Lt Commander Foster - Ready as Ever

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Jamie LeBlanc

Nov 17, 2019, 12:26:50 AM11/17/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Astraeus

((Overflow ICU Room, Deck 12, USS Astraeus))

::An explosion in the engine room – that sounded perfectly terrible and yet somehow like the typical thing a Starfleet officer faced in their day job. 

He idly wondered exactly why he had ever signed up for Starfleet in the first place.  Oh, yes… it was because his grandfather was a Starfleet medical officer and Cade had adored his grandfather.

The sad thing was he wouldn’t give up his Starfleet heritage for anything, no matter how crazy it drove him.::

Foster: Well isn’t that lovely?  ::he quipped lightly::

Munger: I wouldn’t say so, Commander. Although, more things to do does sound better than doing nothing. What do we do next?

::He gave Munger a light nod of agreement.  More things to do kept one’s mind off of exploding engine rooms at any rate.::

Foster: We start replicating inoculations and prepare those forcefields.  Diplomacy can wait until people stop bleeding.

::Sensible advice from Cade – at least so he thought.::

Munger: ::nodding once:: Shouldn’t be a problem, sir. I think there’s some EVA suits back here

Foster: Good, we’ll probably need those.  ::He wrinkled his nose at the suits as the closet was opened.  He was, like so many other officers – especially those who relied on fine motor control to do their jobs – not fond of EV suits.:: Are those the 420 Mark II’s or Mark III’s?

Munger: They look older than the ones in Sickbay.

Foster: Oh, good.  ::He gave a small nod:: They kitted those Mark III’s out with enough safety features to drive you batty.  I like the older ones, they’re simpler.  Less to worry about.

Munger: ::smirks:: Like fine wine. It only gets better with age. Any luck with the forcefield preparations?

Foster: Yeah, actually.  ::he nodded, bringing the information up on screen.:: I can get them up within .025 seconds of notification – they’re set on an automated system.  Now, viruses can travel faster than that so hopefully we’ll get a heads up, but in the worst case scenario we should be able to contain everything to one room.  And it will certainly get the correct atmospheric adjustment before anyone coughs.

::That was one of the benefits of this swanky new technology.  It was better, brighter, shinier and faster than ever.  Too bad no one ever enjoyed taking a forcefield system out for a spin.  Or if they did they probably were immediately scheduled for counselling.::

Munger: ?

Foster: I mean it fits the data we were sent, so we’re as prepared as it’s gonna get until we have real live birdpeople to work with.  The atmosphere adjustments as I said will be immediate.  So they can breathe comfortably and everything else can be adjusted.

Munger: ?

::He tapped the specifics up and pointed them out to her.::

Foster: Good question.  It looks like most Federation species can breathe their atmosphere with some adaptation time, but like the Benzites, our atmosphere doesn’t provide everything they need.  We can get around that with atmospheric adjustments or injections but it’s something to be aware of if they stay with us long term.

Munger: ?

Foster: I think we’re about as ready as we’ll ever be.  Wanna hail the bridge or should I?

Munger: ?


Lt Commander Cade Foster
USS Astraeus

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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