Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga - Acceptance

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(( Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Astraeus ))

The Al-Leyan stared at Mei’konda over the brim of his glass, mid sip. Were it not for the fact that his hearing was exceptional he would have thought he’d misheard him. 

Raga: Sir? ::He asked almost incredulously:: A transfer to another ship, as First Officer? 

Mei’konda: You heaard me right, Commander. You look as surprised as I did when I was offered the exec posiiton on Veritas. Take a moment to relaax.

There was a sound like a deflating balloon that filled the room as he sat back and took a moment to let all of that sink in. 

Raga: I’m honored, sir. But this crew…is family and this place is home to me and Ishka. ::There was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind as well:: I’m sure there’s more qualified officers that are up for the spot.

As much as he’d grown the last 6 years, imposter syndrome was in effect for the Al-Leyan officer who had always struggled with his own self worth. That being said, he’d never known Mei’konda to be the sort to make false claims of his own crew and knew the feline was quite proud of his crew’s achievements. 

Mei lifted a hand up to his computer terminal, swiveling it around on the desk so that Raga could see what was on the screen. It was the Al-Leyan’s personnel record.

Mei’konda: There are many highly qualified command candidaates in the fleet, Commander, and I know it can be difficult to be objectiive about ourselves, but try your best to think of how this would look if it were someone else’s name at the top of the fiile. Years of highly raated service aboard an Akira class starship as second officer. Numerous commendations for honor and valor in that tiime. Clearly, someone who can be counted on.

He spread his arms in a slight shrug.

Mei’konda: Speakiing as a man with years in the center chair, I can tell you for sure. Any new Captain would look at this record and count themselves extremely lucky to be able to recruit you to be their First Officer.

The Caitian’s logic was sound and he knew that it was his own difficulty in objectively looking at his own successes that was making him apprehensive. 

Raga: I imagine I’d not have a lot of time left on board if I accept?

The Caitian hesitated for a moment.

Mei’konda: Yes. The transfer would be effectiive immediately upon our return to port. There will be a ship at Shemsh Orbital-Alpha ready to depaart for the Ronin’s assigned region. There will not be much time to prepaare for your departure, but we will get along without you, Commander. I truly do believe you are the best choice for Commander Niac.

The Al-Leyan was sometimes insightful about things and he’d served the Caitian for a few years now. Long enough to be able to tell that his Captain was conflicted about it but ultimately, Toryn suspected, he was proud. After all, the man didn’t have to put his name up for the position at all. 

Raga: I see. 

There was a long moment as the Al-Leyan held his mug in his hands and stared at the wisp of steam that rose from it. 

Raga: This is…not an easy decision for me to make. But I think I’d regret it if I didn’t take this opportunity. ::He met the Caitian’s gaze with his reflective one:: You can let Commander Niac know I accept his offer. 

The exhale that followed nearly turned his hot tea to room temperature. 

Mei’konda: Response

He gave Mei a smile and a grateful nod. 

Raga: It’s going to be…difficult to leave our home. ::His face flushed a moment:: Ohhhhh, Ishka’s going to beam me into space. ::He chuckled nervously:: 

Mei’konda: Response

The Al-Leyan regarded the Caitian a moment.

Raga: Any advice, sir? As far as I’m concerned, you’re responsible considerably for me getting this opportunity. I admire you and your command style. I’m not looking forward to the farewells. 

Mei’konda: Response


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

First Officer

USS Ronin - NCC-34523

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