PNPC Xena S'milus: Cassé Mesa, You Are Late

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Oct 13, 2021, 1:57:43 PMOct 13
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
 ((Raft-ONE - Leisure Level; "Smiley's" Bar))

Xena looked around at the establishment, bemoaning how all the tables were still not occupied, and as busy as the place was becoming, it still wasn't as busy as she had hoped. 

oO Look at this way, more room for the Arrow crew. Oo

Not feeling needed on the floor, the staff being more than capable of handing the current customer load, she was going to take a closer look-see at a specific holo-program that was running.  According to the computer this program had an old spooky-feel to it, its occupants were quite possibly from the Arrow, and curiosity begged her to investigate.   She was about to leave for the holo-suites when without warning one of her new tables suddenly became splintering debris.

The man at the epicenter groaned as he got himself up, patting the dust and debris from his shirt, a fine silk shirt that caught her eye, he had style.

S'milus: I encourage everyone to drop in for a drink, a game, a holo-program, or something to eat, but I never meant for it so literally.

A playful grin danced on her face as she approached the man, gesturing at the wait-staff to take care of the mess and the startled customers.

Wilde: ::Coughing.:: If I had a slip of latinum for every time I crashed through the roof of a bar... 

S'milus: If I thought you did, I'd ask for one for the damages.

She put her hands on her hips, in a mock authoritative manner, the wink in her eyes spoiling the illusion.

S'milus: Exactly how many times does this happen?

Wilde: This makes three, actually. ::Beat.:: I'm sorry about the damage. Bill me. I'll even throw in a few new holosuites...

He seemed anxious, but then again, why wouldn't he?  She cocked an eyebrow at him.

S'milus: I could use a few more holo-programs.

She looked about the place, attempting to see whatever it was he seemed to be wary of.

Wilde: Is there a back way out of here?

She grinned.  Little did he know, actually there was a back way out, and more than one.  Something told her, that this was man worth knowing, and perhaps she could turn a few owed favors into something very profitable later.  She had instincts on these things, and if she was wrong, then it would just be good practice.

S'milus: Cassé Mesa, you are late, I almost re-scheduled your secure conference room.

She winked at the man.

S'milus: Follow me, quickly.

With a swish of her tail, and an urgent beckoning, she lead him quickly to a darkened hallway and inputting her secure code in a nearby door she urged him to enter.  She followed him briefly, the door locking behind them.

S'milus: So Cassé ::she winked:: I think I'd like to know your real name, if I am going to bill you for the damages and this secure conference room?

Wilde: Response

S'milus: My name is Xena, and I assure you the conference room is secure, they can't even scan the occupants.

She hopped up on the large conference room table, and faced the man, giving him a thorough detail-scanning gaze, her tail danced hypnotically behind her.

S'milus: Mind explaining your entrance and why the back-way request?

Wilde: Response

S'milus: Oh, the controls over there activate a one-way transporter to a destination of your choice, assuming the range is reasonable, and I unlock it.

She laughed.

Wilde: Response

OOC: Not sure where you plan to go with this, and please feel free to make any changes as necessary, I can back-sim any modifications.


Director Xena S'milus

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