Lieutenant Artinus Serinus - The Black Dance: Cutting in

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Joseph George

Nov 30, 2020, 5:44:12 PM11/30/20
((Corridor just outside of Cargo Bay 1, Upper Level, Deck 2, USS Arrow))

Wilde: Lieutenant… you saved my life!

Serinus: I couldn't let one of my officers die if I could help it.

It was the honest truth. He had had problems with his junior, but they had come to at least a small bit of understanding over the last week or so. Still, it was far from a perfect working relationship.

He looked at the two NCOs who had accompanied him.

Serinus: NCOs, secure the prisoners and escort them to the brig.

Artinus tapped his combadge.

Serinus:  =/\= Serinus to Captain Shayne. =/\=

Shayne: =/\= Shayne here. Report. =/\=
Serinus: =/\= We've got him. Two prisoners are being escorted to the brig, as the teleporters seem to be offline. =/\=

Did he just call them teleporters? He must be even more tired than he realized, he realized. Wilde, whether either was quite comfortable with it yet, was his second. Time to let him get his hands dirty with a modest share of the day to day paperwork.

Shayne:  =/\=  Excellent, lieutenant. Are the prisoners… =/\=

Serinus: =/\= No sir, not his captors. =/\=

Shayne: =/\= Get them to the brig, then sweep the ship for any other trespassers and secure all decks. =/\=

LJG Regan Wilde was wielding a knife in his hand, beautiful and ornate, something his even respectibly upper middle class familias could hardly afford. It was, to put it lightly, not standard issue.

Wilde: Sir, I… 

Serinus: What is it, Lieutenant?

Wilde: I’ll make a full report. If we survive this day yet.

Artinus considered himself something of a realist, and the sentiment struck and chord with him. He gave a nod and turned to get back to work. It had been barely an hour ago that he was planetside fighting to take back the Water Treatment Facility, and there had been only mere minutes of reprieve since then. His two-a-days, and endurance training was surely paying off, but he wasn't sure if he could go for another couple of hours. Physically, more than likely, but he might crack mentally way before his athletically honed body gave out.

They began to backtrack back towards engineering, stumbling upon a pair of women engaged in a fierce grappling match.He'd met neither Ensign nor Pirate Queen, but he knew the latter from the intelligence gathered before the meeting was called, and the long hours his section had spent studying her and the rest of the big six. Likewise, he'd study the former's personnel records when he had a chance, like he had for the entirety of the crew.

Serinus: We've got to apprehend her.

Wilde: No, Lieutenant. A moment…

What was this? There was no better time than now, while she was struggling with the Ensign.

Serinus: What? 

Wilde: ::Seriously:: Do not underestimate her, Lieutenant. She is devious, she is cunning and she is faster than you by a mile. No disrespect. We need to work together to subdue her. My speed, your strength.

Artinus had no intention on underestimating anymore, let alone someone like Eru Ghant, but he thought that he was as prepared as he could be. Still, if the junior officer had a plan, and not just general advice, it might be worth hearing out.

Serinus: I suppose you have a plan?

Wilde: I’ll bait her. When she takes me I’ll need you to grab her. She hates me, that’s her undoing. 

Hatred for someone was an exploitable weakness certainly, it could cloud emotions, and therefore thoughts. It seemed like he was on to something, but Artinus had a few questions.

Serinus: Okay, what about. . .

Wilde: Sir, trust me!

There was a time to be strict on decorum, and this was not that time. But as always, he found being interrupted to be grating. He tried not to think about how he himself might have cut off his Captain a few minutes ago.

Without another word, Regan stepped out into the scene. Without a com badge, without a phaser. This had to work.

Artinus could not hear what was being said over the red alert klaxons still sounding. Their conversation lasted a bit, and the body language of both relayed a simmering level of tension.

Finally, like a panther she sprung, graceful, sleek, and hungry, clawing her prey. It was awe inspiring and beautifully frightening. Everything he would have expected. His subordinate, for his part kept her at bay with clever footwork of his own.

Something was wrong, far below the high pitched squealing of the red alert, a low rumbling tone joined in from all about him. The dignified matron that was the Arrow shook in unhealthy convulsions and then a bulkhead shook loose and toppled the pirate. With in a few milliseconds another one fell just in front of the Magna Roman, cutting him off from the action. He knelt and, lifting with his knees began to slowly move it out of his way, with much strain.
Ghant/Alverez: response

It was over. Once he got there, there was only one. Artinus kneeled down, and checked Wilde's pulse. He quickly tapped his combat, time to use his new official powers.

Serinus:  =/\=  Security Chief to all hands.  I need a medical team, and an emergency repair team to Deck 2 section Two-Bravo A.S.A.P. =/\=

Then he tapped his combadge again. 

Serinus: =/\= Serinus to Captain Shayne. =/\=

Shayne: =/\= response =/\=

oO Good news first. Oo

Serinus: =/\=  Sir, Eru Ghant has died. Wilde is injured, and we have at least two blown bulkheads down here. =/\=

Shayne: =/\= response =/\=

Serinus: =/\= She certainly seems dead. And I think he'll pull through. But I'm A security officer, not a doctor Captain. =/\=

Shayne: =/\= response =/\=

Serinus: =/\= Aye, Captain. Serinus out. =/\=

Any: response


Lieutenant Artinus Serinus

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 USS Arrow,  NCC-69829

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