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Mei'konda Delano

Sep 20, 2023, 9:12:37 AMSep 20

(( While I’ve summarized several things here about our space baby, feel free to conclude prior sims you all were working on in the Jenatris Cloud! While I’ve only tagged a few people specifically in this sim, any others may feel free to join us. ))

// Captain’s Log, Stardate 240009.20.

Our passenger in cargo bay three let us know, in no uncertain terms, when it was ready to leave. A sudden growth spurt saw it begin to out size its temporary habitat, and an analysis indicated its nutrient needs had shifted… to some of the unique elements found only in the Jenatris Cloud, thus far.

After we verified its safety to the best of our ability, we beamed the child into space. It began to move immediately. It circled the Astraeus. Even brushed against the hull, as if it were giving thanks and bidding us a farewell. Then, it disappeared into the nebula. It was beautiful, the sort of thing that I joined Starfleet to be a part of.

We’ve since emerged from the cloud and returned to Shemsh orbit. The Aldrin’s crew have returned to man her, and she was able to make her way to Shemsh Orbital-Alpha for refit and repair.

I’ve extended extra shore leave to the crew, and I’m preparing to welcome some visitors on board. While I am very much looking forward to that, there’s a more bittersweet duty to come later. 

End Captain’s Log.

(( Main Shuttlebay, Deck 4, USS Astraeus ))

As the small Type-9 Shuttlecraft Bassi cruised in through the large open shuttlebay doors, a brief flicker of blue light accompanying it while it passed through the atmospheric forcefield, Mei watched from a safe distance as its pilot settled it down onto the deck. As the landing and then the post flight proceeded, Mei glanced to the side, where he’d invited Esa Kiax to join him in welcoming these particular visitors aboard. And, of course, the visitors’ offspring.

Mei’konda: Ensigns, I appreciaate you helping Commander Kiax set up quaarters in advance for your parents. Having you both aboard to assist in makiing sure their quarters are as perfect as we can make them was invaluaable.

Kiax / 101 & 000: Responses

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Mei’konda: Yes indeed. I’m exciited to meet them.

Moments later, the large shuttlebay doors began to close, and Mei made his way forward along with Kiax and the two Bynars. A slight smile flickered across the Caitian’s face as the hatch in the rear of the small, sleek craft opened, and two examples of older members of the purple-skinned cybernetic species disembarked.

They were a full head taller than their children, it briefly had Mei wondering if they were exceptionally tall, or if his crew members were exceptionally short. Stepping up to meet them, Mei inclined his head pleasantly.

Mei’konda: Zero one zero one, One one one one. Welcome to the Astraeus. It is a pleaasure to welcome the parents of two of my brightest officers aboard. Would ‘Doctors’ be the appropriaate way to refer to you both?

0101 & 1111: Responses

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Mei’konda: Of course. This is Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax, our Operations Chief. She has arraanged quarters for you both, and also happens to be the patient you’re here to consult wiith.

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Captain Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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