 6:12:20 PM11/27/19
((Deck 5, USS Veritas))

Groznin had decided to go for a walk around the Veritas, his quarters had been given to him but he didn’t want to be there right now, He had not belongings, no friends to invite round but most importantly Nova wasn’t there, nor was Gimli his pet cat. It had been extremely hard for him to settle into life on the Veritas, being thrown literally into the ship, and having to go straight to work, he didn’t remember much of it and it was still very confusing as to what had actually happened. That didn’t matter right now he didn’t want to be alone so decided he was best to walk round the ship, to see if he could find anyone that would either just talk, or explain what was going on. 

He wasn’t sure were he was on the ship, all he knew was that he was on the fifth deck, what was on it was beyond him. It was a relatively nice sized ship from what he’d seen of it, but something felt off, like he didn’t belong there. Everyone else seemed to be very close, he felt like an outsider, an observer, but he knew nothing could change and that made him a little upset. 

Starfleet has decided to post him to the Veritas to save any further problems that might occur. All he wanted was to he with his friends, right now he had none, he knew nobody and once again he would have to start all over, he did know he’d make friends, but it had felt like it had been a long time since he called someone a friend, he only gave that title to very few people. He hoped some people here would get that title one day.

((Some time later))

It had felt like he’d almost done a full loop of the deck, his head was down and looking  the floor, he really didn’t know what he was doing at this point and had decided to go and find the bar and see if they had any Loatac Cider that he could drink untill... he didn’t want to think of how much he was going to drink he didn’t want to and didn’t often but right now it was all he wanted. 

He didn’t realise but someone else was also walking in his direction, and he didn’t notice them. Without realising he walked right into them. They seemed to have a few PADDs in their hands and they dropped them all over the floor. He felt awful when he saw them everywhere. He instantly bent down and helped them get them picked up. 

Smith: Im so sorry... ::it was then he realised the women’s rank:: ...Commander...

Leix: ? 

He handed her the two PADDs in his hand. Not knowing what to do he just nodded, it was extremely embarrassing walking into a lieutenant Commander making them drop everything they were carrying. 

Smith: No Sir, if I’m honest I’m not, I was thrown through a sub space rift.. or something I’m not really sure. I was about to go to the ships crew lounge... if that even exists. Would you happen to know where it is?

Leix: ? 

He knew it was probably an odd question to ask, especially just after walking into the women but he wasn’t himself and he needed to know where to get a drink, and now something to eat. He was a little hungry, and wanted something to eat. 

Smith: If you want to you can sir. I could do with someone to talk too. 

Leix: ?


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Zech Tyler

Nov 27, 2019, 6:14:07 PM11/27/19
Whoops.. wrong place 😂 
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