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((Stellar Cartography, Deck 9, CIC Desdemona ))

Leave it to the captain when it comes to trimming the fat during planning.

Kader: It will take me the better part of the day to finish up here.

Olivera: Good, maybe we can get some luck

With a nod, the captain moved over to another console.

Olivera: =^= Olivera to the bridge. Get me a secure line to the CIC Othello, registration number RNS-573. If it's still running it should be around the Azure Nebulae.

Comms Officer: =^= Aye Sir. When we get a signal I will patch it through.

Olivera: =^= Thank you. Olivera out.

He moved his attention back to the map.

Olivera: OK let’s work on the last details as we wait.

Kader: I’ll get a yeoman to draft the supply requests.

((Time skip, about an hour later))

A few taps later and the requests came in, waiting for the captain's approval. Internally, Kader doubted they would be able to get most of what they requested. They worked silently until interrupted by the comms officer on duty.

Comms Officer: =^= Captain Olivera I have the Othello on a visual secure line, shall I patch it trough?

With a smile and a nod, the captain replied.

Olivera: =^= If you please.

An andorian woman appeared on the screen.

MGia: =^= Long time no see Captain.

It didn’t take too many cocktail parties to notice when two guests had history. He would notice, but he wouldn’t pry.

Olivera: =^= Thera…

MGia: =^= That’s Colonel Thera now, Captain. ::She leaned back on her center seat:: So what do I owe the honor? It’s been…::He voice changed to a tone Vik couldn’t recognise:: Two years since we last spoke.

Olivera: =^= I need a favor. ::he gestured for the Pilot.:: Lieutenant Kadder, let me introduce you to Colonel Thera MGia. ::Turning back to Thera:: We need your most recent sensor data.

MGia: =^= Anything specific Lieutenant?

With the attention turned towards him, he fixed his posture.

Kader: =^= ::nods:: Colonel. We’re heading into enemy territory and will need your latest reported enemy locations and activity reports. In addition, Any known scans containing ion trails from ship movements. And… if possible. Any scans containing Cascading Quantum Failure Events.

He practiced the request internally enough to deliver it. He thought long and hard not to ask for too much or too little. Even if they sent them their entire databank they would have no time to go through it all. Just the ion trails and the CQFE, that would reveal the use of the reality weapon.

MGia: =^= That might take us some time to collect and send, say around a couple of hours. But it’s feasible. Anything else you might consider to be useful Lieutenant?

He did not practice for that.

Kader: =^= I… uh. Any recent scans or visuals of the enemy you might have. And thank you, colonel.

She agreed with a smile and a nod and then turned to the captain. Years of etiquette lessons made Kader instinctively turn away and back to his console.

MGia: =^= Very well I will send what you need. Good to see you Captain, we should catch up one of these days. Othello out.

Olivera: That we should…

The captain barely had time to reply as the comlink closed

Olivera: Looks like we got lucky. Let’s finish up and then we see how the Colonel and the others are progressing.

Kader: …Yes captain. Only a few more drafts await your approval.

He would notice, but he would not pry.

((Time skip, 2 hours later))

True to her word, the colonel had the information transmitted via subspace. It didn't take long for the data to confirm Kader’s suspicion. Along with something else. But he did tell himself he would not pry. Fresh data filled the display.

Kader: It is there captain. I am sure of it now. With Othello’s data we can track the Atraxia long enough to pick up the trail ourselves if we move fast enough.

Olivera: Response

Kader: Yes captain, I have everything here.

He motioned over to a pile of padds, ready for review by the major and skipper.

Olivera: Response

Kader: If only we can convince them to actually go after this target.

Olivera: Response

He looked at the display again for another long second. He had to make sure. He didn’t even notice he used his own sleeve to wipe his sweat. 

oO do not pry Kader Oo

Kader: There is one more thing before we go. Computer, lock doors.

Olivera: Response

The computer complied quickly and Kader raised an arm in anticipation for the captains reaction. The other pointing on the holographic display.

Kader: I am sorry. The colonel did not say anything but I think you need to know this captain. ::points:: When I requested any scans with ion trails, naturally that would include the Othello’s as well.

Do not pry

Olivera: Response

Kader: It looks fine on a map but when you consider the timing of the scans. They are moving very slowly for a ship of their class. This is not normal.

Olivera: Response

Kader: I do not know if they sustained damage or not. But captain. If we get there first and alert the enemy with our mission. We don't know the extent of their retaliation. The Othello is in the area. They might not have the time to react and escape.

Olivera: Response

Kader: I understand captain, I only said it because I would want to know if I were in your place.

Olivera: Response

Years of etiquette training, wasted.



2nd Lieutenant Flint Johnathan Kader
CIC Desdemona

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