Ensign R'Ariel: oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo

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Jun 30, 2020, 7:11:13 PM6/30/20
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Sickbay - USS Arrow))

There was fire, there was smoke, there was rain coming from the sky, the air was difficult to breath in AND - R'Ariel was practicing calm.  She was silently practicing a Calm Tail exercise.  It was a pretty simple exercise to learn, difficult to master.  Essentially she hummed a tune in her head, with a slow beat, and attempted to synchronize the movements of her tail to the beat.  When successful, it brought the mind, body and its nervous system into a state of calm, collected, and in control.

oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo

Kim: Hopefully we won’t need them, but could you grab us some oxygen masks and wrist lights?

R’Ariel: I will see what I can find.

Collins: =/\= Sickbay, status! =/\=

Kim: =/\= We have a small electrical fire on biobed 1. It took hold as we started running a diagnostic on it.  =/\=

oO That certainly sounds better than, the fire started because your ugly cat counselor was rummaging in the wires. Oo

Collins: =/\= Has the Fire Suppression System kicked on? =/\=

Kim: =/\= Yes, sir, it has. We’ll keep you appraised of the situation =/\=

The Couselor returned shortly with three masks, and three wrist lights.  No harm in getting extras.  Besides it bolstered a feeling of "control" which was really... REALLY needed right now.

oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo

Kim: Look, it’s acting like an umbrella.

oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo

She looked over at the biobed, straining her eyes as they stung in the smoke, and the creepy smell of whatever was fueling the fire.  It didn't take a sensitive empath to see that the Doctor had no intentions on sitting by and letting the situation take its course.

oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo

Kim strapped on a wrist light and pulled on the oxygen mask.

Kim: Thanks.  I’m going to grab a manual extinguisher. How comfortable are you with their operation?

oO La La :: swish swish swish swish:: Um Oo

R’Ariel: Comfortable is such a subjective word.

The half-Caitian's tail swished erratically, the exercise was helping, but this was FIRE, and her primal instincts were trying to surface.

R'Ariel: Whatever you need Doctor.

She pursed her lips and looked at that horrible bio-bed.

Counselor R'Ariel
USS Arrow
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