Lt JG Groznin Smith - Departure

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Zech Tyler

Nov 25, 2019, 8:35:31 AM11/25/19
((OOC: I’m sorry this isn’t very long, and there’s no tags but I wanted to get something out and this is all I could manage. I love you all))

((Pagrati Lounge, USS Astraeus))

Groznin sat by himself in the far side of the lounge. He had a Loatac Cider in his hand, even his favourite alcoholic drink couldn’t help how he was feeling. The Astraeus even though he hadn’t been there long was his home, he felt as if he fit in. He took a big gulp of his cider and placed the glass down on the table. 

He sighed. And placed his head in his hands. Nova was packing the last of their things into the shuttle and he was meeting her there in a little bit. Some others had already left and he already missed them. Sheila the most, she was his closest friend and he had looked forward to spending time with her but alas the galaxy had different plans for them currently. They had promised to keep in contact, it was now just a matter of doing so. 

He finished off his drink and stood up. Commander Rosek, and Lieutenant Delri’ise we’re sitting talking with each other but he couldn’t bare talking to anyone. He knew he’d get upset and he didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Simply he walked over to the window and looked out into the Eagle Nebula. A single tear fell down his cheek. Smiling a little he slowly turned, placing his hands in his uniform. He looked at Commander Rosek and nodded. Then he walked out of the lounge and headed to the shuttle bay. Nova would be ready by now and have packed their belongings into the shuttle. 

((Main Shuttle Bay, USS Astraeus))

As he got to the main shuttle bay he realised he had forgotten to do one last thing. Quickly he went over to the replicator located by the main door.

Smith: Computer. Photo 20a and 35b please.

The computer beeped and started to replicate the two photos for him. One was of the bridge crew together, he hadn’t known all of them well. Some not at all but they’d still felt like family and wanted to remember them. The other was of him and Sheila, he smiled at it and held the photos close to his chest for a moment before walking over and into the shuttle. 

((Shuttlecraft, Main Shuttle Bay, USS Astraeus))

Smith: Ready? 

O’Rien: Ready. 

He placed the two photos on the pile of the their belongings and sat down next to Nova. She held out her hand and he took it. Holding it tightly. It was difficult for him being transferred again. But if anything he was glad that he had Nova. She kissed him on the cheek as the shuttle picked up and slowly headed away from the ship. He didn’t look out at it, it would be too hard. Groznin leant back and Nova rested her head against his chest. He didn’t know where they’d be posted but he was glad it was together. 


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