Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: An Informal Investigation

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Lael Rosek

Nov 17, 2019, 12:42:25 AM11/17/19
to SB118-Astraeus

((Engine Room, Ragged Feather))


The familiar chirp of her commbadge interrupted and she rose slowly to her feet, grimacing as she felt the sharp stabbing indicating that her leg had fallen asleep. She shook it subtlely, motioning to Delri’ise to join her as she stepped a few feet away from the console to take the communication. Once she was out of hearing range, she tapped her commbadge to open the channel.


Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda to Commander Rosek.  It’s time for our check-in. How are things on board the Ragged Feather? =/\=


Rosek: ::glances at Delri’ise:: =/\=We’re still trying to sort out the situation with her engines, sir. Lieutenant Delri’ise is seeing some indications that this might not be accidental. We’re looking more into it, but we’ll need to understand the Golthanni’s written language first. =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Mmh.  With her engines in that sort of shaape, I’m not sure I’d want to risk letting them attempt to maake it home.  Our analysis here shows that the second ship that’s arrived - the heavy cruiser - is not capable of warp speed towing.  Sounds as if we may have something else to offer them. =/\=


She nodded, not sure if she’d feel comfortable with doing that just yet. They still had no clue exactly what was going on with the engines and what would happen if they tried to move the ship anywhere. It was feeling a bit like the situation with the Astraeus and Commander Yeager all over again. Though at least then they’d known the root of the problem. 


Rosek: =/\=As soon as we determine if the ship should even be moved in its current state, we’ll let you know.=/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Understood.  Please relay our tow offer to the Captain of the Ragged Feather, Commander.  If they’re amenable, we’ll begin preparations to take them under tow, and it will be a good chaance for their crew to visit the Astraeus. =/\=


Rosek: ::nods:: =/\=Aye, sir.=/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Thank you, Commander.  Astraeus out. =/\=


Just as Lael cut the channel she heard a suspiciously loud humming coming from the conduit she’d just had her head buried in. It grew steadily louder and higher pitched, causing her to tense. It set off every Engineer alarm bell she possessed.


Rosek: Move away from that conduit!


But it was too late. She covered her eyes as a brilliant flash of light obscured her vision for several long moments before fading. When she could see again, the room was dark for what seemed an eternity before what she assumed to be the emergency lights came on. Never had she been more grateful for her above-average night vision or her Al-Leyan heritage than she was in that moment, rushing toward the conduit, desperately searching for anything that might have passed for a fire suppressant as she went.


Phinya: What happened? :: She asked openly.::


Thaumas: Response


Her gaze went to the avian captain and first officer and she nodded.


Rosek: Get that fire put out!


Phinya: Get the suppressant tanks! :: She called to the Golthani.::


Thaumas: Response


As the avian crew jumped into action, she stepped to the side and tapped her commbadge roughly.


Rosek: ::urgently:: =/\=Rosek to Bailey.=/\=


Bailey: =/\= Shie..Bailey here. ::To Beelam:: Shhh =/\=


G’Renn: =/\= Sickbay is listening as well. =/\=


Foster: =/\= Yeah I’m also hearing you loud and clear. What’s up? =/\=


Another glance around revealed those who weren’t as seriously injured pulling unconscious crew away from the fire. Lael winced as a sharp pain shot across her forehead when she furrowed her brows. She reached a hand up to the offending area and pulled it away, stiffening when she saw blood. Likely burns, though judging from the level of pain, they were relatively minor. A look down revealed parts of her uniform had been mildly singed as well. A couple more minor burns covered her shoulders from where she’d removed her uniform jacket to work.


Rosek: =/\= We need a medical team in the Ragged Feather’s engine room immediately. There’s been an explosion and we have injured. =/\=


Bailey: =/\= I’m on my way. ::Rather blunt:: I’m sending Stennin and Grog back to the Astraeus with two Avian crew members. We have determined that it is a skin based bacterial infection, which I have already started treating with some antibiotic cream, it is highly unlikely to be contagious. I would like confirmation before they beam over to continue their work. =/\=


G’Renn: =/\= A medical team will be on the way momentarily. Do you wish to bring them to the main sickbay facility? =/\=


Foster: =/\= No we’ve just barely gotten the biometric data on these creatures in. So if they’re coming over here we’re putting on EV suits, with full inoculations and keeping level 4 quarantine fields up until we’re sure the whole crew won’t be infected.=/\=


Thank God for Foster. Lael had no desire for a repeat of the Hocktin incident. Whenever she was facing a potentially contagious disease, deadly or not, her instinct was to be overcautious. 


