Lieutenant Commander Noa T'Nessa Levinson - On Names and Telepathy

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Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Sep 21, 2023, 6:33:10 PMSep 21

((Cargo Bay 3, USS Astraeus))

Levinson: I may be wrong, but I believe the likeliest outcome is for the Lighthouse scientists to attach a beacon to the space baby that can be tracked within the Cloud, and release it. At least, that is the procedure I am familiar with. Considering its properties, it may need to be under close observation.

Shewytch: Yes, it is logical for it to live in its habitat. Another question is whether it can survive on its own. Maybe there are his relatives somewhere else and they will help him.

Maybe there were. It's been in stasis for 13000 years, which wasn't much in terms of astronomical times, not even evolutionary times. It was long, though. Noa simply didn't have any way to know that at that point.

Levinson: Maybe. Are you thinking of anything specific to look into regarding the space baby while we have it here?

Shewytch: I don't really know yet. But I'm interested in the fact that it absorbs a very large amount of substances, and I need to investigate how it gets energy from this. Maybe this will allow us to create some new source of energy or a new breakthrough in physics. And from a physiological point of view, it is interesting to know what is the "exhaust gas".

Its metabolism. That was actually a good point.

Levinson: Good point. Do not hesitate to call other members of the crew if you need to, of course. Its metabolism should prove to be illuminating, certainly.

Shewytch: Yes, I also think that these are rather unusual interests. Oh, I have a thought about something else. We have been transporting this creature for some time now, but we still call it the same thing: a space child. Maybe we should come up with a species name? Or at least give a name to this particular individual?

A name. That was another good point.

oO And honestly, "space baby" is becoming a mouthful… Oo

She nodded thoughtfully before replying.

Levinson: I agree. Any ideas?

Shewytch: Maybe it makes sense to ask the captain with such a request? Or the head of the boarding team, since they were the first to discover him?

Maybe? Noa wasn't sure how to approach it. She did agree the space baby needed a more specific term of referring to it.

Levinson: Maybe. Passing it by the Captain and Commander Serala would be, at the very least, a good start.

Shewytch: Well, if you liked this idea, I think others might like it too. But maybe it would be a violation of the first directive? Maybe in their culture there is no such thing as a name, and we will intervene and impose our culture on them.

The prime directive… it only dealt with civilizations. To her memory, it didn't deal with spaceborne entities like the one they were helping. Besides, even if it was, they were already interfering with it, by virtue of the space baby being in that very cargo bay.

Levinson: I do not believe the Prime Directive applies in our case, if I am being honest. Even if it was, we would already be in violation by having it here in the first place, no?

Shewytch: Response

Levinson: That said, it is telepathic. While I do not know to what level, why not try and ask it directly?

oO What, have someone ask it telepathically "What's your name and what's your species called?" I guess it co- Oo

Her own thoughts were somehow cut off by a different, soft voice in her head.

???: ~ Me Shreesh, am Kh'roosh. ~

((OOC: Shreesh is a general NPC, and may be simmed by anyone while it's still onboard! :D))

Noa suddenly seemed distracted, and started looking around in a few directions.

Levinson: ~ Are you… in the tank… Shreesh? ~

Shreesh: ~ Yeeeeess. ~

Finally, her gaze fixated on the tank containing the space baby, apparently called Shreesh. She didn't quite appreciate the invasion of the privacy of her head.

Shewytch: Response

Levinson: I am fine, Ensign. My apologies. ::Beat:: It appears our friend calls itself Shreesh, and is a member of the Kh'roosh. It responded to my thoughts. Quite powerfully, if I may add.

Shreesh: ~ Me soooorry… Hard for me to foooocuuus. Parent started teach me, but no moooore… ~

Ah. That… made sense. Powerful telepathy with no training could lead to that. She felt bad for Shreesh, really.

Levinson: It may be beneficial for it to learn how to control its telepathy, too.

Shewytch: Response

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