[JP]{Backsim] Lieutenant Commanders Anjar Thoran & Carter Greyson: The Big Day, Part 1

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Anjar Thoran

Feb 26, 2024, 7:21:55 PMFeb 26
to SB118-Astraeus

((Honeymoon Suite, Midas Resort and Casino, Nuvia, Risa))

Anjar exhaled a nervous breath as he tugged at the collar of his long-sleeved black button-up shirt. It was too warm for a full-on suit, but he wanted to look his best for Carter. The man meant everything to him and despite not being a fan of monkey suits, he felt it appropriate to wear one for this occasion. The button-up was paired with a heathered navy blue blazer and matching trousers, the vest dressing the outfit up a bit. He’d opted for no tie, which he felt would have been overkill for a beach elopement wedding.

Elora: Quit tugging at it! You’re making it worse.

He turned to his sister, scowling as she moved in to fix it. 

Thoran: It’s suffocating me! Can’t I just leave the top button undone? 

Elora: ::arches an eyebrow:: This is a wedding, not one of your laid-back beach trips. ::pauses:: Even if you are getting married on a beach. 

The word wedding triggered a response in his mother, who stood nearby. This was one of those days when he cursed his empathic abilities. He was already emotional enough without adding his mother’s feelings. 

Oriana: ::chokes:: My baby is getting married.

Zennor: ::rolls his eyes and smirks:: Come on, M'adi (Mom). It’s not like this is the first time.

Anjar tensed at the shot. He’d always known that Zennor was jealous because his stepbrother couldn’t find a woman willing to tolerate his brisk, high-handed attitude toward women. Where he got it from, Anjar didn’t know because his father certainly didn’t treat his mother that way. 

Elora: ::glares at him:: Don’t be an @$$, Zennor. This is very important to Anjar.

Though Zennor looked like he wanted to add something else, the blonde-haired man wisely held his tongue. Wedding day or not, he wasn’t above decking Zennor on principle.

The squabble was interrupted by Elian poking his head through the door, wearing a grin.

Elian: It’s about that time. I saw Carter heading down just a bit ago, so he’ll be expecting you. According to the forecasts, it’s only a half hour until sunset.

Exhaling a nervous breath, Anjar nodded sagely.

Thoran: We’ll be right out, Atda (Dad). 

Elora: ::smiles and hugs him tightly:: Don’t be nervous. Everything will be fine. Just stay focused on Carter. He’s a good man and he’s so good for you.

Not surprisingly, Elora always knew just what to say to calm him. He smiled in return and hugged her back. 

Thoran: ::murmurs:: Thank you. ::turns to his brother and mother:: Okay. Let’s do this.

With Elora’s arm looped through his, the four of them exited the suite that he and Carter would share later for their wedding night, moving toward the beach.

(( Risan Beach ))

Each hour that had led to this moment had seemed to pass by so slowly. Each decision seemed inconsequential, compared to the one that would be made today. Carter had spent hours preparing, quite specifically how to properly affix the carnation that he wore. It wasn’t unheard of for the grooms to have a sense of nervousness before the wedding, but all other emotions seemed to be set aside. In his case, the case of nerves was the urge to fidget with everything, but knowing that the moment itself would calm the wild and uncontrollable fidgety impulses he struggled with. Life in Starfleet was, as with all life, filled with challenges. Some of Danni Ryan’s words aboard the Veritas about potentially needing to explain why one’s other half doesn’t return from a mission rang inside his head for a moment to be drowned out by the sound of the waves crashing in front of him.

Carter stood before the minister, dressed in a pure black tuxedo and was glancing toward the open ocean just past the man’s shoulder. His own family was gone, so despite today being an important day for him, he was definitely alone. Due to a few cleverly placed video calls on the part of their scheming doctor friend, Chythar, the minister who was present was none other than Father Erwin Carlez; who had previously married Mr. and Mrs. Dalton. Erwin couldn’t help but notice Carter’s gaze was, for lack of a better term, distant, on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

Carlez: You’ve been staring out at that ocean for several minutes, Mr. Greyson. Are you certain there’s nothing you wish to discuss?

It took the engineer a moment or two to realize he’d been directly addressed, and he blinked before he gave a nod to the padre. 

Greyson: I am sure, Father. Forgive me.

Carlez: There is nothing to forgive, my son. Your man will join you shortly.

As Anjar rounded the bend, he saw Carter from a distance and froze, just out of Carter’s sight. His whole body tensed and his grip on Elora’s hand, tucked into the curve of his arm, tightened. His heart began to race and a tightness settled in his chest. It was nerve-wracking. 

He’d been down this road once before and his wife had died not long into their marriage. Life with Starfleet was even less certain. There was a good chance one or both of them could be killed in the line of duty, a likelihood that was increased by their respective duty posts. 

What would he do if he lost Carter? He shook his head. Avoiding a lifetime commitment wouldn’t make that hurt any less. He knew that. Still, he had to force his breathing to slow and even out before he was able to close the distance.

Elora: ::whispers:: Are you okay?

Was he?

Thoran: ::nods sagely:: It’s just a lot to take in. ::exhales slowly and wipes a couple of drops of moisture from the corners of his eyes, then clears his throat:: Okay. I’m good.

He took a purposeful step forward, toward where his daughter, nephew, and husband-to-be stood waiting at the edge of the waves, the setting of the suns illuminating the sky with a deep orange color that reminded him of a particularly vibrant shade he’d experimented with in his youth–in the year before he’d met Alia.

As Anjar approached, Carter turned once Erwin nodded in the general direction of the other man. The engineer gave a heart-felt smile, and took Anjar’s hand into his own while Erwin popped open a bottle of wine, retrieved from the Dalton’s vineyard on Betazed, and poured it into the chalice behind him. Despite the fact that neither man appeared to have a religious preference, Erwin had managed to improvise something that would work. After all, it had worked before.

Once both men were standing before him, and the sun set behind him, with the wine poured, Carlez asked them both the simplest of questions.

Carlez: Shall we begin?

Anjar nodded, taking Carter’s in his, trying to disguise the clamminess and the shaking in his own as he looked into those deep brown eyes he’d spent countless hours before this moment getting lost in. It seemed surreal that the man who had started out only as a colleague and confidante had come to be the center of his world–aside from Lia, of course. Carter and Lia. They were all he’d ever need. With them, he was home.



Lieutenant Commander Carter Greyson 

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652



Lieutenant Commander Anjar Thoran

Chief of Security/Tactical

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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