Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: The Proof Is In the Records, Part I

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Lael Rosek

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OOC: I had to split this up into two parts as it gets rather long.

(( Conference Lounge, USS Astraeus, 2 weeks later. ))

::Lael had to fight back an exhausted grimace as she entered the conference room and headed straight for the replicator. It had been a long two weeks and she hadn’t slept more than five hours at a time. German had been the very definition of a workaholic, meaning that she’d spent more time alone than she was used to. He usually at least laid with her at night even if he didn’t sleep. The slight change to her routine had been disconcerting.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Coffee. Hot, strong, and black.

::The computer chirped once in confirmation and moments later, the beverage appeared in the slot. She retrieved it and took a sip, grimacing at the weak taste. That, she supposed, was one of the downsides of her Al-Leyan heritage. The liquid tasted more like boiled water than anything else.::

::She missed the Al-Leyan blend she’d taken to drinking. Her entire supply and the special coffee maker had gone up in flames with the Montreal. Given that her father was now on the run from the Al-Leyan council, her easiest source for the beloved drink was gone. She’d had to pay a small fortune through a private merchant to acquire some discreetly. It would be brought aboard when they arrived at Deep Space Nine.::

::Taking another sip of the weak drink, she strode toward the long table, sliding into one of the maroon chairs that provided a direct view of the wall-mounted screen. She leaned back in her chair, offering Mei a nod and a smile as they waited for the others to arrive. It wasn’t long before the others filed in and took their seats.::

Mei’konda: Welcome, everyone.  I apologiize that it took so long to convene this briefiing, but I’ve just recently gotten the whole story, as it stands right now.

::Lael said nothing, merely taking another sip of her coffee. She was privy to some of the details given the one-on-one meeting she and Mei had had earlier. There was, understandably so, a lot of he said/she said. The two factions still held a great deal of animosity toward one another and when tempers ran hot, misunderstandings were common and an accepted part of dealing with them. Her gaze shifted momentarily to Riley, curious how the man’s Bajoran heritage would come into play..::

Shin: What are we in for?

Tel-ar / Harkrow / Sotak: Responses

Galven: No apology needed, sir. It’s better we have the information now before knowing what we’re getting ourselves into.

Stennin: I am uncertain of what story you speak, captain.

Solok / Cattan / Bailey: Responses

::She returned her attention to where Mei now stood entering a series of commands into the console below the viewscreen. Within moments, she found herself looking at scrolling images, the subjects identified with their name beneath. She arched an eyebrow, recognizing a couple of the names. Unsurprisingly, not very many Bajorans elected to join Starfleet so when someone did, their name tended to stick out. She realized that those couple of Bajorans in the images were possibly some relation to Bajoran Academy classmates.::

Mei’konda: This is a list of names compiiled by the Bajoran government, with the assistance of the Federation.  The Bajorans claim that when the Cardassians evacuated Bajor in the late 2360s, thousands, even tens of thousands of Bajorans, were abducted and brought back to the Cardassian union.  

Hamasaki: Of that list, how many do we have confirmation on? Or are still alive?

Rosek: ::pauses:: It would take quite a bit more digging to get exact figures. Even so, I’m not sure we could say with a hundred percent accuracy.

Shin: I thought accusations like this had been investigated previously in their history. Unless I am mistaken.

Riley: You are not mistaken, lieutenant. There was a period of transition in which the new Bajoran government had a resulting administrative kurbuffle in which it took several months to begin their investigations.

::She grimaced. Politics wasn’t a favorite topic of hers. As much as pandering was necessary to diplomacy at times, she didn’t like it. Bajor’s Federation membership meant they had to investigate it and play nice until they could sort through the facts. That didn’t mean they’d discount what the Cardassians were saying entirely. It just meant they’d need to be discerning and consider all of the possibilities before they went off half-cocked making demands.:: 

Rosek: Politics. It’s not surprising that some Bajorans still hold a grudge considering some of the atrocities that the Cardassians committed during the Occupation. They’d go to great lengths to see justice served. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Maquis Reborn are behind the scenes on this one inciting the Bajoran government.

Tel-ar / Harkrow / Sotak: Responses

Galven: Would it be reasonable to gather historical data on any kind of information regarding the evacuations? It would be better to know if headcounts were taken and if these claims are at least valid.

Stennin: It is not unlike the Cardassians to have covered that information up, doctor. 

Riley: True. The Cardassians are known for evasions and cover-up operations, especially if they had any operatives from the Obsidian Order in charge of their fleet deployments.

