[SIDE SIM] Ensign Kuva - "But the Boat is Still Called the Argo"

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((Main Shuttlebay - Deck 11, USS Artemis-A))

He had spent several minutes agonizing over what to offer as a parting gift to Luxa, and filed into the shuttlebay neatly after another swarm of officers. Kuva had finally settled on something wholly sentimental, but in such a way that he hoped the Caitian ensign could appreciate. The Vulcan held it tucked behind his back as though it were some sort of surprise.

Joining Luxa in leaving the Artemis seemed to be her room, Vailani, whom Kuva had not spoken with. Still, he found assurance in Dr. Sadar’s parting words to her.

Sadar: May the Turn of the Wheel bring Peace to your Path, Vailani Zoyara. ::smiles slightly::

Silveira: You weren’t leaving without a chance to say goodbye certainly. ::he grinned and winked at her.:: Have a safe journey and I wish you the best.

Doctor Jones opted to step in and offer a more traditional Caitian greeting before offering his own words of farewell. Kuva felt almost unprepared in that sense, wondering if it would have been kinder to study Luxa’s cultural practices.

Jones: Luxa, you'll always be family to me. The galaxy isn't big enough to break that, so don't think twice if there's anything you need. Even if it's just a friendly ear. ::with a bittersweet smirk:: Try to not get arrested without me, ok?

Waiting his turn, Kuva stepped forward when the counselor was finished speaking his bit. As he spoke, he held out his choice in gift: The Argonauts, a novel written on earth in the 21st century by Maggie Nelson; ultimately a love story at its core, Kuva saw it nonetheless as a swaying monument to a life full of change, and all its achievements and anxieties laid out in full.

Kuva: A parting gift. As a thank you, for making yourself a friend to me, and indeed all those aboard the Artemis. Feel free to keep in touch ::beat, smirk:: if you want to check in on how the Ensign Alliance fairs.

Any: Responses

Luxa walked a few steps on, turned, and looked at her assembled friends. Kuva did not need emotional attunement to see how she lingered in the moment, perhaps wondering for a moment if she had made the right choice.

Lorana: ::fighting tears:: I'll miss each of you dearly. More than any of you will ever know, you have changed me. I'm the officer and person today because of this crew and ::looks around her:: This ship ::beat::

Silveira: I will miss you Ana. But rest assured I will keep in touch with you my friend.

She then went to each, wrapping them in a firm, heartfelt embrace. Kuva knew it was an important part of the departure process, and so he returned the hug. He even felt a bit honored to be included, though he certainly knew her for the shortest amount of time among everyone.

Sadar: The Wheel Guide you, Luxa Lorana. ::brief pause:: And thank you. For everything.

Jones: We'll see you soon, ok? ::beat, then a broad but teary smile:: I can't wait to see what you'll do next.

Kuva: May the next time we meet, we do so as Lieutenants. Farewell, Luxa.


Ensign Kuva

Engineering Officer

U.S.S Artemis-A


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