Lieutenant Valin Dermont - Farewell Party of One

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Claude Colclasure

Sep 19, 2023, 12:11:39 PMSep 19
(( Pagrati Lounge - Deck 10, USS Astraeus ))
(( In orbit of Shemsh ))

(OOC: I'll get caught up on the other scenes I am in over the next day or two, but wanted to get this bad boy out.)

He walked through the doors of Ten Forward, swaying hard.  First he teetered a little to the left, then after a few too-long moments, he over-corrected and tipped heavily to the right.  It took him about forty seconds to find the perfect combination of left to right and strode forward into the lounge.  In his hands, Dermont gripped tight to a bottle of Salurian rum.  It had been a gift from his younger brother Byron, after graduating from the Academy all those years ago.  He'd never open it until now.

oO But we're celebratin'! Oo

He knew that back in his quarters, he had started with a glass...but now, well now he wasn't sure where it had gotten off to.  Maybe he'd left it in the Engineering Lounge.  He'd stopped there for a moment, but a well meaning security officer had kindly escorted him back to his quarters.  Where he had changed real fast into his civilian clothes.  Casual pants and top, over which his old and trusted freighter jacket proclaimed him part of the Bolian Freighter Coalition.  It was the perfect disguise to get him back out and this time to a different lounge.

oO Are ya technically still part o' the Coalition? Oo

He frowned to himself.  Dermont had never really considered that before.

Dermont:  Well, I dunno, but they certainly can't 'ave the jacket back!

He paused as a few people lifted their heads from their drinks and conversations and gave him a glance.  He nodded perhaps a bit exaggerated towards them and smiled, lifting his bottle in a salute.  The expressions were hesitant, but a couple lifted their drinks in reply.  His grin widened until he bumped into the back on someone's chair. 

Dermont:  Ah, 'scuse me.  Did I ever tell about the time 'e 'ad us climb a mountain?  In the snow?!

Crewman:  Uh, no?

Dermont didn't pay the man any attention.  He kept walking past, heading towards a small table nearest the viewports.  Of course, he didn't make it halfway there before spinning dangerous around and waving his bottle in the general direction of...people.

Dermont:  Freezin' our eyebrows off!  Can ya imagine?!  That lad 'ad yer First Officer and meself danglin' off the side of a mountain!  Bah!!

A couple of people chuckled awkwardly, while others went back to the conversations and tried to not look at the engineer.  Dermont's face went from smiling to looking a bit sad.

Dermont:  Deserves, it. O' course.

He slid his feet over the carpet, suddenly not having the energy to pick them up.  He plopped down facing out to a spectacular view.  The curve of  Shemsh was visible on one corner, while the colors of the Expanse was everywhere else.  He sighed.

Dermont:  ::Muttering.:: Long time comin'...

He took another long pull from the bottle and then slowly set his forehead on the table.  Dermont rested there for a moment and then pounded his head into the table twice in quick succession.  Ridiculous.  He was being ridiculous.  Half-turning in his seat he shouted.

Dermont:  Ya know, 'e saved mah son too!  Well, 'elped, anyway.  Group effort!

Waving his bottle.

Dermont:  Blew me up!  In training.  Or tried?  I...mean...I can't really remember.  But the lad was sorry 'bout it.  Can ya image that?  A tac officer blowin' people up for 'is final test?! Bahahahahah!!!

Once again he turned and just started out the window.  The chuckles faded after a moment, and tears formed in his eyes.  He blinked them back.  He had no patience for tears.  After all this time, Toryn was getting exactly what he deserved.  First officer of the Ronin, an Akira...the lad would slide right in.  He'd never met a man whose duty meant so much to him.  He walked that, branch?...with everything he was.  He was simply taking the next step on what was going to be a very successful career.

Then why was Dermont so damn sad about it?  

oO Because yer a selfish twit?  Oo

Because Dermont was a man who hated change.   And from the day they put that first pip on his collar, Toryn Raga had been there.  A steady and reliable friend.  They graduated together.  They had served together.  What was he supposed to do now?

oO Make new friends? Oo

Dermont:  Very first mission!  Fire fight!  Oh, I froze.  Forget 'ow ta fire a phaser...but not the lad.  'E got us back ta the shuttle.  Poor Pond...nearly useless as me...

He shouted at the bottle in front of him.

Dermont:  And the spiders!  Durn fool went and tried ta kill 'imself!  And then later gets 'imself captured!  If there was ever a man ta go and get 'imself up ta 'is eyeballs in trouble.  Luckily those eyes glow, so we could see ta find 'im.  Bahahahaha!!!

Noone was talking to him.  He might have noticed a couple of people had headed for the door.  Deep down he knew he was acting completely unprofessional and that he needed to take himself back to his quarters, but even thinking about it made him curl into himself.  Dermont didn't...couldn' alone.  That was part of the whole problem.  Despite all his years, he hadn't really learned to let go.  

oO Maybe that's a character flaw? Bah.  Oo

His shoulders slumped a bit and he let one finger lazy run around the open lip of the bottle, considering another swig.  Instead, he leaned back, sighed again and stared out the window.  He smiled again as his emotions couldn't decide on where to settle.  He lifted the bottle and blinking back tears inclined it in the direction of beyond the ship.

Dermont:  Fair winds, mah friend.  

His head settled down and after a few moments he was snoring.

Anyone:  Response

(OOC:  No response is needed, but if anyone wants to wake the tipsy Dermont in Ten Forward, feel free.)


Lieutenant Valin Dermont
USS Astraeus NCC-70652


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