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Sep 22, 2023, 6:41:08 PM9/22/23
to USS Artemis-A – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Tactical Science Lab - Deck 4, CIC Desdemona))

The Vulcan warrior crossed his arms over his chest, looking between the group he found himself working alongside and the computer he worked at. They were talking about warping the very fabric of existence itself. It was their duty to overcome and adapt any predators attempting to eradicate sapient life, and sometimes that meant remaking reality.

Kuva: To tell the truth, the theory itself is a bit beyond me. But if our enemy controls reality itself at their fingertips, we must accomplish similar feats to vanquish them.

Adea: Beat the Gods at their own game?

Jovenan: Playing with multidimensional gravity bubbles and this amount of energy is dangerous regardless. If the team doesn’t get shot by the Shint, they may still fry themselves with energy release, or shred themselves apart with incorrect use of the shield generators. I don’t see any of these plans are even remotely complicit with the safety standards.

Adea: If there’s even a chance it’ll work, we have to explore it. Life and limb are just things we’re going to have to risk - for we are the vanguard of those who are left.

Lt. Col. Adea spoke well. Kuva could only nod at his suggestion. Any conceptualization of risk versus reward was beyond concern at this point. Doing nothing was risky. Trying to live under the thumb of the Shint was a risk. It was no use grumbling about potential dangers or safety standards. If the Commonwealth had time they would use it. Instead, they were thirty years past due for exactly a moment such as this.

Thevn: I suppose we’d better get to work then. I assume the other teams have started to come up with workable ideas as well.

Yellir: Response

Jovenan: Well, as soon as Lux has completed the simulations and everything checks out, you can start installing the new shield device to the shuttles. I would recommend testing them in practise, although I’m getting a feeling you might prefer testing in action. And if everything works out well, the team can sneak in without ever needing to verify the prismic shields function as intended.

A fanciful notion, but every mission at an everything goes to plan and a nothing has gone to plan route. With what little time they had, Kuva felt they could only operate under the assumption that little would, in fact, go directly as planned.

Adea: How long do you think that’ll take?

Lux: Assuming we have the resources and the other teams conclude their findings quickly. At a push, with the help of engineers, two or three days?

Adea: You have half that - get it done.

Lux: We’re not just spinning out a frisbee, sir ::moves closer to Adea:: We’re dealing with quantum physics. If we get this wrong, we might cause a chain reaction that could destroy the very fabric of space. Not just for us, for everyone. The end of reality altogether.

Adea: I gave you an order. Follow it.

Kuva’s mouth curled into a discontented frown. Adea gave a tough order, and one the Vulcan would likely give in the colonel’s place. He didn’t have to like it regardless. 

Lux: ::unhappy:: I understand. You’re the boss.

Thevn: That gives us at least a day to get the shields and the shuttle primed for action. ::to Adea:: As she said, ‘you’re the boss’. Where do you want us?

Adea: Where do you think you’ll be most useful.

Jovenan: I could go down to the shuttlebay. Since you’re in such a hurry, installation needs to be started right away, and somebody needs to show the engineers how to do that.

Snarky and opinionated as she may be, the Edo mediator did have the right sense of where to be and what needed doing. Unhappy as she seemed about the rushed nature of their mission, on top of its high level of danger involved, Jovenan did indicate that she would put in the work, and that her work would be good.

Thevn: As you say, Sir. I’ll need to know what our target is for the most accurate modifications, so until we get that information from Vik and Lt. Kader, I’m going to be following up on the Resistance intel, see if we missed anything.

Kuva: ::to Gila:: Let me know how best to coordinate on that. I realize what I have offered you likely far more troubling than enlightening. ::back to Adea:: As for myself, I could adjust the personal shields to switch between prsimic and deflector and get the infiltration team set up with them. In the mean time, you and Captain Yellir could begin adjusting the Desdemona’s deflector dish to prepare to fire a resonant graviton beam, to open the quantum micro-singularity.

Adea: Good idea, right. Dismissed.

Yellir/Lux: Responses

Jovenan nodded and left the room after a short conversation with Lux. The Vulcan’s eyes followed the strange ally as she departed, still unsure what to make of her. How could someone exist without a shred of care for the last thirty years of constant struggle? Still, again, he could not deny her usefulness and capability.

Adea shook his head and rolled his eyes at the ceaselessness of their Edo companion. He turned to Halli and Kuva, speaking:

Adea: I wish I had half her energy.

Kuva: ::dryly:: Unfortunately for you, Colonel, I believe amphetamines remain outlawed.

Yellir/Lux: Response

With a new sense of purpose filling him with energy, Kuva shut down the computer he’d been working out throughout the meeting and stood up. They didn’t have any time, and there was a chance they would tear a hole in the fabric of reality. Wonderful. He would rather the end come sooner than be dragged out by the endless Shint war machine.

Kuva: Best of luck. ::to Adea, Yellir:: If I finish before you, I will join you to complete preparations for the micro-singularity. ::to Gila:: If you need anything regarding Resistance intelligence, do not hesitate to find or contact me. ::nodding goodbye::

Turning his back to them, Kuva walked out of the tactical lab with a quick flurry of steps.



Vulcan-Romulan Liaison

CIC Desdemona RNS-601


As written by,

Ensign Kuva

Engineering Officer

U.S.S Artemis-A


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