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(( Pagrati Lounge, Deck 10, USS Astraeus ))
{{ Time Index: Shore Leave - Day 1 }}

Peters: Easy to fix, but I can understand not wanting to take it up again. What do you do for fun?

Caldwell: For recreation I've always been more into sports, parrises squares, racquetball, football... love a bit of dom-jot. Aside from that a bit of mountaineering... shooting stuff is always fun. Any of that appeal to you? 

I’ve never played dom-jot, but I was supposed to get mountaineering lessons from Toryn before he transferred. I heard we’ve got a vertical climbing wall made of an old turbolift shaft, if that sounds like it interests you.

At the Academy most social time had been spent at the local bars, including one time he and a couple of classmates had posed as officers and had snuck into the Quantum Cafe officers' club. On a starship though it would make sense for there to be a mixture of human and non-human cultural activities and he
 had assumed that given the compliment and diversity of the Astraeus' crew that there would be a pretty diverse and full calendar of social events.

Caldwell: On a ship this size, I would have thought that there would always be a few people that share interests. That said, I guess actually finding said people could be a challenge. There must be some, I don't know, like social interest groups or something here right?

If there are social groups, I haven’t found one yet.

The engineer's response came as a real surprise to him. The galaxy class starships were part of the first generation of ships specifically designed to accommodate large civilian populations, allowing for officers to bring their family with them on postings as well as supporting civilian research projects. As a result of this as well as the fact that the class was designed to be in service for many decades, a great deal of thought had gone into the creation of recreational facilities for their inhabitants, far beyond that of just holodecks which the class featuring concert and theatre halls as well as gyms and a range of sports facilities. The fact that there didn't seem to be anyone actively coordinating the use of such spaces seemed shocking. 

Caldwell: Perhaps that's something we could talk to Ensign Doucet about? I imagine it would make her job much easier if there were some social groups or clubs around. You know, so people with like minded interests could find one another or know who to talk to in order to try new things? Even if maybe something that starts off within specific departments or shift patterns, could be great for team building and stuff. You must know a few people that share interests with you?

oO There you go Chris, that idea has to get you some 'pip points' when it's crew evaluation time. Crew happiness up, team cohesion up. Have a promotion! Oo

There are a few of us who are coffee enthusiasts. Dr. Skyfire left behind an entire book of recipes and cultivation techniques for growing coffee beans.

He nodded slowly. He tended to like his food and drink pretty simple. Teas and coffees always seemed a bit complex to him. Maybe they were just too grown up for him, he had always wanted to try one of those Klingon coffees, a raktajino, purely because they seemed to be all the rage. He'd lost count of the number of study group sessions during the Academy where his fellow cadets had insisted on some trendy coffee or tea, usually one that all the officers were drinking or Captain so and so drank so they could emulate them, all the while he tended to sit there with a water or a juice. 

Caldwell: I've never really been a tea or coffee drinker, I know that probably makes me something of an 'anomaly' around here ::pausing to look around the lounge:: maybe I just need to give it a proper try, find the right erm... 'blend'? Right?

Peters: Well, I do brew a decent English black tea…

Caldwell: I like to say I'm pretty flexible, give anything a go once you know? I don't think I've had an English black tea. Green tea and Earl Grey I've tried, don't think I've tried English black tea though so I'll give it a go, ::chuckling:: just don't get upset if I hate it. What's it like? Not being a tea drinker I don't really have any frame of reference. 

Peters:  It’s a very robust flavor. A bit stronger than the English green tea with a bit more body to it. Smells very floral.

Caldwell: And you said you brew it right? So... made with replicated ingredients or what? Is it something you can just whip up here or do we need to arrange a tea... meeting?

Peters: I can whip it up here, but I don’t have the ingredients in hand to do so. Non-replicated. We have a delightful hydroponics garden on board, so I use that to grow the leaves. Although, now that you mention it…

Caldwell: Ok you know what I'll give it a try sometime, you can hold me to that. I'll check out that turbolift climbing wall as well, it could be fun and you're welcome to join if you want, not sure I can 'teach' much, in truth I've fallen off pretty much every mountain I've ever been up but if you're interested we could give it a go?

Peters: Sure, I’d like that. Perhaps in a day or two?

Christopher had been feeling a little bad about the fact that the engineer had made a few suggestions for opportunities to connect which for one reason or another his responses had been less than enthusiastic to so he was glad that there now seemed to be two opportunities for further socialisation.

Caldwell: Yeah, sure it's probably not a great time right now, any time just let me know and I'm sure we can make something work.

Peters: Oh, I didn’t mean to imply now was a bad time. I just have a tiny bit of admin to catch up on as chief engineer before I can plan complex social stuff.

Caldwell:  No no, it's not a problem, you're in a pretty important job here. We can make something work I'm sure. Just give me a shout sometime.

Peters: Of course. I’ll be in touch.

Caldwell: Sounds good.

He stood up, giving a respectful nod as the engineer got up from the table before heading out of the lounge. He had a quick glance around the room before heading back to the bar, finishing his juice and returning the now empty glass before exiting himself.

(( End Scene for Caldwell ))


Ensign Christopher Caldwell
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