Captain Mei'konda Delano - A Variety of Martial Arts

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Mei'konda Delano

Feb 21, 2024, 1:17:49 AMFeb 21

(( Weapons Range, Security Center, Deck Five, USS Astraeus ))

Mei’konda: No. Increase difficulty by one level.

The Caitian let a slight grin cross his face when he hit the next target to appear with his first shot, but he knew he couldn’t get complacent. The certification program on the phaser range was designed to be difficult, random, and unpredictable, just like a real combat situation. 

Thoran: ::nods:: Nice shot, sir. I prefer the phaser rifles myself. ::to Serala:: What about you, Commander?

One at a time, two more targets appeared. Mei fired once, then again, hitting both dead center as they blipped their way upward across the wall in front of him.

Serala: It depends on the situation. Close quarters, I actually prefer hand-to-hand or my sword, if I have it. Otherwise, handheld phasers. Heavy resistance would call for the CQC rifle, and more heavy combat not in close quarters, the Type III phaser rifle. I do prefer the handgrips, though. It just feels too easy to lose the ones like the Captain prefers.

Mei’konda: Mmh. The rifle’s good when you’re out in the open. On a starship, though, in tiight quarters…

Kiax: Response

The next target which appeared blinked its way across Mei’konda’s eyesight, and he fired a hair two late, hitting the wall half a meter to its right, earning a harsh buzz from the range’s speakers.

Mei’konda: Damn…

Serala: I will say, though, that I am starting to learn the value of diplomacy, however. But if it comes down to it, it’s better to have the phasers than nothing. And it’s nice to have a weapon whose default setting is stun instead of disintegrate.

Mei supposed that the differences in military culture between the Federation and the former Romulan Empire were forefront in Serala’s mind just about now. Mei tagged another of the targets with his Dolphin style phaser.

Mei’konda: Mmh, no doubt, Commander. We aren’t out here to kill. Any other optiions are our best ones.

Kiax: Response

In a break between his own targets appearing, Mei spared a brief glance to watch his First Officer’s accuracy. She was, as he expected, dead on her own targets. 

Serala: Oh, like I said, I much prefer hand-to-hand. I started taking martial arts when I was young and have studied over three-dozen forms and mastered several of those. It’s great exercise and I enjoy the physicality of it.

This time, the range decided to throw half a dozen his way. Mei’konda aimed his phaser carefully, but did his best not to overthink it. He missed two out of the six, a low grunt of dissatisfaction escaping the Caitian. 

Mei’konda: I too enjoy martiaal arts, though I haaven’t ventured far outside of Starfleet basic defense traiining. Except where it relaates to my… anatomy. 

Unconsciously, he flexed his claws, and twitched his tail. His feline traits had proven advantageous when the Montreal had been boarded, years ago, and even more recently, like when he’d led the away team aboard the freighter and ended up in close combat with Romulan soldiers. The half remembered sensation of his claws cutting flesh, though, sent a shiver down his spine. Perhaps that was why he missed his next shot. But the next three hit where he wanted them to, and the range alerted him with a tone of approval.

Thoran / Kiax: Responses

Serala let out a sound of disapproval as she missed a few of her own targets, and Mei glanced over toward Thoran and Kiax.

Mei’konda: Well, Commander Kiax, we know you liike the heavier weapons. Do you haave a preference when it comes to close in self defense?

Thoran / Kiax: Responses

Mei hit his last few targetst, and the range beeped the conclusion of his certification. He glanced down at the screen which displayed his score and smiled slightly to himself. Though it was below what was expected of Security officers on Astraeus, it was still above average.

Mei’konda: Hm. Not bad. And I see. There is a lot of variiety out there. I imagine that given the amount of… experience that you have, Commander Kiax, you must have seen the majoriity of the martial arts in the Alpha quadrant.

Serala / Thoran / Kiax: Responses


Captain Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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