Lieutenant Commander Noa T'Nessa Levinson - Ambiguity

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Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Sep 17, 2023, 4:22:53 PM9/17/23

((Holodeck 9, Deck 12, USS Astraeus))

Levinson: Well, you see… I asked specifically for casual clothing, because anything more would be unnecessary. After all…

Keeping a slightly annoyed expression, Noa raised her left hand to the air, and a holographic panel showed up in front of it. A couple of taps on that panel later, Esa's outfit was completely replaced with her uniform.

Levinson: …I figured out holographic clothing. It should feel just like the real deal.

Esa almost looked disappointed at Noa's words.

Kiax: But… but I spent weeks making that…

Esa looked down at her holographic uniform, while Noa waited to see what she had in mind.

Kiax: ::Mumbled:: I hand stitched it and everything…

With a shrug, Esa turned to leave, prompting Noa to speak up.

Levinson: Look, it's fine. The holographic clothes are one of the things I wanted to test right now, but it can wait. We can just start, if you want?

Kiax: ::Dejectedly:: No, it’s okay. Maybe some other time? I’ll make sure to be less excited in the future.

Be less excited? What was she excited about, then?

The wording itself also seemed a bit off to Noa, but that wasn't important at the moment.

Levinson: ::Raising an eyebrow:: What were you excited about, then?

The Trill sighed, and stopped in the doorway.

Kiax: Everything I read said that dressing up was all part of the fun. Something that people used to call cosplaying. You said casual, and you said fantasy world, so I assumed that you meant “thematically appropriate casual”.

Cosplaying. She was familiar with the practice. It definitely sounded fun to her, and was part of the reason she even was working on these holographic clothes in the first place, even if to her understanding the process of making the outfit was the fun part to some. Well, making her version was pretty fun for her, and they could both pick the outfit from practically anything.

So while Noa could absolutely get where Esa was coming from, she chose to address the one thing she did have a problem with.

Feeling her heart rate increasing and her annoyance-anger intensifying somewhat, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and did her best to push them to the back.

Levinson: Yes. I admit, I could have worded it less ambiguously. ::Opening eyes:: However, you could have asked me for clarification, rather than assuming an answer.

Kiax: Response

She took another breath, this time actually calming down enough to just move on.

Levinson: Well, we can still check the fantasy world itself, right? I can just deal with the clothes myself.

oO And figure out what I'll do and wear… Oh well. In the meantime… Oo

With a few taps of her left hand on the holographic panel, Esa's original outfit reappeared as the holo-uniform disappeared.

Kiax: Response

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