Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: A Jaunt in the Tubes

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Feb 23, 2024, 2:19:22 AMFeb 23
to Astraeus IC

 ((Old Turbolift Shaft, Deck Eight – Aft, USS Astraeus))

It had been a couple years now since Toryn and Esa had started the climbing wall project. Cadfael had hoped to be able to share the completion with Toryn before his departure, but that hadn’t happened. Now, it looked like he got to reveal it to his new climbing companion, Mr. Caldwell. 

Having arranged the meeting the day before, he checked his watch. Now that it was 1000 on the nose, he heard the doors open behind him.

Caldwell: Response

Peters: Welcome in, Chris. This is a little gem I thought you’d find interesting. 

He stood up and gestured to all the climbing gear he’d brought for a beginner’s course in mountaineering; which he hoped the ensign was better at since Cadfael himself knew nothing at all about the sport.

Peters: Climbing wall built by Lt. Commanders Toryn Raga & Esa Kaix, with a bit of help from the engineers.

Caldwell: Response

Peters: Not to worry, I made sure it was safe from an engineering standpoint at each phase of the project. We’ll be fine.

Caldwell: Response

Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Astraeus NCC-70652
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