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((CIC Desdemona | Deck 6 | Sim Center))

The team had finally put something together that resembled a plan. It wasn't the best option in the galaxy but it was one of the only things they had available right now.

Dakora: Let’s run it back from the beginning. We go loud with the Des’ sensors and wait for a Shint Cruiser to pick up the trail. Once they’re in sensor range, we deploy the pod of ::He made quotation marks with his fingers:: deserters and make it look like the Des’ shoots them dead. Then what?

Stennes: The shuttlepod drifts into position on low power and Desdemona volleys some fire at the Shint. ::to Harry:: Make them blink so they don’t notice the speck of grit in their eye.

Savel: If our assumptions prove to be correct, that will be our best opportunity to breach their hull.

That was a big if though. They couldn't be sure how the Shint were going to react to all of this. And they seemed to be going all-in on this hand they were playing. If it didn't work, they'd have to improv their way out of certain death.

Sato: response

MacKenzie: Then we get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Stennes: If anyone can make a quick exit and keep our weapons hot, it’s Kader and Vik.

Savel: We will need their skills should we hope to complete this mission.

They'd need everyone on board the Desdemona performing at their absolute best to have a shot at this working. If anyone was off their game it could doom the entire plan, and the galaxy with it.

Sato: I'd like to be in the boarding party too, so it's been said. I promise it won't be like Eutril VI.

Dakora: No arguments from me.

All eyes shifted to MacKenzie. After a moment she gave a nod of approval.

MacKenzie: That’s the plan. It’s time to put it into motion – we don’t have much time.

Stennes: ::to Dakora:: Who do you want with you in the shuttlepod and who do you want watching your back ship side?

Who to take on the team that went into the Shint cruiser? That was one of the toughest choices to make for this mission. It wasn't as simple as that, because really you were asking people to make a trip that they likely weren't going to return from. Savel didn't even Ares for having to be the one to make that decision.

Dakora: I’m thinking… ::He Pointed:: Savel and Sato for the strike team. That Edo, if Luana has been able to train her up on how the new shields work and maybe the Mizarian doctor ::He snapped his fingers trying to remember the name.:: –Deela? Gila? Something like that– in case one of us gets banged up. Thoughts?

Savel: I have no objections.

Savel was glad to go. He'd been on plenty of small operations with the Resistance and since joining the Commonwealth Fleet but this was easily the biggest undertaking of his young career. He really didn't want to miss a chance to be a part of this.

Didrik hooked a finger in his uniform collar before he spoke.

Stennes: I don’t know about that Edo mediator. Part of me thinks she’s just gathering intelligence on us to use later. The Holier-Than-Thou Fleet on Rubicun III has been hedging its bets against the Commonwealth for years.

Sato: Maybe, but they're damned good at what they do. Right now, it's "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," right?

Ares shrugged.

Dakora: Why do you think I want to take her instead of Luana? If this all goes to shint and we lose Jojo or whatever her name is ::He splayed his hands.:: Tears all around, but no great loss. Luana is the one who keeps the Des flying.

Sato / MacKenzie: response

Stennes: As soon as we’ve got some working prismics and a target ship, we go. ::beat:: In the meantime, uh——::beat:: Harry, could I bend your ear for a few minutes? Maybe take a walk to the soup dispensers and back?

Sato: Sure thing. ::nodding to Dakora and MacKenzie:: Sirs.

Sato and the Major then left to head on their short walk to the dispensers. And Savel let his attention return back to Ares.

Dakora: Savel, go coordinate with the team prepping the shuttlepod, Lux and… JoJo, I think? See if they can make that old hammerhead shuttle work for this.

Savel: Yes, Major.

Savel offered a quick salute to the Major before he headed off to go up a few decks to join Jovenan and the rest of the team working in the lab. 

End Scene for Savel

((OOC: Will do a separate sim joining the other team to keep them from getting mixed up))


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