Lieutenant Valin Dermont - Proud (And Sad)

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Claude Colclasure

Sep 22, 2023, 2:48:40 PMSep 22
(( Main Engineering - Deck 36, USS Astraeus ))

Dermont was replacing Jeffries' Tube access panel when Yelchin came up behind him and stood there.  The older engineer turned to the crewman and raised his eyebrows.  He could see the PADD in other's hand.  Yelchin was one of the most efficient people he'd ever met.  And a great aide in keeping everything organized and running smoothly.  His ability to predict Dermont's needs was almost uncanny.  But this time Yelchin didn't offer anything, neither words nor the PADD.  Something was wrong.

Dermont:  Yer just standin' there, lad.  Somethin' on yer mind?

Yelchin opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it.  After a second he simply nodded and then hesitantly offered the PADD to Dermont.

Dermont:  ::Frowning.::  Did somebody die?  What cou-

His voice cut off as he read the display.  Suddenly numb fingers threatened to drop the PADD.  He found himself having to swallow several times to bring moisture back to his dry throat.

Dermont:  Um, ya...yer sure?  'Ow'd ya get this?

Yelchin's eyes turned compassionate.

Yelchin:  Quite sure, sir.  Ensign Tillman saw it while mannin' communications in Ops.  You know, standard chatter back and forth.  Well Tillman's mentioned it in the locker room after a wrestling match with Crewman Nahlrik.  And you probably know Nahlrik and Tarva are on that mass inhibitor testing team together down in Lab Six.  Tarva immediately told me because she knew you'd want to know. ::Shrugging.::  Nothing's faster than the gossip of lower deckers.

Dermont could only nod weakly.  He sniffed a bit.  Suddenly he stood up from the access and stepped closed to Yelchin.

Dermont:  Thank you. ::his eyes narrowed.::  Cover me fer a bit.  I've a conversation ta have.

Yelchin simply inclined his head and stepped to the side.  Dermont's boot echoes as they slammed upon the deck as he headed for the turbolifts.

Dermont:  Computer, where is Commander Raga?

Computer:  Computer Raga is on Deck Five in the Security Briefing Room.  I detect an elevated heart-rate.  Is everything okay, Lieutenant?

Dermont:  Not lookin' fer a conversation, Computer.

Computer:  ::Pause.:: Very well.

Stepping into the lift.

Dermont:  Deck five!

((Small Timeskip))

Dermont strode into the offices of the security complex.  A crewman manning a station came to attention.

Crewman:  Can I help you, sir.

Dermont:  Briefing room?

Crewman:  That hallway, door on the left.  But I think the Commander is in - 

Dermont strode past the man, following his directions.  His ignore the protests and a part of him hoped he wouldn't get a phaser in the back.  The door couldn't open fast enough and he growled at it as he stepped through the opening. His eyes ignored everything in the room but his friend.  As soon as he had focused on the Al-leyan he lifted the PADD and shook it violently.

Dermont:  You!  ::Scowling.::

Raga:  Response

He covered the space between them in moments.  He glared at the shorter man and without warning wrapped Toryn up in a hug.  He knew the tactical officer preferred the much more formal Al-leyan custom to show affection, but Dermont didn't care.  He squeezed hard and slammed a fist onto the other's back heartily.

Dermont: arse...

There was a part of him that wanted to rage and punch the man.  But that would be silly for a couple of reasons.  One being that Toryn could tied the human into a pretzel without effort.  But the far more important reason was that it would simply be selfish.  How could he act that way when Toryn had done nothing but be an excellent officer and was finally getting what he deserved?  His eyes blurred a bit as he squeezed his friend tightly.

Raga:  Response


Lieutenant Valin Dermont
USS Astraeus NCC-70652

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