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((Weapons Range, Security Centre, Deck Five, USS Astraeus))


Esa started the program, and fired two near-perfect shots, hitting both targets within a few tenths of a second of each other.


Mei’konda: You’re quite a shot, Esa. Marksman traaining?


Relaxing, she tapped the top of her own weapon and let out a slight chuckle.


Kiax: It’s not something I publicise, but yes. I started with air rifle shooting as a kid, ended up dating someone who did clay pigeon shooting as a teenager, which was a twice-weekly thing we did for years. I kept it up even after we broke up, joined the Academy marksmanship team in my first year, before finding my feet in competition skeet. Brought home the silver medal at the 2392 Earth Olympics in London, just before going into my second year. Took Tac two-ten in my second semester.


Mei’konda: And to thiink, Commanders Serala and Thoran haven’t been requesting you for every combat team they’ve haad to leave.


Serala: Her computer skills make her too valuable to waste on mere security duty. Besides, I like to feel useful.


Esa grinned slightly at the mention of her only-rivalled-by-Bynar-superiority skills with computer systems, though the grin was hiding a small disappointment she’d never been called on to lead a small away team in a combat situation. She’d done reasonably well in that particular elective at the Academy, and had always wondered if in some parallel universe, she was posted to a different ship, her skills may have been tested in different ways.


Changing the subject slightly, she turned the conversation back towards their proficiencies with energy weapons.


Kiax: Truth be told, I don’t actually think I ever took the official certification for using this… I’m pretty sure they just gave it to me so that I could compete.


Serala: It doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified, Esa. And we can train you in other areas if you’re seriously interested in that kind of duty.


Esa winked knowingly at Serala. She knew she was qualified as much as the people who’d trained her to use the shotgun-like weapon to its greatest efficacy; she’d just never taken the test to earn the piece of paper that proved it.


As a point, she launched and cleared the next round of targets with slightly more flair than she had done previously, though her showboating led to a single target escaping unscathed.


Kiax: ::To Serala, humorously:: I mean, everyone knows you’re the best at hand-to-hand combat on the ship, so I might not fare so well there. Your sparring training sessions when you were Chief of Security on Atlantis were basically a spectator sport, and something that I probably wouldn’t live through.


Serala returned the comment with a wicked smile, and cleared her next three targets with practiced ease.


Serala: I take that as a compliment, Commander. It’s one of my favourite pastimes. Though, I don’t think I’ve ever sparred with the Captain before.


To her left, she could see the Captain finishing up on his round, hitting a total of seven targets. Esa too finished up, and looked over the accuracy data. Eleven out of fifteen wasn’t bad, though two of her “misses” had simply been a fact of her accuracy not sealing the deal. The weapon’s spread had hit the target, but not with enough force to register fully. So really it was thirteen.


Mei’konda: Let’s try this again. Computer, restaart qualification.


Computer: Acknowledged, Captain. Would you like to maintain the same difficulty?


Mei’konda: No. Increase difficulty by one level.


Esa smirked slightly, realising that the Captain had now switched to his preferred style of phaser. A preference which showed, as he was able to hit the first target dead centre… Quite an impressive shot indeed.


Thoran: ::nods:: Nice shot, sir. I prefer the phaser rifles myself. ::to Serala:: What about you, Commander?


Serala: It depends on the situation. Close quarters, I actually prefer hand-to-hand or my sword, if I have it. Otherwise, handheld phasers. Heavy resistance would call for the CQC rifle, and more heavy combat not in close quarters, the Type III phaser rifle. I do prefer the handgrips, though. It just feels too easy to lose the ones like the Captain prefers.


Mei’konda: Mmh. The rifle’s good when you’re out in the open. On a starship, though, in tiight quarters…


Kiax: That’s why they designed this puppy… Shotgun-like primary fire for close-quarters, but a combined plasma bolt on the secondary for medium range targets.


Esa’s comment seemed to distract, as the Captain’s next shot missed the target, earning him a rather terse buzzer from the speaker system. Her next set of targets had made themselves known, but they were all at too long a range to hit with the standard plasma burst, forcing her to use the secondary bolt setting.


Mei’konda: Damn…


Serala: I will say, though, that I am starting to learn the value of diplomacy, however. But if it comes down to it, it’s better to have the phasers than nothing. And it’s nice to have a weapon whose default setting is stun instead of disintegrate.


Mei’konda: Mmh, no doubt, Commander. We aren’t out here to kill. Any other optiions are our best ones.


Serala: Oh, like I said, I much prefer hand-to-hand. I started taking martial arts when I was young and have studied over three-dozen forms and mastered several of those. It’s great exercise and I enjoy the physicality of it.


Mei’konda: I too enjoy martiaal arts, though I haaven’t ventured far outside of Starfleet basic defence traiining. Except where it relaates to my… anatomy. 


Esa had never been a fan of martial arts, or unarmed combat in general. It wasn’t something that clicked into her brain, and had been something she’d neglected during her time at the Academy. Much like she wasn’t a huge fan of the secondary firing mode on her weapon, of which she had thus far failed to hit a single target.


She huffed, and stood back from the firing line, enough to notice the Captain flexing his claws slightly as he mentioned his anatomy.


Kiax: I suppose that would give one a certain advantage… Though I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of such an advantage.


Thoran: Responses


Judging by the sounds that came from Serala’s direction, it didn’t sound like any of them were doing particularly well, prompting a glance their way from the Captain.


Mei’konda: Well, Commander Kiax, we know you liike the heavier weapons. Do you haave a preference when it comes to close in self defence?


Esa wrinkled her nose slightly in dissatisfaction at the thought.


Kiax: I’ve always been of the opinion its better to dispatch combatants before they can get close enough… I only passed unarmed combat by a stroke of luck. But, if I had to pick, probably something like Capoeira. It’s a martial art disguised as a dance, very rhythmical.


Thoran: Responses


The chime which came from Mei’konda’s lane indicated his completion of the round, and subsequently concluded the certification exercise. As far as Esa could tell, he looked reasonably satisfied with his performance. She stepped back up to the line, and made a slightly more concerted effort to eek some of her percentages back into a passing grade.


Mei’konda: Hm. Not bad. And I see. There is a lot of variiety out there. I imagine that given the amount of… experience that you have, Commander Kiax, you must have seen the majoriity of the martial arts in the Alpha quadrant.


Kiax: Hm?


Esa frowned for a moment, then had her lightbulb moment when she realised that he was referring to the fact she was joined.


Kiax: Oh! ::She chuckled:: Yes… Host Lilla enjoyed watching Galeo-Manada tournaments on Trill, but was an especially big fan of Denobulan Virellian… Which I guess is like Aikido, but makes use of their ability to puff up their faces.


Serala / Thoran: Responses


She chuckled softly.


Kiax: It is… quite unique, to say the least. But yes, all of our previous hosts had quite varied interests. Some safer than others…


She was reminded of the rather unfortunate ways that both Rissee and Lilla had passed; a memory which prompted a rather pained expression to cross Esa’s features, and one which completely distracted her from making any kind of attempt to hit the last few targets on the round.


Mei’konda: Response


Kiax: Oh, hosts Rissee and Lilla met rather… Unfortunate ends. It’s not something that I particularly enjoy dwelling on.


Thoran: Response


Esa shrugged, and placed her weapon down, knowing full well she’d have to reattempt the secondary portion of the exercise.


Kiax: Could be worse… Maybe I need to spend less time chatting and more time concentrating.


Serala / Mei’konda: Responses



Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax

Chief Operations Officer

USS Astraeus – NCC 70652



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