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Lt. Commander Galven

Nov 19, 2019, 2:00:18 AM11/19/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Astraeus

((OOC - Moved the mission along, but with still enough for others to contribute with if they so please. I enjoyed writing with you all! I doubt this will be my last sim, but wanted to say something anyways.))

((Main Crew Lounge, Deck 2, USS Astraeus))


German nodded and went out back into the larger room and headed for the supply closet to grab some more chairs, possibly even some tables in case there were more guests than expected. During his youth, his mother would hold large events that she would ask him to be her assistant event coordinator. Those days were probably the reason that German was so used to being around large crowds. 


Smith: What shall I do with the supplies?


Galven: Set them behind the bar for right now. 


Shin: Response


He turned towards the two and was about to respond when the Captain’s voice came through the comm channels. 


Mei’konda: =/\= All hands, yellow alert.  There’s been an explosion on the alien mining vessel.  We are determining the status of our away teams. Bridge out. =/\=


A moment of panic would’ve overcome German thinking about Lael and the others on the away team, but he needed to be calm and collected. He brought a couple fingers to the bridge of his nose, furrowing his brows in the process. After a few seconds, he cleared his throat returning his attention back to the officers. 


Galven: Okay, new plan. I have a feeling that Sickbay is going to be pretty full soon. Mr. Shin, if you could monitor the situation there, that would really help them out. Have one of your other officers report down here. Understood?


Shin: Response


Galven: Also remember to put on an EVA suit. Lieutenant Smith, once our guests are stable enough after being treated by the medical staff, would you arrange the VIP quarters for them?


Smith: Aye sir. 


Galven: After something like what just happened, I would like for them to have the option to either rest or come over to the lounge, but only if the doctors allow it. 


Shin: Response


Smith: I sorted the quarters out now sir. So they can go straight there if they wish too.


He nodded and then tapped his commbadge. There was something that he was curious about. Being a scientist as much of an officer, it wasn’t that strange for his own curiosity to start taking over. It did get him into some mischief though at times. 


Galven: =/\= Commander Galven to Sickbay =/\=


G’Renn / Any in Sickbay: =/\= Response =/\=


Galven: =/\= Is the virus contagious even when dormant? I’m curious if we’ll have to wear those EVA suits as well once everything is contained. =/\=


G’Renn / Any in Sickbay: =/\= Response =/\=


Once the conversation was closed, he turned to see what else needed to be done and saw that the younger Denobulan was sitting behind the bar. German stood there and was smirking as he began to wait for Groznin to look up from whatever he was doing as he rummaged through things. 


Smith: Shall we get food ready? Do they even eat like we do?


Galven: ::chuckles:: I’m not even sure, but you look like a darn good bartender back there. ::walks to the middle of the room:: Let’s situate these tables around allowing for more space. The food can wait to be finely dined and replicated.


Shin: ?


The Operations officer laughed and got down from the bar and started helping move the tables among any other obstacles that were in their way. German wiped his hands off with a towel that he got from behind the bar as they finished up their task. 


Smith: Good idea sir. Probably best to wait till later for that.


Shin: ?


((Time Skip - An Hour Later…))


In the time that they had set everything up, people had been coming into the lounge including the Golthani and some of the Falwen Collective. There were still some in Sickbay which German wanted to see if Lael was doing any good, but heard that Melody got the worst of it. Their new guests seemed to be apprehensive which German couldn’t blame them for. He walked along the tables that had a variety of different foods and spreads. He picked up a tray of beverages and handed it to a waiter, then turned to Mei’konda. 


Galven: How’s everything going in Sickbay, sir?


Mei’konda: Response


Galven: That’s good at least. I have the distinct feeling that we still need to talk some diplomacy. 


Mei’konda / Smith / Shin / Ning / Any: Responses


Falwen / Golthani: Responses


Galven: Wouldn’t it be better that there’ll be more eyes in the skies so to speak? 


Mei’konda / Smith / Shin / Ning / Any: Responses


Falwen / Golthani: Responses



Lt. Commander German Galven

Chief Science Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652



"Don't try to be a great man ... just be a man. Let history make its own judgments." - Zefram Cochrane

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