Lt. Colonel Genkos Adea - Death Is Our Only Option

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Genkos Adea

Sep 20, 2023, 7:23:08 AM9/20/23

((Tactical Science Lab - Deck 4, CIC Desdemona))

Genkos winked at the engineer, flirting ever so slightly. He was a little out of his depth, but he was more than happy to be told what to do… engineering wise… ahem.

Adea: Just tell me where to put my hands, and I’ll rummage in the innards.

Yellir: Let’s hope you’re as good with your hands as they say.

Genkos wiggled his eyebrows at that - it appeared that he was getting flirted back with. Perhaps if they could grab five minutes before they all went off to die…

Yellir: Now, we’re already aware that power efficiency is a problem. But what if instead of relying solely on getting shot at to recharge, we add an extra power bank so we can store up a little bit of extra juice for the road? I’m thinking we can take a note from our phaser rifles and add an extra something to give it a more autonomous recharge.

Thevn: Makes sense. Our infiltrators might want to go the stealthy route for as long as possible.

Kuva: That would be ideal, if it is feasible.

Adea: Is it feasible?

Genkos looked down at the array of information beneath his gaze and tried to parse some of it; but left the bulk of it to the Captain. 


Yellir: And there’s plenty of ways to tackle a self-charging battery. This will almost certainly add to the bulk, but we’d need a fair amount of power to keep a prismic shield going. But we have a few options, like miniaturizing a little fusion reactor, or since they feed on graviton waves, any kind of microscopic spatial rupture could be a very effective means. ::looking to Kuva and then back to Genkos:: Doctor, how confident are you in moving your hands about micro singularities?

Genkos raised an eyebrow and smirked - he was supremely confident about it.

Adea: As humans say - a piece of cake. I deal with microsurgery all the time - how hard can it be?

Thevn: Well, as far as I’m concerned, this is all getting a bit too ‘wrong move, and oops, no hands’-territory for me.’ ::beat:: But if we add an extra battery, and the extra bulk, I’m presuming it’s starting to become less plausible to hide the thing in our skulls?

At this point Jovenan came over to join their little tete-a-tete, and Genkos nodded to her in silent greeting.


Adea: Unless you’ve got a hidden compartment in your skull that’s bigger on the inside. We could hide it in Stennes’ head - plenty of room in there.

Yellir: Response

Thevn: Noted, but I’ll still keep my hands away until that becomes pertinent. ::pause:: I need to make sure the communications devices are calibrated with the latest countercoding to Shint jamming anyway. Try to give us an opening, even if a brief one, when things hit the fan. ::to Kuva:: Don’t suppose your Resistance sent along more recent transponder codes, or any evidence of the Shints having shuffled their jamming modulation algorithms in the last week and a half?

Kuva: That is a great question. Of course, I can send you what I do have. ::scanning his PADD:: However, it seems the Shint have been lax in shuffling much of late: modulation algorithms, even standard shield frequencies and phaser intensity. As far as the Resistance is aware, they have not made a change for seven weeks.

Genkos folded his arms - that sounded awfully convenient.

Adea: That’s either really good news because they’ve got complacent, or really bad news and it’s a trap.

Yellir: Response

Kuva: Captain Yellir, this micro singularity you mentioned earlier…::beat:: If we were to modify the Desdemona’s main deflector dish and charge a resonant graviton beam, we should be able to open a quantum singularity and - if controlled - it would produce a massive amount of gravitational energy we could use. Was this what you had in mind?

Jovenan: Don’t you think that’s a bit too noticeable? Something as large and anomalous would attract the Shint ship’s attention to the Desdemona for sure.

Genkos nodded towards Jovenan; she raised a good point.

Adea: Unless we give them something else to focus on. It’s possible the other teams could cause a distraction.

Yellir/Thevn: Responses

Kuva: To tell the truth, the theory itself is a bit beyond me. But if our enemy controls reality itself at their fingertips, we must accomplish similar feats to vanquish them. 

Genkos smiled at that - it was a really compelling idea - and at this point if they blew up the universe and killed everyone, was that preferable to living under Shint rule? Genkos had only heard stories, but it was probable that death was infinitely more desirable.

Adea: Beat the Gods at their own game?

Yellir/Thevn: Responses

Jovenan: Playing with multidimensional gravity bubbles and this amount of energy is dangerous regardless. If the team doesn’t get shot by the Shint, they may still fry themselves with energy release, or shred themselves apart with incorrect use of the shield generators. I don’t see any of these plans are even remotely complicit with the safety standards.

Genkos shrugged - in this day and age, safety standards were simply a luxury they couldn’t afford.

Adea: If there’s even a change it’ll work, we have to explore it. Life and limb are just things we’re going to have to risk - for we are the vanguard of those who are left.

Yellir/Thevn/Kuva: Responses

Jovenan: Well, as soon as Lux has completed the simulations and everything checks out, you can start installing the new shield device to the shuttles. I would recommend testing them in practise, although I’m getting a feeling you might prefer testing in action. And if everything works out well, the team can sneak in without ever needing to verify the prismic shields function as intended.

Genkos looked over at Lux in the corner.

Adea: How long do you think that’ll take?

Lux/JovenanYellir//Thevn/Kuva: Responses

Adea: You have half that - get it done.

Lux/JovenanYellir//Thevn/Kuva: Responses



Lieutenant Colonel Genkos Adea MD

Chief Physician

CIC Desdemona

As simmed by

Commander Genkos Adea MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Artemis-A


"You know, I'm really easy to get along with most of the time, but I don't like bullies and I don't like threats, and I don't like you, Culluh. You can try and stop us from getting to the truth but I promise you that if you do I will respond with all the 'unique technologies' at my command." - Kathryn Janeway

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