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Joseph George

Sep 26, 2022, 9:25:39 PMSep 26
((Intel Suite, Deck 6, USS Arrow))

Artinus looked around the rather small and cramped quarters of the Intel suite, as it were. It almost made him feel guilty for having found so much room for his pet project, the Arrow's soon to be completed lounge, The Starboard Bow.

The redheaded Commander was stooped over her desk watching several monitors. The job looked somewhat maddening to him, he already disdained PADDwork and bureaucracy in favor of practical and actionable planning. He was very glad to have colleagues that were adept at this kind of labor though. A proper view of the battlefield was a general's greatest friend, and a common grunt's most potent weapon.  

MacKenna: Chief.

Serinus: I was just dropping in to see if you had dug anything up that might affect the briefing that I'll be giving my section before we arrive in Chalnoth space?

Finally, she corrected her posture and sat up, albeit awkwardly, before looking at him with her eyes.

MacKenna: There's really not much. 

Serinus: I see.

Disappointing. But it's not like they knew much about the Chalnoth to begin with.

MacKenna: Something weaving through Blacknet suggests that there has been some sort of conflict. I couldn't tell you what, or who was involved, but it seems to be centered around only the Chalnoth. 

Serinus: So on the face of it, it's an internal matter.

For what that was worth. He'd seen enough of the Sheliak for a while. Not that they couldn't be pulling strings behind the scenes.

MacKenna took another long pause to seemingly ponder.

MacKenna: It could be anything from a tiny border skirmish to an all out civil war. 

Serinus: Well, it is something.

MacKenna: We may just have to wait and see, as unsettling as being unprepared is.

Serinus: My people will just have to focus on the basics. Knowing that there are multiple factions, will change the dynamic somewhat.

MacKenna: Response

Serinus: Thanks for your help Chief.

MacKenna: Response

And with that, Artinus turned back and started back to his own AO. He had to incorporate this sparse, but important, new knowledge into his briefing.




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