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Mei'konda Delano

Feb 26, 2024, 6:03:24 PMFeb 26

(( Arboretum, Deck 8, USS Astraeus ))

Mei did his best to head to the Arboretum whenever possible. As high quality as the life support systems were on modern Federation starships, they were designed for maximum compatibility for as many life forms which breathed an oxygen based atmosphere as possible. He’d briefly spotted Ensign Matthews indulging in some interesting and unusual walking on the far side of the park, but had elected to leave the younger officer to himself for the time being.

In the Arboretum, used by the crew as a park and by the science staff as an area in which to grow, cultivate, and study plants, everything felt, and was, much more natural. And he didn’t come here just for himself.

With a smile on his face, Mei’konda watched from the large bridge crossing over the Arboretum’s river while his Earth Rottweiler, Odin, bounced, spun, and danced through the grass on one side of the river, delighted to get to play in the park. The particulates, the microorganisms, the humidity and the pollen added a richness to the air that Mei felt was healthy for both him and the canine. 

The Caitian twitched his ears upward as he heard footsteps making their way along the bridge. There were other civilians and crew in the park right now, so he thought little of it until a familiar voice addressed him.


Matthews: Captain. I hope I’m not intruding, Sir?

Straightening up, Mei turned to lean back against the railing of the Bridge, draping his arms over his chest. He was dressed casually today, bare foot paws, dark linen trousers, and a white sleeveless shirt made of the same material, with a combadge securely attached to his left breast.


Mei’konda: Ah, Ensign. Welcome to the Arboretum. I hope your day is treaating you well.


The young Tactical and Security officer paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, then responded.


Matthews: I am… well, Sir. How about you? Have you had much of a chance to enjoy your shore leave?


Reaching up to brush a few locks of his mane back from his brow, the Caitian inclined his head.

Mei’konda: So far, so good. If my Husband’s ship was visiting Shemsh at the same time, it would be better, but I have no complaaints. I have a small cabin on Shemsh itself. Once repaairs have mostly been compleeted here, I will visit. If you haven’t yet visited the planet yet, I would highly recommend it.


Matthews: No, Captain, not yet. I did send out the message regarding the Fleet Museum, but the uptake hasn’t been too great yet, I might just knock it on its head, Sir. In terms of extra downtime, I’m not sure if it’s the best thing for me right now. ::chuckles:: I think I’d be better off being busy.


Mei bobbed his head slightly in answer, and reached up to rub a few fingers over his chin.

Mei’konda: Perhaaps there wasn’t enough lead time. People often make plans in advance for when we return to port. I do thiink the chance to study some of the most famous ships in Federation history would be a wonderful one. 

He nodded to the other side of the bridge, where he’d first spotted Matthews.

Mei’konda: You were performiing some interesting movements over there. A martial art?


Matthews: It’s a form of meditation, Captain. Walking meditation. You’re meant to focus on just doing the walk, and everything it involves, then it helps with any problems or thoughts a person might have. It has worked in the past but not today.

Tilting his head slightly to one side, he met Matthews’ eyes with his own bright blue ones.

Mei’konda: Indeed? Is everything all riight, Ensign?

Matthews: Response

Mei listened while the younger man spoke, nodding now and then. The difficulty of having what was, frankly, a traumatic first mission, was one that he could empathize with. Mei’s first days as an Ensign weren’t easy either. 

Mei’konda: I see, Ensign… have you spoken with Counselor Doucet yet? She proved an extremely valuable resource on our last mission. I have no doubt she’d provide an empathetic ear for you.

Matthews: Response

Mei bobbed his head slightly, paused, then smiled slightly.

Mei’konda: I’m glad to hear it. What about… petting a dog? I’ve found that to be very therapeutic.

He nodded across the park, where the big dog was sniffing at a few plants. 

Mei’konda: Thaat is Odin. He’s been with me since the Academy. Health programs and breeding have come a long waay on Earth for the past several hundred years. They expect him to live as long as I will.

Matthews: Response

Mei’konda pursed his lips, and whistled.

Mei’konda: Come, Odin!

The dog immediately sprinted for the bridge, wagging his short, whip-like tail. He slowed to a trot as he crossed the wood, approaching Matthews and then sitting politely down on his rear before leaning forward to sniff at the young man.

Mei’konda: He won’t bother you if you don’t want him to, but if you’d like him to come saay hello, just hold out your haand.

Matthews: Response


Captain Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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