Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: I'll Explain Later

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Feb 24, 2024, 1:16:08 PMFeb 24
to Astraeus IC

 ((Old Turbolift Shaft, Deck Eight – Aft, USS Astraeus))

It had been a couple years now since Toryn and Esa had started the climbing wall project. Cadfael had hoped to be able to share the completion with Toryn before his departure, but that hadn’t happened. Now, it looked like he got to reveal it to his new climbing companion, Mr. Caldwell. 

Having arranged the meeting the day before, he checked his watch. Now that it was 1000 on the nose, he heard the doors open behind him.

Caldwell: Morning sir... Cadfael.

Peters: Welcome in, Chris. This is a little gem I thought you’d find interesting. 

He stood up and gestured to all the climbing gear he’d brought for a beginner’s course in mountaineering; which he hoped the ensign was better at since Cadfael himself knew nothing at all about the sport.

Peters: Climbing wall built by Lt. Commanders Toryn Raga & Esa Kaix, with a bit of help from the engineers.

Caldwell: It looks impressive, especially for a custom job 

The ensign proceeded to walk over to the wall and start examining one or more of the holds. 

Caldwell: It's all been checked right?

Peters: Not to worry, I made sure it was safe from an engineering standpoint at each phase of the project. We’ll be fine.

Caldwell: This really does look like great work. Have you ever given it a try?

Cadfael handed Chris one of the harnesses, then picked up another and started to fasten himself into one. It was probably very self explanatory, but still the chief engineer would rather have someone talk him through it than pretend he knew a great deal more about rock climbing than he did at this present moment. 

Peters: Not yet. My instructor transferred before I got around to lessons. Never tried rock climbing before, so I’m a bit paranoid about breaking my neck.

Caldwell: Ok well not to worry, it's pretty simple really. The descenders up there ::gesturing higher up the wall:: they work as an automatic belay device, a hanging belay, so you don't have to worry about someone else holding onto one end of the rope for you. Basically it makes sure that the line you are connected to via your harness, it's loose when you're in motion but tenses whenever you're not moving. 

Chris then made his way toward the nearest control panel and began to examine it.

Caldwell: Ok so there are few presets and some customisation options but I'm sure the default controls are fine. They are usually set so if you fall off the wall the line makes sure you come to a gradual stop whilst ensuring you don't drop too far. As I say though you'll be able to customise the settings if you want so you'll be able to set it so you don't even drop at all, the moment you come off the wall you'll just hang there if you want, a little drop is usually a good thing though, encourages you not to screw up if you have to make your way back up a little. With me so far?

Peters: I think so. Next question: why are they multi-colored?

Caldwell: Ok, well the different coloured holds are for different difficulties. White is for beginners, then you've got blue, then yellow and red will be the expert routes. You've got a few different routes for each difficulty from the looks of it and they all intercross at various different points. The belay is on a track so it will make sure it's always lined up with you so we don't have to worry about our lines crossing. So, do you want to play it safe or go in at the deep end?

Peters: Given that I have no idea what I’m doing, I think playing it safe would be best. 

He paused for a moment and glanced up at the belay, then to Chris.

Peters: So if the belay wasn’t present, one of us would need to hold the other person’s line, right? Or…how is that supposed to work?

Caldwell: Response

Peters: Ah, I see. Did you know that there’s actually an extreme sports club on board?

Caldwell: Response

Cadfael shrugged, and had only seen the piece of paper posted in the BC’s message board on his way out a couple days ago. He’d looked into it, and other clubs, once he’d gotten back to the office, but now he was getting distracted. He blinked the thought away and nodded to the wall. 

Peters: Nevermind. I’ll tell ya about it later. What say we start climbing, hm? After you.

Caldwell: Response

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