Captain Mei'konda Delano - Crisis

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Nov 12, 2019, 8:56:56 PM11/12/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Astraeus

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Astraeus ))


Mei’konda: While you’re prepaaring, Commander Ning and I will contiinue our research from the Bridge.  Depending on our landing party’s report, we’ll maake a decision on how to proceed with repairs to the Ragged Feather.  


Galven: ::nods and straightens his uniform. Yes, sir. ::turns his attention to Smith and Shin:: On forward.  


Ning / Shin / Smith: Responses

The Bridge quieted for a moment as the team headed for one of the Bridge’s turbolifts, and relief officers took their stations.  It briefly reminded Mei’konda of how much a contrast it was from his time aboard the Montreal - how they’d had so few people to work with there, and how often double shifts ended up happening.  Very different from the Astraeus.  A moment later, he opened a comm channel to his first officer.

Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda to Commander Rosek.  It’s time for our check-in. How are things on board the Ragged Feather? =/\=


Rosek: =/\=We’re still trying to sort out the situation with her engines, sir. Lieutenant Delri’ise is seeing some indications that this might not be accidental. We’re looking more into it, but we’ll need to understand the Golthanni’s written language first. =/\=


 Any on Ragged Feather: =/\= Responses =/\=


Well, that was troublesome news.  On a ship that was in as poor repair as the Ragged Feather seemed to be, any additional malfunctions could be catastrophic.  It occurred to him a moment later how it could appear - with the Astraeus new to the region, it could be natural to assume they’d had something to do with it.


Mei’konda: =/\= Mmh.  With her engines in that sort of shaape, I’m not sure I’d want to risk letting them attempt to maake it home.  Our analysis here shows that the second ship that’s arrived - the heavy cruiser - is not capable of warp speed towing.  Sounds as if we may have something else to offer them. =/\=


Rosek: =/\= As soon as we determine if the ship should even be moved in its current state, we’ll let you know. =/\=


Any on Ragged Feather: =/\= Responses =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Understood.  Please relay our tow offer to the Captain of the Ragged Feather, Commander.  If they’re amenable, we’ll begin preparations to take them under tow, and it will be a good chaance for their crew to visit the Astraeus. =/\=


Rosek: =/\= Aye, sir. =/\=


Any on Ragged Feather: =/\= Responses =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Thank you, Commander.  Astraeus out. =/\=


Things were routine for the next few minutes.  Mei’konda answered the regular requests for Captain’s signatures that came through his department chiefs, and spent the rest of that time examining sensor readouts on the alien cruiser that was now in formation with the Astraeus and Ragged Feather.  


At least, until they weren’t any longer.  A sudden flash illuminated the viewscreen as an explosion rocked the Ragged Feather, sending debris spraying outward from one of her four massive annular warp engines.  For a split second, Mei’konda and the rest of the Bridge crew stared at the sight. Then, everyone sprang to work.


Mei’konda: =/\= All hands, yellow alert.  There’s been an explosion on the alien mining vessel.  We are determining the status of our away teams. Bridge out. =/\=

Ning / Any on Bridge: Responses

Mei’konda: Commander Ning, status of all life readings on the alien vessel.

Mei’konda was sure that the edge in his voice let slip the fact that, despite the fact that a Starfleet officer ought to feel concerned for all life in a situation like this, he was more afraid for his crew than the aliens.

Ning: Response

No dead.  At least that was something.  But by the size of that explosion, there were going to be injuries.  Despite the fact that he wanted more than anything right now to hear that his first officer was in one piece, he knew for a fact that Lael could handle the situation over there for a few minutes without his supervision.  And Mei’konda had a ship to run.

Mei’konda: =/\= Captain to Sickbay.  You will be receiving wounded shortly from the explosion aboard the alien ship.  Doctor G’Renn, I apologiize that we have not had a chaance to meet formally yet, but we will get to that later.  Your recommendaations on quarantine procedures for our officers? =/\=

G’Renn: =/\= Response =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Understood.  You haave my full authority to make use of whatever ship resources you need, Doctor.  In your estimaation, is it safe to offer help to the aliens in our Sickbay? =/\=

G’Renn: =/\= Response =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Yes.  On this, we will be erring on the siide of caution.  We will do anything we can to help, but we will only briing them aboard if you consider it safe. =/\=

G’Renn: =/\= Response =/\=


Captain Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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