Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise - Must All Good Things?

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Ryan Fender

Nov 24, 2019, 3:24:21 AM11/24/19

((Bridge, USS Astraeus))


Something felt… off. The ambient echoes of the Astraeus feeling much quieter than usual. The silence was deafening on the bridge, loud enough for Melody to hear her own heartbeat amongst the beeps and chirps of the tactical console. 


She had been miserable for days on end, hardly able to bring herself to talk about losing yet another starship, one she came so painfully close to calling a home. With a friends she grew to love like family. One would say that all good things come to an end, but it felt like this was too soon. Melody’s gut sank as she clenched her hands over her console, tears crashing like waves upon a rocky shore. Her head sank as teardrops rained down on her console, she didn’t want to leave, much less let go of everything she had here. The memories, the bonds and the tremendous amount of love she felt for each and every individual onboard. Nothing could truly compare to what she felt, from the sense of community to how she had grown as a person since coming here. Something Melody knew she could never get anywhere else in the fleet.


Leaving the Astraeus felt damaging, in some way, like a part of herself was being left behind with everything she built. 


The doors swung open, and in an instant Melody quickly dried her tear-drenched eyes with her sleeve, attempting to regain some kind of composure. She noticed a familiar face stride onto the bridge, a certain Denobulan fellow in a blue collar. 


Delri’ise: You alright, sir?


Galven: Just saying goodbye. ::turns to glance around:: She was a fine ship.


Melody nodded bitterly, offering a smile through her grim features. It felt gut-wrenching to see him tour the empty bridge.  


Delri’ise: Indeed she was. There’ll never be another like her, she was one of a kind.


Galven. My next assignment is going to be Starbase 118 Operations. I've been there a few times training cadets, but it'll be a whole new experience. Where are you going?


Delri’ise: ::recalling her orders.:: I believe I’m on the Thor over Duronis II. It’s a long way from here, over in the Beta Quadrant.


Galven: ::nods:: That's a fine ship with a great crew. I doubt this'll be the last time we see each other. 


Melody nodded solemnly, fighting back another wave of tears that threatened to break free. She sniffled and pursed her lips. 


Galven: It was a great experience being here and it was definitely worthwhile. Starfleet has our best interests at heart. Whatever is next, just remember who you are. 


Delri’ise: It ain’t gonna be easy. The Thor is a fine ship… but she’s no Astraeus. It’s been a fun ride, commander. 


Galven: Response?


Delri’ise: You better stay in touch, don’t hide away in that space mushroom 


Galven: Response?





Lieutenant JG Melody Delri’ise

Security Officer

USS Astraeus





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