JP Cmdr Serala, LtCmdr Raga, and PNPC LtCmdr Ishka Journs: [Not Really] Saying Goodbye, Part 2

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Sep 17, 2023, 2:25:04 AM9/17/23

((Raga/Journs Quarters, Deck somewhere, USS Astraeus))

Journs: That never was my choice anyway. ::glares playfully at Toryn:: And you damn well better not go back to that stupidly brave streak of yours. Your children need you. If you leave me alone to raise them, I will find some way to kill you in the afterlife.

He gave her his best, mischievous yet innocent smile whilst raising his hands and shoulders in shock. 

Raga: When have I ever not come back?

His grin faded and he gave her an honest and genuine expression. He’d grown a lot from his more reckless youth and had been mostly tempered by experience. 

Raga: You know I will always do what I have to to keep everyone as safe as I can be and still come back to you all.

Serala could think of at least one time he had not come back, but that had been a dark chapter in their history and she still felt the guilt of that time. He’d suffered because of her and she was not going to rehash that now. Not when this was supposed to be a happy moment for him.

Serala: Indeed. Sometimes too much. Don’t go playing martyr. You have an entire crew to think about now.

Ishka nodded sagely. If having children wouldn’t temper the man’s penchant for recklessness, perhaps the weight of responsibility could. After all, the man was loyal to a fault. Though she loved that about him, he had a tendency to take it too far. From what she’d heard, that burden of command had tempered many such officers. Toryn would need to find a balance and it would force him to mature a bit.

Journs: Yes, amato. Since having children wasn’t enough to temper that–

Toryn smirked and leaned in to kiss Ishka mid sentence. She was struggling so much with all this and he could sense it. If he could help her relax even a moment it would make him feel better about his decision. 

Raga: I know. And I’m sorry I didn’t consult you first before I accepted. You are my world. My home. It doesn’t matter where I am in the universe, as long as you’re with me I’m where I belong. 

Any playfulness left her expression at the unpleasant reminder. Oh, she still owed him a sound backside thrashing for that. She’d had half a mind to dig in her heels and make him go by himself. An uncharacteristic flash of temper caused a glint in her eyes that would have melted duranium. 

Journs: ~ Don’t think there won’t be consequences for that. You’re fortunate I didn’t leave you to your own devices. I have half a mind to take the children on an extended leave. ~

Serala stood and looked at her friend once more, placing her hand on his shoulder near his neck. He’d once told her it was an Al-Leyan gesture of friendship and the closer the hand to the neck, the closer their friendship was. She placed hers right next to the neck before speaking.

Serala: I wish you all the best, daehlen. I couldn’t be more happy for you. And proud. You’ll do great and the Ronin will be blessed to have you. We’re going to miss you around here.

He smiled at his best friend and rose to return the hand gesture with the placement of his hand mirrored on her shoulder.

Raga: Thank you, plej vera amiko. (Truest friend) I trust the ship and crew will be in safe hands and I’ll keep in touch. It’s an Akira class, so at least it’ll be familiar. Besides, I’m not the only one going. I checked the transfers and apparently, Avae, Solana, Osiris and that new counselor, Kelv are all going to the Ronin as well. 

Serala breathed a sigh of relief at some of that news, though some of those names would be missed as well. Solana was very good at what she did, but with the new Operations officer coming aboard, the Orion count was growing on the ship. Her transfer would balance that back out. She hadn’t seen Osiris in some time and was surprised. He’d been moved to Shemsh to lead their Ranger contingent, if she remembered correctly. But maybe he was just aching to get back out into space. And the reason for her sigh of relief was Kelv. The Tellarite had been on her back for that counseling for some time, and it seemed she was going to escape that once more.

Serala: Can’t say I will miss Kelv. Looks like I get out of that counseling yet again.

Journs: ::turns to her and arches her eyebrows:: Given your current situation, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I might just recommend mandatory counseling before I leave.

Serala gave her a side-eyed look.

Serala: Et tu, Ishka? Et tu? Besides, I’ve had mandatory counseling on my record for several years now. Ordered by our previous CO. Just can’t keep them around long enough to actually get it done.

Raga: Hmm. Good point, amato. I can ask the Captain to grant Kelv a few days leeway to let her finish up her counseling with Serala. Got to get that backlog of mandatory counseling sessions done somehow. ::He grinned:: 

Serala took on a mock threatening tone.

Serala: You had better not, Toryn. Or I might just have to suggest the same for you with the Tellarite. You do have a few things still to work out, you know.

The Al-Leyan let out a feigned gasp as if he’d been slighted. 

Raga: You wouldn’t dare!!! Don’t make me hide plaques around the ship before I leave. ::He laughed and gave his best friend an Al-Leyan bear hug just enough to not hurt her:: In all honesty. We should both make an effort to seek out a counselor. We owe it to ourselves, no?

Serala nodded, knowing he was correct. But she’d managed to avoid the head-shrinks for years now. However, with all the changes, and with her best friend leaving the ship, maybe it was finally time.

Serala: We do still have Commander Isa, and somehow I think that she’s even more daunting than the Tellarite. She’s scary in how she can get a person to open up without even realizing they’re doing so. Must be why she was such a good diplomat.

He chuckled and sat back down in his seat.

Raga: To be fair. Anyone who can be First Officer of this ship, and stick around after the previous first officer returns. With this crew and in the Expanse, can handle anything. ::His grin returned:: And she didn’t have to punch anyone either. You could learn a lot from her.

oO Oof. Ouch. Oo

Journs: ::shakes her head:: As could you, amato. ::gives him a meaningful look:: You don’t see Commander Isa rushing off to perform any reckless heroics.

Serala: Also true. :: feigning indignation :: And I will have you know, Toryn, I successfully managed to negotiate with a computer without hitting it. I think I’m improving.

The Al-Leyan glanced between the two formidable women and still held his ground. He’d faced down a stampede of animals and yet these two made that seem like a morning climb by comparison. 

Raga: Proud of you! ::He gave Ishka an innocent look:: And I will have you know, amato, that my heroics have been calculated of late rather than recklessly. ::He gave her a wink:: 

Serala: Only because you know we’d kill you if you died on us. :: winking playfully :: And don’t think I can’t do it. I will haunt your afterlife.

Amidst a roll of mirth he threw up in hands in acquiescence. What was it with women supernatural hauntings? 

Raga: Just remember that goes both ways. You were just as reckless as I was, if memory serves. And don’t think you get out of seeing the twins either. 

Serala: Romulans don’t have an afterlife, Toryn. But I appreciate the sentiment. And I wouldn’t dare dream of not seeing the twins. My kids are going to need friends and I can’t think of better people for them.

Serala gave him a big hug, then hugged Ishka, before making her way out, fighting back tears for the third time in less than twenty-four hours.

Serala: Jolan’tru, my friends. I am so happy and excited for you.


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