Ensign Gila Sadar - A Time for Mourning before the Work Resumes

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Gila Sadar

Sep 20, 2023, 10:04:49 AMSep 20
to USS Artemis-A – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Primary Sickbay - Deck 7, USS Artemis-A))

Silveira: =/\= Silveira to Sadar.

Gila looked up from the anatomical diagrams she’d spent… Wait, how long? She checked the chronometer as her hand reached for her commbadge. Oof. Frankly, far too long!

Sadar: =/\= Sadar here.

Silveira: =/\= Meet me on the Main Shuttlebay, Luxa is leaving. Sil out.

Gila blinked.

Sadar: Y-Yes Sir- Oh…

Standing from her seat, she recalled the off-handed comment that Vailani-net had made the other day, about her transfer orders to the USS Ronin in the Alpha Isles. She didn’t realize Lorana-net was going too, although she supposed it made sense. From what little she knew of the area and the troubles the Ronin was likely to encounter, they needed strong and capable officers…

Those two definitely fit that bill.

((Main Shuttlebay - Deck 11, USS Artemis-A))

Gila arrived at the shuttlebay along with a trickle of officers also there to say goodbye to their fellows who were transferring to the Ronin. Remaining slightly apart from the others, who’d already entered conversations about what their fellows would be likely to see in the Alpha Isles, Gila smiled slightly when she saw her Bajoran friend enter the shuttlebay and approach her for a goodbye. Not many words needed to be said, they weren’t the types for it, really. This was goodbye, for now, and if the Prophets or the Wheel saw fit, they would be brought back together to reminisce about their individual Paths some day.

Sadar: May the Turn of the Wheel bring Peace to your Path, Vailani Zoyara. ::smiles slightly::

She noted Lorana-net’s arrival shortly after Vailani-net’s, and not much later, Lieutenant Silveira’s as well. Seeing that the shuttle was all set to leave, Gila nodded slowly.

The time for farewells was rapidly coming to a close.

Silveira: You weren’t leaving without a chance to say goodbye certainly. ::he grinned and winked at her.:: Have a safe journey and I wish you the best.

Any: Responses

Lorana-net turned to them all, her feline face clearly displaying her internal struggle at what was happening. She seemed less in acceptance of this turn than Vailani-net, but this was how Starfleet worked. Gila attempted the slightest of smiles towards the Caitian, hoping to impart some measure of calm to her tumultuous feelings.

Lorana: ::fighting tears:: I'll miss each of you dearly. More than any of you will ever know, you have changed me. I'm the officer and person today because of this crew and ::looks around her:: This ship ::beat::

Silveira: I will miss you Ana. But rest assured I will keep in touch with you my friend.

Gila didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t been on board long enough to truly affect Lorana-net’s life, but she was happy for the moments that they had shared in the past months, and as the Caitian stepped forward to embrace them all, one by one, Gila was prepared. Caitians seemed a lot more prone to physical displays of affection, she’d noted.

The embrace was clumsier on Gila’s part, but no less heartfelt.

Sadar: The Wheel Guide you, Luxa Lorana. ::brief pause:: And thank you. For everything.

Gila watched their former crewmates - their friends - board the shuttle, their conveyance to the Alpha Isles and their new adventures. She noted Lieutenant Silveira’s peculiar expression - a face that she had never seen upon his normally joyous and confident person - and her brow ridges knit together.

She didn’t reach out to him though, as he left the shuttlebay, his gaze lowered in pain. The loss of a friend was a time for mourning, and mourning was handled differently by everyone.

They would mourn now. Later, it would be time for a toast to their friends’ continued health, and then, it would be back to work.


Ensign Gila Sadar

Medical Officer

USS Artemis-A


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