::She shuddered. The Obsidian Order was the primary intelligence agency for the Cardassian Union and even the Romulan Tal Shiar couldn’t hold a candle to them when it came to covert operations. If the Order was at all involved in these Bajorans being held captive this long after the Occupation had ended, they were in for a hell of a fight.::

Mei’konda / Solok / Cattan / Bailey: Responses

Stennin: Are we in touch with the Starfleet JAG?

::Lael arched an eyebrow. Starfleet JAG was the least of their concerns in her opinion. Though they might have some knowledge that would be useful, their best resources were Starfleet Intelligence and other intelligence agencies that had operatives placed on or near Cardassia Prime. Not that those agencies would disclose that fact even if that were true. Mei tapped another button and her brow furrowed as the list on the screen was replaced by a smaller list of fifty one.::

Mei’konda: Through various intelligence agencies, these Bajorans have either been confirmed to be on Cardassia Prime, or there is circumstaantial evidence that makes it liikely.  And the complaints haave, largely, been brought forwaard by the children and faamily members of the abducted Bajorans, most of whom are now in their twentiies or thirties. My impression is that they are not willing to let this go any longer.  Since the Bajorans are members of the Federation, it is our taask to help them.

Rosek: ::brow furrows:: Is it just me or does it seem strange that it’s gone on this long. I mean, I get that politics and bureaucracy is riddled with red tape. But how can the Bajoran government even be sure of their claims this long after the fact?

Shin: Makes sense.

Galven: Does it though? I think we should interview each of the victim’s family members and gather as much information on them as possible.

Stennin: Such efforts could take several months, doctor. And it will require a much larger team to conduct such an extensive search.

Rosek: ::nods and enters a series of commands onto a PADD:: Mr. Stennin is right. Besides, Starfleet representatives have already conducted high-level interviews with the families. The details are somewhat vague, but the chances of getting another set of interviews at this stage in slim.

Tel-ar / Harkrow / Sotak: Responses

Solok / Cattan / Bailey: Responses

Mei’konda: Commander Rosek, Commander Riley.  We’re going to dock at Deep Space Nine in order to  taake on our remaining crew complement, about a hundred other officers and crew.  Mr. Riley, I’d like for you to coordinaate with Lieutenant Hamasaki to ensure that Minister Dalen has appropriate quaarters, and you and I can welcome him on board together.  Commander Rosek, please haandle the crew transfers.

::Lael nodded, having reviewed the records of those they’d be taking on. She recognized a couple of the names from her time at the Academy. Mei had presented her his final list just before the briefing, contained on the PADD in her uniform jacket pocket. Though the process was bound to be a bit crazy, she planned to make time to personally greet as many of them as she was able to.::

Rosek: Yes, sir.

Any: Responses

Mei’konda: Lieutenant Harkrow, if you need any supplies that are difficult to produce on the Astraeus, make sure that Lieutenant Hamasaki knows about it.  Deep Space Nine may be our last stop at a friendly staarbase for a while.

Harkrow: Response

Hamasaki: ::pausing::I'll assume we need at least 2 years of supplies, but if you can get me a list so I know we get it, I'd appreciate it.

Stennin: We will also need an inventory of possible science equipment and supplies.

Riley: Such a list of the assets on DS9 can be attained by accessing the LCARS system, Mr. Stennin.

Rosek: ::nods:: There should be a list of recommended supplies available to each department head as well. You’re welcome to compare your list against the available supplies at DS9 and send me your requisitions requests. Once they’ve been approved, someone from the station will deliver the supplies to your department.

::With that topic dealt with she watched Mei turn toward the science and medical teams, refocusing his attention on the mission at hand. Something about the situation seemed odd, though at this moment she couldn’t say precisely what. She shook the thoughts from her head and folded her hands together, clearing her throat softly. It was likely she was simply being paranoid. However, five years out in the black of space had refined her instincts and she’d learned she rarely, if ever, went wrong listening to them.::

Mei’konda: I would liike to do everythiing we can to aid in the analysis of the information Starfleet has sent.  There is footage from spy probes from Starfleet intelligence. Operatives on Cardassia Prime have provided testimony and images.  DNA scans. I would like all of this analyzed thoroughly. We maay have the facilities - and the skills - to do here what has not been done in other locations.

::She nodded, smiling. The Astraeus was unique, even as far as Galaxy class ships went. Their labs had been upgraded with the latest equipment and software programs, meaning that they were living a bit ahead of the 24th century. Their ship was a testbed for some of it, various pieces and programs not available on the commercial market yet. If the evidence had been tampered with or manufactured, they’d find out.::

Galven: Aye, sir. I’ll get myself and crew on it and ::turns to Solok:: I do believe it would be logical for both of our departments to work together again, would you agree?

Solok / Cattan / Bailey: Responses

Stennin: I shall put the medical research labs to full use, doctors.


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