Lieutenant JG Wyatt Ral - Gel Packs to the Core

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Jason Price

Feb 25, 2024, 6:04:07 PMFeb 25

((Deck 14, Primary Computer Core, USS Astraeus))


As Wyatt approached the secure doors to the computer core the doors swished open as a technician exited the room.  Wyatt nodded and smiled at the female Vulcan as he waited for her to exit before entering.  He was always fascinated by the minds of the Vulcans he had met.  The torrent of emotions below the surface being constantly kept in check.  He could never understand how they did it, being part of a society which put their emotions firmly on show and willing to share with anyone.


He made his way into the room with the gel pack in his hand and he approached a console to the left.   Another technician was working at another console attached to the main core.  There was a particular smell to the core rooms caused by the warming of the gel packs and iso linear chips along with all of the interface electronics.  The low-level hum from the ship's brain was strangely calming.


He laid the gel pack on the console and called up the location of the spare slot where the gel pack was to be installed.  The computer returned the result immediately.  Rack 72 beta, slot 23 was the preassigned location.  Picking up the pack he crossed to the technician who was tapping away at the console, a stream of file allocations constantly changing on the second screen beside him.



Ral: Excuse me.  I wonder if you could help?



Technician:  Of course, Lieutenant.  What do you need?



Ral:  Rack 72 beta?



The human man thought for a moment before responding.



Technician: Go up one level :: pointing to the ladder on his right::  It’s about half way round.  You will see a sign for rack 72.  Pull out the rack and it will be the top rear quadrant.  ::looking down at the pack in Wyatt’s hand::  You’ll see a slot to insert your pack there



Ral: Thank you, that’s a great help ::smiling::



Wyatt climbed to the next level and quickly located the correct rack.  He pulled it out and could see the gap where the pack could go.  He inserted it and watched as it started to glow a gentle blue light.  The lights surrounding it came to life as the computer.  He pushed the rack back into place and turned to leave, his job done for this part.



Lieutenant JG Wyatt Ral


USS Astraeus NCC-70652


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