Ensign Slav Shewytch: Forest robbery

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Feb 26, 2024, 2:46:00 AMFeb 26
to USS Astraeus – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Holodeck 1, Deck 11, USS Astraeus))

Shewytch: Well... Well, the story has begun. You're the tactical officer, so you'll take the first blow. ::He winked.::


Matthews: ::sigh:: Come on then, I’ll take the lead against the make believe monsters. ::laughs:: What about your scientific curiosity?


Shewytch: Well, I think if we're going to study dangerous monsters, we should study neutralised dangerous monsters. Unfortunately, I don't know how to kill them with my mind. ::He huffed.::


Matthews: ::chuckles:: I’m joking. Shall we have a quick look arou---


Slav looked out the window. It was dark, most likely night, or the forest was so dense that the light did not penetrate the leaves. He peered into the distance, trying to see something, but it was useless. When he saw an oil lamp on the table, he picked it up, thinking that the light might be very useful in their search. 

At this time, his companion was thinking about something. 


Shewytch: Did you notice anything?


Matthews: ::pause:: Look. Look around the bed.


Shewytch: As for me, these are ordinary things for a person of her kind. Candles, some paper... 


Matthews: It’s not what you can see, it’s what you can’t.


Slav thought about it, he needed an explanation, because he couldn't guess what the problem was.


Matthews: So, you’re looking for a magical flower in the forest, a flower that does good but that also attracts an equal amount of evil in that forest. You said the evil could be repelled by garlic, at least a little. You would think some religious symbols would help too, a crucifix for example. If not, you’d try some sort of weapon, wouldn’t you? ::pause:: There isn’t any of that around her bed. Would you relax in this forest without something to hand? Even if you knew you were dying, you’d have something.


Shewytch: But really... A bit suspicious. Maybe it's a buggy program? Although it doesn't look like it... We should be careful with this lady.


Matthews: I don’t think that’s an old lady at all.


At that moment, an unpleasant sound and a strong draft were heard, and the candle flame began to play and dance. At some point, the woman sat down. He did not expect anything like that. 


The tactical officer looked at the unknown creature. And then he spoke. 


Matthews: Back away.


Shewytch: It looks creepy, so I suggest we slowly leave this place. 


Slav began to heel toward the exit, trying not to trip over the hive-like pile of garbage on the floor. Matthews did the same.


At some point, that terrible sound repeated itself and an even more terrible breeze came through. He was far away, but he saw movement. The unknown entity raised its hand, it was looking in their direction.


Old Hag/Evil Spirit NPC: ::raspy breath:: Yooooouuuuuu!


At that moment, Slav hesitated, he was already at the very door, so he couldn't see very well what came out from under the blankets. But to tell the truth, he didn't want to.


oO Now we definitely need to get out of here Oo


Old Hag/Evil Spirit NPC: Yoouuu! ::raspy breath:: You will never have the flower!


Matthews: I don’t want it, you old hag!


With a blur, the old woman seemed to vanish, and the blanket collapsed onto the bed.


oO I only called you an old hag. Is that all it took?? Oo


At some point, the woma disappeared. Slav was already happy about it. It was obvious that Charles thought so too. But just as he was about to start talking, an impossible demonic scream came through.


Shewytch: Do you see anything? 


The tactician turned to the side of the room, trying to see something. After some time, his face changed, it was clear that he saw something terrible.


Matthews: Shit! I don’t what it is, man. Just run. Run, run, run, run!


Immediately after that, Matthews turned around and, pushing Slav, began to go out. He immediately understood everything and accelerated his pace almost as fast as he could to leave the house.


Once they were outside, he calmed down a bit. He looked up to find a star, but the sky was not visible behind the leaves.


Shewytch: We need to find some kind of meadow so that we at least know the direction where we need to go… 


He turned and looked in all directions. Good thing he took one of the lamps. Now they at least saw where they were going.


He saw that the forest was very thick around him and there was a path leading from the house, which was not very wide, but it would be problematic to walk through the forest where two meter high bushes grow. He tried to quickly decide where to go, because they could still be chased.


Matthews: Responses


Shewytch: I agree, we need to run away from here quickly, and maybe it's only through her. But every time she leaves, she will lead somewhere…


The officers followed the trail, which they chose because it was the easiest to follow. And it must lead somewhere, maybe to the river, and there might be no trees there.


They were walking, but at some point they heard a noise and he was approaching. Neighboring trees bent and parted and a tall anthropomorphic creature came out to them. It was green, as if the forest continued to grow on it. Slav did not know what it could be, but in any case it is already quite close that it will not be possible to escape.


Lisowyk/NPC: What kind of travelers are you that come here at such a night? And why you don't have any charms with you?


Matthews: Responses


Slav immediately understood that if it didn't attack right away, then either it wouldn't attack or it was just playing. He hoped for the first option. But what he mentioned about protective measures is correct, maybe he will be able to help get them. While Matthews started a conversation with the creature, Slav thought about how best to ask.


Shewytch: Dear sir, will you be able to create or tell us where to find amulets?


He burst into a very loud and terrifying laugh that penetrated to the very bones.


Lisowyk/NPC: I? Shall I help you? Did you come into my forest without asking and are you still asking for something?


oO Maybe he wants something in return? Oo


He went through his pockets to find something to offer. He found only three candies. He didn't know if it was a lot or not, but it was better to offer at least something.


Matthews: Responses


Shewytch: I can offer some sweets to you, the creature who so painstakingly protects this forest, sometimes I think you should enjoy a sweet taste.


He held out his hand with the candy.


The forester at this moment began to shrink in size and approach, at some point he became almost their height, just a head taller. He took the offering.


Lisowyk/NPC: It is nice that in our time the old rules are respected.


He burst into a terrible laugh again. Taking the tribute, he immediately ate it, it was clear that he liked it. Then he bent down, picked up a branch and began to bend it. In his hands, it seemed to come alive and began to grow, to give new heaths, to twist. In the end, it took a rather unusual form. After that he handed her over to the tactical officer. And went to the nearest bushes.

Matthews: Responses


Shewytch: But it is not known if it works at all and how it works... I hope we won't have to find out. And what's more, now I don't have any snack left.


They went further along the path. The cry of the werewolf grandmother could be heard behind. But apparently she was connected to that house, so she could not pursue them. But now they had some kind of protection, so he began to feel a little more confident.


Matthews: Responses



Ensign Slav Shewytch,

Junior Science Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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