Lt. JG. Sheila Bailey - Desperate for water

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Aly Drolet

Nov 17, 2019, 10:05:19 PM11/17/19

((Ragged Feather, Engine room)) 


Swallowing hard Bailey could tell just how dry her mouth was. She needed water badly. However she still had patients. 


Melody had been treated as best Bailey could manage as well as everyone else that needed help. Lael was next being one of the most important people to take care of. Melody had the worst injuries but Lael needed the most care. 


Bailey: How are you feeling? 


Rosek: ::shakes her head:: A couple aches and bruises, but relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. ::pauses:: I could use a hypo for my asthma though. ::coughs a bit:: The smoke in here has made it a bit difficult to breathe.


For Bailey the smoke had made her feel the heat of the room more whereas for the FO it made her asthma act up. It made Bailey weigh each option and personal situation. Bailey needed water to continue working but a mother and child always came first unless she got too hot and dizzy, closes to passing out. 


Bailey: I can give you a hypo for that. 


A few moments later, Lael turned and exposed her neck for the asthma hypo. The treatment was rather simple, working the same way an old fashioned inhaler would. As the medicine passed through Lael’s bloodstream the passages of her lungs would start to open up allowing for her to breathe easier. 


Rosek: ::nods:: Thank you, Doctor Bailey.


Bailey: That should allow you to breathe easier. 


Pausing to look in her kit for her tricorder Bailey felt the blood rushing to her head as she bent down making her dizzy. It wasn’t a bother. Sheila had learned to adapt to her reduced ability to sweat and cool her body down but controlling that now without a glass of water was a bit difficult. 

Bailey: ::Scanning Rosek with her tricorder:: From doing basic scans I can tell that everything is fine. Other than your injures how do you feel?


Rosek: Response


Despite Lael looking rather good Bailey wanted to make sure the baby was doing okay. It was as if Bee was listing off all the things that went wrong to the mothers to be in that 20th century television show that she liked. It worried the doctor. 


Bailey: Understandable. If you want to take my advice as a doctor I would set up a OB/GYN appointment as soon as possible. If you need to I can recommend doctors. 


Rosek: Response


Bailey had to let the woman control her life a little bit. Bailey as a doctor could only give her advice and then act based on what her patient decided. If she was in the FO’s situation she would have carried about her child a bit more than the current situation. It made no sense for her to continue working if she wasn’t at her best; that went for any one. 


Bailey: Of course. Everything on the surface checks out. 


Rosek: ::turns to Thaumas and Phinya:: Is there anyone who you can think of who would want to harm you or your people?


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Delri’ise: More importantly, who’d wanna go to such lengths to stop you from figurin’ that out. 


Rosek/Thaumas/Phinya: Response?


Delri’ise: That conduit explodin’ was very convenient if you ask me, so I apologise if I'm bein’ too over the top about it.


The slight change in conversation wasn’t a bad thing but it didn’t give Bailey much to think about or contribute. She didn’t know much outside the field of science. Mostly what her mind was thinking about was how badly she needed something cold sliding down it. If she got a drink Bailey knew her problem would be solved pretty easily or at least set aside from her thoughts until she could cool herself down properly. 


Bailey: ::Talking mostly to the avian’s in the room:: Any chance I could get a glass of something cold to drink, still feeling a bit flushed. Also I don’t know how much you know about the illness going around but I would like to make sure your not a carrier or even have the illness yourself. 


Rosek/Thaumas/Phinya/Delri’ise: Response?



Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey

Medical Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652


"If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear." - Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow

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