Capt. Shayne: A Return To Roots

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Nov 11, 2021, 1:48:27 PM11/11/21

((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Arrow))

Shayne: Captain’s log, stardate 239811.11. With the Arrow repaired and shore leave concluded, we’ve departed Raft-One, and have embarked on our newest mission. Starfleet Command has ordered an investigation of an unusual star system. Their evaluations of our past sensor readings have demonstrated odd variations in surrounding energy emissions. Our objective; a star survey that will shed further light on these curious happenings.

He concluded the log with a soft punch to his armchair’s terminal. Long passed were the days of bashful yeoman, weaseling between the narrow stations to get the captain’s latest words recorded. Now it was a simple matter, and given the equally simple matter of their new objective- a solar evaluation- it seemed somehow appropriate. Indeed, the mission profile was such a quintessentially Starfleet affair that Shayne hadn’t seen the need to hold a special briefing beforehand; this is what they were signed up for, and it would flow through their actions like water through a brook. 

It was good that they’d be returning to their roots. Arrow hadn’t seen much in the way of scientific exploration, but she was built to be formidable (relatively speaking) in that regard, as with all other Federation starships. It would be a good chance for the old girl to stretch her legs, and more urgently, a chance for the newly enhanced science department to show off what they could do. It would also be good for Rodan to take point on a scientific agenda- it fit his specialties well, and he wanted to show Maz that it wasn’t always explosions and horror. And… if he was honest, it would be good to simply enjoy the fun side of Starfleet again. 

Part of him remained nervous- and all of him was on guard. But it was almost like he could tame it, see it before him, and choose another path. This was going to be good for them all. He could feel it. 

Waters: Response 

The announcement vacated him from his stupor, and he sat up more straight, immediately businesslike. 

Shayne: Take us out of warp, Lieutenant. Bring us to full impulse, and move us to within 100,000 kilometers of the star. 

Waters: Response

The glowing pattern of faster-than-light travel slowly wisped away, and the contented hum of a warp engine relaxing warmed the deck for an instant. 

Shayne turned to his senior science staff; Ensign Jacin and Commander Collins worked diligently at the science station. Shayne almost felt bad for disturbing them, but he was looking forward to actually learning more. 

Shayne: Commander Collins- brief history and characteristics of this star system, if you please. 

Collins: Response 

Shayne listened intently while directing his gaze to the glowing ball before them. From a career perspective, it was a wholly unremarkable affair; a glowing white-yellow bundle of gaseous nuclear explosions. But to the explorer, it was no less breathtaking than any other pinprick of light he’d visited. 

Shayne nodded occasionally as Collins filled in further details on the basics; one star, several planets- one of them Class-M- and little else to distinguish it beyond the odd sensor inputs. 

Shayne: Mr. Jacin, what do your readings show now? Any significant change from Commander Collins’ description? 

He was curious from a scientific standpoint, but also intrigued from a social perspective; how would these two work together? Collins was an astute leader, but he was exceptionally... vibrant, something that both fit perfectly at home and rebelled against the stereotypical scientist trope. 

Jacin: Response 

Shayne’s face cracked a smile. He couldn't help it. In the past, his cynicism had made him dislike unnecessary exploration- a uniquely unsuitable quality for a Starfleet officer. But once he arrived in the wondrous places, he couldn’t help but enjoy them, as any reasonable soul might. 

Shayne: Commanders MacKenna and Serinus; tactical analysis. Anything to be concerned about, either strategically or on the surface?

His eyes flickered to Maz, then moved back to the planet. 

MacKenna/Serinus: Response 

It sounded unsurprising; there wouldn’t be a specific need to track this way for a trader or merchant or patrol vessel. Given their experiences, that would come in handy. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. 

Shayne: Alright, then; helm, move us to 80,000 kilometers. Astrometrics, standby for close range readings. 

Arrow smoothly moved forward, gliding through the space between it and the star. 

Alvarez: Response 

Shayne turned to her, unable to not acknowledge the fact that he was glad to have her back. 

Shayne: What’s the source?

Alvarez: Response 

Shayne considered for a moment, then hit the comm button.

Shayne: =/\=Shayne to Engineering. Are you reading a generalized power decrease? =/\=

Hope-Sheppard: =/\= Response =/\=

The hum from before that had so comforted him now returned, but there was no decrease in speed to explain it. He felt the core of the ship in his own; almost as if she were growing tired. 

Shayne: Yellow alert. Helm, start moving us back to…

The decreasing tone was growing louder; monitors began to flicker. 


Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
NCC 69829

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