Lt. Commander German Galven - Remembering the Astraeus

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Enad Nosirrah

Nov 23, 2019, 4:42:51 PM11/23/19

((A little side scene after the mission and towards the end. Feel free to jump in! Take care everyone.))

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Astraeus))

Some of the crew had left already going on different assignments. Others were waiting to be transported. German wasn't due to leave for another few hours as he stepped into the bridge of the galaxy class starship one last time, placing his hand along the edge of the brightly painted wooden half oval panel. 

He walked down the ramp brushing the soft wood and for a moment he didn't want to let go. Finally after a few moments, he took his hand away and then headed over to his station. 

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Galven: Just saying goodbye. ::turns to glance around:: She was a fine ship.

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The events unfolding around him was definitely going to be a memorable one. German had never served on a ship that was due to be decommissioned. He sat down and then downloaded the last bit of information of data on his work PADD that laid beside the console. 

Galven. My next assignment is going to be Starbase 118 Operations. I've been there a few times training cadets, but it'll be a whole new experience. Where are you going?

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Galven: ::nods:: That's a fine ship with a great crew. I doubt this'll be the last time we see each other. 

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Galven: It was a great experience being here and it was definitely worthwhile. Starfleet has our best interests at heart. Whatever is next, just remember who you are. 

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Lt. Commander German Galven

Chief Science Officer

USS Astraeus


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