PNPC Chief Thaon Brom - A Little Lost Creepy Crawly

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David H

Jan 26, 2022, 4:12:53 PMJan 26

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Main Engineering - Lower Level))

The gentle, almost trademark, thrum of the warp core reverberated around the compact main engineering department, as the skeleton repair crew kept watch in the evening hours.

Their repair schedule had been light - thankfully - and so much of the tougher work had already been completed. There were only the minor issues of squeaking turbolift doors, sonic showers operating at the wrong frequency, and replicators deciding to issue the wrong beverages on Deck 5 to attend.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Thaon Brom stood proudly over the central console like a king of old surveying his lands. The ships' schematics were laid out on the LCARS display and he stroked his huge red beard thoughtfully.

Brom: Mighty strange. ::He stroked his beard again.:: Mighty strange, indeed.

His fellow engineers peered over the schematics and scrutinised every Jeffries Tube junction and conduit they could.

Jared Ren, another Non-com charged with repairs, huffed and consulted his tricorder.

Ren: Well how did it happen? That area was checked several times.

Brom: Occurred during the evacuation, I think. Damaged power relay in the Science Labs. And now we have to fix it, as usual. And find it!

Ren shuddered at the thought.

Across the deck, the doors to engineering parted with a thud and Brom turned his broad frame towards the newcomers. He placed his grizzled hands on his hips and offered a calculated grin.

Brom: Ah! Good on you to join us, pups! I thought shore leave might have turned you soft!

Nakada/Dewitt: Response

Brom: Perhaps all that academy training might be useful here.

Nakada/Dewitt: Response

Brom tossed a tricorder over to the engineering officers and indicated the schematics.

Brom: It seems Commander Rodan's millipede has escaped its terrarium on Deck 4 and scurried away into the Jeffries Tubes. Bloody difficult to track. We think it's got some kind of natural defence against certain bands of sensors. The science team is working on a way to find it. Must have been all those thousands of years of evolution on the Gorn Ark.

Nakada/Dewitt: Response

Brom: Well it won't be too hard to miss, boys. It's over 4 feet long and has as many legs as I've got ex-wives!

He barked a laugh before returning his gaze to the schematics.

Nakada/Dewitt: Response


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