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David Hemming

Oct 12, 2020, 12:31:36 PM10/12/20

  ((Syrtan - Main Bridge))

All was as it should be on the bridge of the science vessel Syrtan, one of the most advanced in the Caldonian fleet. Like most of the myriad of ships orbiting the planet, the Syrtan had been caught in the Sheliak blockade while on a mission of research, but it didn't matter to them. Whether they stayed in orbit of Theta 122 for a month or a year they still had plenty of work to do on the ship. Always working, the Caldonians, always learning. 

The Captain prided himself on the discipline of his crew, a hand-picked selection of some of the finest thinkers and researchers of the planet, and praised their efficiency in this troubling time. Order and method were his principles. From forming the basis of a new theorem to performing the necessary experiments, and finally providing solid and irrefutable evidence to prove - or indeed disprove - their original thoughts, Beriali Dau was an efficient and dedicated scientist. Revered by his peers and respected by his subordinates, he was renowned for running an immaculate and thorough command.

The comings and goings of the rest of the ships didn't interest him much, and he found he had an amicable relationship with most of the captains and commanders of his neighbouring vessels. The tensions were running high on other ships, but his ship was operating as it usually did. From his communications station beside him, young junior scientist Menra spoke.

Menra: Captain, we have received communication from the Federation ship. 

Nodding sagely, the tall Caldonian captain had expected as such.

Dau: Thank you. As I thought, the Federation will be looking to secure the area and ensure the safety of the fleet.

Menra: A daunting exercise indeed.

Dau: But the rewards will be satisfactory. We have always enjoyed good and efficient relations with the Federation. 

Menra: I believe they will have their hands full with some of the other competitors on the playing field.

Dau: Your assumption may be founded in fact, young Menra. The other powers all have their perspectives and goals. So do we. But we have the inclination to research them and plan our strategy accordingly. A cooperation with the Federation will be most welcome. 

Menra: And the others?

Dau: They have their own objectives, though their ideology might prevent them from seeking out a cooperative with a species like us, even though we may have a common goal in mind. Their nature prevents them from sitting down and analysing the mutual benefits of alliance. Observe the Ferengi, for instance. They have resources we could utilise, and in turn we have technology that would benefit them, but a discourse is far from favourable with that DaiMon. The man is as ignorant to fact as he is greedy for profit. ::He tutted and shook his head.:: Most unfortunate.

Menra: So you believe an alliance with the Federation won't disrupt our experiment?

Dau: At this time, I believe not. Alliances are like experiments. Both parties must agree on the outcome and put in the research to meet those ends. If during the course of the experiment the parameters change, or the research is proving to come to naught, then the experiment must be changed to meet the new conclusions. Or abandoned altogether. An alliance with the Federation would be most acceptable to our needs as well as theirs. I believe the humans call it a marriage of convenience. ::He shook his head in mirth. Such odd expressions.:: What ridiculous parameters.

Dau was not a strategist, nor diplomat. He was a man of science and method, and he used those disciplines to calculate his next move. He believed the Federation to be the least threatening of the six vessels in the vicinity to his work, and that was all that mattered. The others may kill each other over ridiculous concepts such as honour, power or profit, but in the end only fact would suffice.

Menra: Humans have a unique way of altering the parameters of certain experiments, Captain. They have a different ethical outlook about things.

Humans and their ethics. This was true. But the Federation was committed to peace and scientific advancement. If they objected to the nature of their main experiment... well he need not worry about such conclusions just yet.

Dau: Indeed they do. Menra, signal the Federation ship and tell this Captain Shayne we will be delighted to accept his invitation.


MSNPC Beriali Dau
CO & Head Scientist 
Caldonian Science Vessel Syrtan

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