Rosek: ::glances around the engine room:: =/\= Bring whoever you need. Just hurry. =/\=


Bailey: =/\= Take whatever precautions is needed. I’m staying behind to assist Rosek and the injured. Bailey out. =/\=


Foster: =/\= That’s up to G’Renn.  She’s CMO. =/\=


G’Renn: =/\= A medical team will be dispatched to support Doctor Bailey on the Ragged Feather. Sickbay will be prepared to receive the team and start studying the pathogen in a controlled environment. Further support is available if needed in the engine room. =/\=


Rosek: =/\= Understood. Rosek out. =/\=


With that done, she tapped her commbadge twice to close the channel and noted Delri’ise looking dazed and fairly injured out of the corner of her eye. She rushed to the other woman and, noting her wounds, was careful not to touch them.


Rosek: Melody.


The woman didn’t respond at first.


Rosek: ::louder:: Melody. ::touches her cloth covered shoulder gently:: Can you hear me?


Delri’ise: I-I’m fine.... I-I just- ::she breathed.:: what happened?


Rosek: There was an explosion. The Golthani crew are putting out the fire and Doctor Bailey and a medical team are on their way.


Thaumas/Cree’Yaw/Any: ?


She saw the way Delri’ise was studying her wounds, leading Lael to take a closer look at them. Her stomach twisted, thanking God that she herself hadn’t been more seriously injured. A hand flew to her abdomen when she felt the familiar sensation of the baby kicking, exhaling a relieved sigh. It had been her first thought when she’d regained her scattered senses and she was grateful to have confirmation.


Rosek: Don’t worry. They’ll be here soon. Rest that arm. I’m going to see if I can help the Golthani.


With that, she rushed off to where she’d seen a Golthani grabbing a suppressant tank and picked one of the still-full containers up. Thankfully, it wasn’t overly heavy. After a few minutes of studying it, she was able to hazard a fairly educated guess at how it worked. She hurried toward a small fire in the conduit beside the one that had exploded, aimed the nozzle at the base of the flames and squeezed the lever. It wasn’t long before the fire was completely out. 


It was at that moment that Bailey arrived.


Bailey: Hey! I need this mess cleared away for me to be able to help. Find me something to sit on. I want those injured as far away from the source of the blast as possible. Everyone will need to get checked out but injured first. 


Lael nodded. She’d suspected as much and while, being pregnant, she was eager to have herself checked (more for the baby’s sake than for hers), there were others who were far more seriously injured. The fluttering of the baby’s kicks offered enough reassurance for the moment. Delri’ise would need to be seen to before her injuries became infected. 


Delri'ise/Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: They’re working on it. ::pauses:: Where are the other members of your team?


Bailey: I sent Grog and Stennin back to the Astraeus to continue with their research. Beelam would have slowed us down. 


While Lael could understand sending Stennin back, there were plenty of qualified officers on the Astraeus to aid him in the work. It would have been best to have Beelam’s medical expertise here healing patients and saving lives. But what was done was done and G’Renn did say she was sending over an additional team to help.


Delri'ise/Cree’Yaaw: Response


Thaumas/Phinya: Response

((OOC: Will continue as needed.))


{{Mini Time Jump}}


With most of the others having been seen to or currently being treated, it was her turn. Lael hated to stop working as they’d need as much information as possible to conduct an investigation into the sabotage of the Ragged Feather, but she’d never hear the end of it from German if she didn’t at least take care of the burns and make sure that the baby was okay.


Bailey: Response


Rosek: ::shakes her head:: A couple aches and bruises, but relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. ::pauses:: I could use a hypo for my asthma though. ::coughs a bit:: The smoke in here has made it a bit difficult to breathe.


Bailey: Response


Her brow furrowed. She hadn’t thought of that. A few moments later, Lael turned and exposed her neck for the asthma hypo. Shortly after she heard the hiss, the fluttering movements in her abdomen increased for a moment before gradually calming.


Rosek: ::nods:: Thank you, Doctor Bailey.


Bailey: Response

Rosek: ::turns to Thaumas and Phinya:: Is there anyone who you can think of who would want to harm you or your people?

Thaumas/Phinya: Response




Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek

Executive Officer, USS Astraeus, NCC-70652



"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." -- Harvey S. Firestone

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