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((Lt. Col. Genkos Adea’s Office, Medical Bay. Deck 7, CIC Desdemona.))

Kuva remembered more details from Angel One every day. He always thought of it as a battle, but the truth was, fighting against the Shint often meant simply fighting to get away with your life. They moved too fast, their weapons were too strong; unless well and truly caught off-guard, the Shint could turn any battle into a slaughter if they tried. Now, what they were trying to do with the CIC, it was different.

Kuva: I used to take for granted my father. He got to lead a life I doubt I may ever know, he studied science and architecture and knew peace, before becoming a fighter. T’saer, my first officer - the one who sent out the distress signal the Desdemona picked up - was a diplomat, close to seventy years old when he died. At this point diplomacy feels as unreal to me as Shint reality weapons.

Genkos extended a pale slender forefinger and pointed it in Kuva’s general direction, a quick, quiet call-out to the Vulcan’s slipping away into a solipsistic pessimism.

Adea: Hey now; none of that defeatist talk in my office, please. We have to believe in peace, or we have to give up. There’s no other options.

Kuva: ::pause; long exhalation:: Right. Just an observation. That such people can continue to fight themselves, having once been schoolteachers or biologists or diplomats and such, well…as you said—there are no other options. If Sorev can continue to fight, so, too, must I.

Adea: Your father… where is he now?

The Vulcan cocked his head to the side, trying to recall. Sorev’s Vanguard moved thrice as often as he and his father could get in contact. It had been that way since Kuva had broken off to form his own rebel cell. Every time father or son called the other, there remained the chance that each time they picked up could be the very last time.

Kuva: ::shrugging:: Trading with some Breen holdouts near Tartarus V. Their next stop is meant to be Khofla II to help some Ferengi refugees, but it all depends on the way the Shint wind breezes. ::pause:: You have not yet convinced me you are not out to steal Lieutenant Sato’s job.

Adea: Response

Kuva: Perhaps I am too much of an open book. ::begrudgingly coming to terms with that:: I realize I have taken much of your time already, but I want to know, Colonel…what will you do, when we achieve peace?

Adea: Response

((OOC: Up to you if you wanna keep it going or wrap it up!))



Vulcan-Romulan Liaison

CIC Desdemona RNS-601


As written by,

Ensign Kuva

Engineering Officer

U.S.S Artemis-A


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